Monday, December 03, 2007

Week 14 Preparations and Waiver Thoughts

Well it was a rough weekend for me from a football standpoint - I flew out to see the SEC Championship game on Saturday and the team I was pulling for, University of Tennessee, lost (but congrats to the Tigers, Chris!). I returned home last night to discover a thorough beating of all but one of my fantasy teams. Ouch. I'm ready for Week 14. I know leagues differ in when the playoffs start - for me, this coming week is the last week pre-playoffs in all of my leagues.

So if you happened to be on an airplane for most of yesterday's games (like me!) or just unable to tear yourself away from something like oh, I don't know, spending quality time with your family, don't worry - here are some links with an overview of yesterday's games:

There is of course some waiver wire advice up already - so take a look:
  • The Goat is just about the most reliable guy I know - he always has you covered when it comes to waivers and start/sit. So read on for his Playoffs Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 14. I have a feeling Betts and Chris Brown are going to be all over waiver suggestions this the way, everyone is invited to my place to watch the NFL Network this Thursday. Yes, I am so into the NFL that we actually subscribe. But does that really surprise anyone?
  • Check back with the Bruno Boys soon for their Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire Week 14 post, which should be up soon.
  • Ditto on Fantasy Football Xtreme's Week 14: Players on the Rise/Decline post.
  • FootballDocs' Pickup/Drop Advice Week 14 is up and ready for your perusal.
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Jim Nguyen said...

Hey FFL, just curious, what are your league records and how many playoff teams you got going?

I've (prospectively) have two 10-3 teams and one 7-6 team. The last one if I win in week 14, I'm in. Please fantasy gods, help me out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Thomas jones input he did better then J lewis

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm considering starting AP2 at Washington over Addai at Baltimore. It's purely a matchup thing. Am I crazy?

FYI, my other RB is Ryan Grant at Oakland.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Tonight's game could affect one of my records but I intend to be: 1) 9-4 (very likely going to the playoffs) 2) 7-6 (and still in playoffs contention somehow) 3) 5-8 (my worst effort) and 4) 10-3 (locked into the playoffs). Will know for sure what my playoffs status is soon...

Jeremy/MWC, I'm happy to help and just glad that it worked out well for you.

As for AP2 over know, I've heard speculation that the Colts signed FA Luke Lawton last week because Addai wasn't 100%. Of course, no clue how accurate that is but Lawton did get a TD this past week. So I just generally wonder about Addai. I say keep an eye on the Ravens' run D in tonight's game and see how they look. And maybe it's my DC roots, but the Washington run D isn't that bad - they've held runners pretty well over the past 5 weeks or so. I think I'd lean towards Addai but would sort of like to see how the Ravens look tonight first.
But Grant against Oakland - that could be big. Nice.

Anonymous said...

My playoffs start this weekend and dont know who to start at WR. I need to start 3 and i have L. Coles,B. Berrian, Chris Henry, T. Gonzalas,I. Bruce. Please Help me out im in a bind...

Anonymous said...

Please FFL
I have to start 2 running backs in wk. 14 and have Reggie Bush, J. Lewis, and B. Jacobs which 2 do I use..

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi JR,
Okay for WRs I'd go with Coles, Gonzalez and probably Berrian.

For your RBs, I'd go with Lewis against the lax Jets run D (sorry Jets fans) and Brandon Jacobs, assuming he's healthy enough to play.