Friday, November 07, 2014

More Week 10 advice

I hope you guys have been enjoying all of the guest writers' posts up on FFLibrarian over the last few weeks. I think they've breathed some much-needed life back into the blog and they are a really interesting group of people, which is kind of a coup for me since we've been exchanging e-mails where I can listen in on their weekly musings about their lineups and lives. Smart FF cookies.

Speaking of our lives, hope you all are making your way through November just fine. I do love this time of year with the hype of Halloween stretching into the joy of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. We're also in the process of making plans to visit my sister in Boston in January (Boston in January?! I know, right? Bring us snacks when the whole family has to decamp in the airport for weather delays...) and I'm already walking on air thinking about being together with family so much this winter.

Anyway, it's about time that I try and get a post up myself and I've been itching to do some links again. So let's start 'er up with some more start/sit linkage to build on what Jen posted yesterday:

Rankings for Week 10:
Random articles you'll like:

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