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Kick it up a notch: Week 13

I'm sitting at a surprisingly uncrowded Starbucks with very few work e-mails coming through and anticipating a quiet day as it seems many of my coworkers must be getting after Thanksgiving plans a bit early. We aren't traveling this year (yea!) and are having family come to us (double yea!) but it is yet to be seen how much of my day will be spent on football tomorrow. Hopefully I'll at least be able to check in on all the games for a little while. Safe travels to all and let's get right to Bob's weekly kicker article.  Hello Fantasy Football players, Thanksgiving is approaching and we have a real interesting set of matchups this week. Thursday will have three games and they’re all great matchups. We also have a lot of matchups that will help decide playoff contention and a lot of games being played indoors. So let us navigate the hardest position to project, the kicker, and see what we can come up with. Last week was a mediocre week for the streamers.