Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday linkage

Greetings from Boston, where I'm visiting my 3-week-old nephew and enjoying some sweltering heat. The baby is highly enjoyable; not so much for the 95 degree temps here. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 rankings, strategy pieces, news items, etc

Whoa. A lot of time has gone by since my last post. I'll be upfront here: my normal schedule of posting probably won't happen this year but I promise to do my best. And at least start updating far more often now that we're approaching July and your draft prep needs are likely increasing.

All is well in my world - in fact, all is going really well. I'm about 6 months pregnant with another little boy and due at the end of September. Some of you may remember the pregnancy heartbreak that my family experienced last summer and you'll know what joy this brings me. Joy and moments of panic, but I'm being treated with kid gloves by all the doctors and nurses and so far, this baby looks as healthy as can be. All else is going well in our family - we're not moving any time soon for a change of pace and our son is thriving. What could be better? I have plenty of tales of him doing crazy/weird/exciting/unwelcome/dazzling things over the past 6 months but basically life is good.

We're traveling like crazy for the next several weeks (oh and my greatest triumph in recent history is conquering a 5-hour flight delay/layover with our toddler in tow at the Denver airport earlier this week) so that might add to my slowness in posting for a bit, but know that I'm back at it for the season. E-mail me or leave a comment if you have any thoughts on what you'd really like to see in my posts this year - I always welcome feedback.

So let's not waste any extra time here - your linkage, my friends:

  • 2013 preseason rankings galore:
  • A few draft strategy type of pieces:
  • 4for4.com has a look at offensive lines, which of course I love to see - take a look at their 2013 Offensive Lines: Winners and Losers.
  • If you're looking for an update on all things that have happened on the free agent scene, Rotoworld has you covered with their positional updates in 2013 NFL Free Agents.
  • This is the time of year for researching which sites out there you'll want on your fantasy radar this summer and fall. There are a few recent articles out there to help you in your search:
    • DavidGonos.com's The Best 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings - these sites aren't necessarily the most accurate rankings but are sites whose rankings bring a little something extra in the layout, features, style realm.
    • Dynasty League Football's Links takes a look at some top sites including those for news, analysis, draft analysis, blogs, commissioner sites, etc. If you're a FFLibrarian regular, you'll probably recognize a bunch of these sites but there are some new ones in there so definitely scope it out.
  • One of the true characters in the land of fantasy football experts is Scott Engel of RotoExperts - extremely nice and truly entertaining dude - and you can catch a flavor of that in his video-style Five Must Haves in Fantasy Football 2013.
Speaking of fantasy experts, have you all heard that Matthew Berry's book Fantasy Life is coming out this summer? I've got an early copy here waiting for me to dig in and read up - get yours this July or better yet, encourage your local library to order a copy. Hey, I'm a librarian through and through here.

Also, those of you who utilize rss feed readers, do tell, what are you using now that Google Reader is nearly gone? I'm searching for a replacement and would love to know if any of you have suggestions.