Saturday, December 08, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week 14

I don't really know what to do with myself today - college football is on hiatus until the bowl games and that's pretty much what has defined most of my Saturdays for the past few months. Sad, right? I like to think of it as dedication and loyalty to the sport of football, really. I'll try to get psyched for the Heisman tonight instead. And of course bring you the slightly belated IDP Forecast for Week 14.

Now the playoffs have only started for me in the one league that I performed miserably in - so I really only have 3 leagues to focus on now. I've locked up a spot in the playoffs in 2 of those leagues and this is a must-win week for me in the 3rd league in order to make the playoffs...who am I playing in that league? My husband. I plan on totally dominating him this week but I think I've said that every time we've played and I'm something like 2-10 against him. Not too pretty for me.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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Highlander said...

Good stuff as always.
You should check out the Friday is IDP zone. They also have waiver wire articles and bench/sit.
Oh yeah, my redhot Vikings are going to Gore up those Niners.