Monday, December 17, 2007

Prep for Week 16

Good morning fantasy footballers. If you're here and reading the FF Librarian blog then you either:

  1. Made it through the weekend unscathed and are thinking about your Week 16 matchup
  2. Are nervously biding your time until tonight's game by perusing the FFL for any remaining nuggets of wisdom
  3. Or you're completely out of the playoffs scene but you just can't seem to sever ties with fantasy football quite yet.
Whatever your reasons, welcome. Before I get into some injury updates and waiver wire thoughts for Week 16, I'd like to direct you to the fine people at Fantasy Insider Online. Check out their NFL page and scroll down a bit to see Fantasy Football Librarian (and my posts) featured on their site. Love the logo. Anyway, those of you who are into fantasy baseball, basketball, even boxing, might find FIO an invaluable resource. So check it out.

Now because so many of you seem genuinely interested, I thought I'd report on my fantasy situation - I'm in the playoffs in 3 of my 4 leagues. I have won this week's matchup in one league (going to the Fantasy Super Bowl, baby!) and will know more about the other two come tomorrow morning.

Finally - let's get to the heart of the matter here:
  • Congrats to my college buddy Dan, my Uncle Dave, and everyone else who is still a Dolphins fan - long time coming, my friends. For a quick review on how each game went, check out CBS Sports' Prisco Grades: Week 15.
  • Here's something I'd like to know: in how many games have 2 backs on the same team each gone for over 100 yards? I'm thinking that in today's pass-friendly era, there can't be a whole heck of a lot of them. LT and Darren Sproles showed us all how it's done in their total domination of the Lions yesterday. I'd like to point out that due to network contractual obligations we were stuck watching that game (can it even be called a game when it's 51 to 14?) instead of something far more interesting like Dallas vs Philly. In what can only be called a miracle, my friend Steve, a Jon Kitna owner, somehow won his matchup this week despite Kitna's 5 INTs. Steve and I square off for the Championship game this coming week so I'm hoping he hangs onto Kitna...
  • The Goat of course has his Playoff Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 16 post up already. You all know how I love seeing Scheffler's name on that list.
  • Or try the Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire - Week 16
  • Another gem, Football Docs' Pick-up/Drop Advice, has shut down for the season but their Bench/Start List will be up this week. Just another reminder that fantasy season is coming to a sad close very soon...
For those who are curious, this blog will be around and active in the post-season and off-season. I don't believe in taking time off so when you need that football fix in March, come visit. See you tomorrow with more waiver thoughts. Good luck with tonight's game!

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TC said...

Congratulations on your playoff runs in 3 out of 4 leagues and good luck next week! I'll be playing in the championship game in 2 of my 4 leagues next week - and I attribute much of my success this season to your great site and its useful links!

Congrats and thanks again for all of your hard work!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks, TC! I love hearing fantasy success stories and am glad I could be of help this season. Best of luck in the championships!

Jim Nguyen said...

love the blog, and it is indeed sad that the season is coming to a close. Hopefully many out there will be playing for something in week 16.

As luck would have it, all three of my playoff teams depend on Adrian Peterson in way, shape or form. It's crazy that many seasons could hinge on AP1 given that he's a rookie who has been inconsistent this season. I wrote a piece on it here:

It's just been a wildly unpredictable year for fantasy but your insights and links have helped a great deal! Good luck all!

Freddie Footballer

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a rough decision this week. Should I start Rudi Johnson against the Browns even though he's never consistent anymore, or Laurence Maroney against the Dolphins? Maroney hasn't gotten a lot of opportunities, but when he has he's been good. They could take it a little light this week and allow Maroney to get some spotlight again? Anyone have any advice? Its the semis in my league and I need to make the right choice. My other back is Steven Jackson, I can't see myself sitting him even though he's going agaisnt the Steelers.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hey dphill - I'd go with Maroney. I like the way the Pats finally used him this past week...and against the Dolphins, I imagine they might lean on him in the second half in particular. Mostly though, I am just totally disillusioned by Rudi. And yes, I'd still start Jackson. Other thoughts out there? Good luck!