Thursday, December 06, 2007

Start and Sit Links for Week 14

It's a great day - there's football on tonight and I couldn't be more pleased about that. Plus, next week we'll have NFL games on four different days - awesomeness.

So let's jump right into this week's start and sit links. I got a few up yesterday and there will be more tomorrow, along with my consensus start/sit picks for you. It's a big week for most of us with playoffs either here already or just around the corner. Good luck to everyone!

  • FF Goat's Playoff Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 14 - clearly I need to get over my Frank Gore obsession considering he's playing against the #1 run D, but I just can't help but harken back to last season when Gore was so beastly.
  • If you can't get enough of the Goat (and frankly, I can't blame you for that at all), then check out the Bruno Boys' podcast Week 14: Start em or Sit em.
  • FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 14 - goes game by game to note which players you'll want to be sure to start this week. That's hard to find so I definitely appreciate the breadth of this article.
  • Fantasy Tailgate's Spotlight Starters and Slackers - Week 14 - yes indeedy, Travis Henry has won his appeal my friends, and what better way to celebrate than by watching him pound in a lot of yardage...go Broncos.
  • Football Docs' Week 14 Bench/Start - okay, Ryan Grant is everywhere. This will probably become obvious when I get the consensus start picks up, but basically the world loves the way Grant is playing right now.
  • Junkyard Jake's Mickey the Crab's Bench/Start - advice from a crab, what more could you want?
  • NFL Freaks' Start-Bench List for Week 14 - oh to see a Jets' QB listed as a stud...sorry J-E-T-S fans but you must admit it's a pretty odd (and extremely welcome, I'm sure) sight.
  • FantasySharks' Start/Bench List Week 14 - I'm saying AP2 (Chicago) on the bench list and really am not sure I agree with that call. Of course it depends on lineups and whatnot but I'm kind of liking AP2 this week, especially in a PPR situation.
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Just Another Beatmaker said...

I am definitely wishing i picked up Ryan Grant instead of De Shawn Wynn in the beginning of the season. Kellen Winslow will might have a 2 touchdown game but I doubt he'll up put stud numbers. He'll put numbers similar to matt schaub last week. BTW the last link in your post dead.

Here are some other start' em sit em.;jsessionid=95B59FE52E9A64366A05134C016BED1D?id=09000d5d804d87f6&template=with-video&confirm=true

Just Another Beatmaker said...

not kellen winslow...kellen clemens...err

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hey Just another beatmaker - many thanks for info on the dead link. And I hear you on Clemens but you never know...

And I'll get the CBS and NFL links up on my post tomorrow. Much appreciated.


Unknown said...

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