Saturday, December 30, 2006

Week 17 Start/Sit Sites

The playoffs have come to an end in my leagues but I am sure there are plenty of you out there still needing some last minute advice. Or maybe just interested in who the big players of the week might be with such an odd week in terms of studs and duds. With so many playoff implications, this week promises to be an unusual stat week. So here are the start/sit sites for Week 17

NFL Start 'em Sit 'em

FantasySharks Start/Bench List

FootballDocs Bench/Start Advice

CBS Sportsline Start 'em Sit 'em

CoachBox's Start/Bench Recs

NFLFreaks Start-Bench List

ProFantasySports Start 'em Bench 'em

RotoWorld's Last Minute Decisions

Happy college bowl season to you all. We have an annual family bowl pool that involves about 30 family members and pets hedging their bets on the bowl games. I'm happy to report that I am currently tied for third right now - back by only two games. Perhaps I'll have more luck with the bowl pool than I did with fantasy football this year.

Another thing I wanted to note is the presence of fantasy football leagues in Christmas cards this year. One friend of the family noted that his son had won his fantasy football league championship. I like seeing this - fantasy football is now noteworthy enough to make it into a Christmas card. If I was inclined to actually send a letter out noting all the remarkable and not so remarkable things in my life from 2006, you can trust that I would absolutely include fantasy football. Good work, fantasy football.

And finally, my apologies for the lack of posts this past week - both the holidays and trying to travel in and out of Denver during two snowstorms have been a big drag on my blog time. I'm sure my family would love to hear it put that way...happy holidays to you all!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three Feet of Snow and Football

First, football. Here are the Start/Bench sites for Week 16. Best of luck to you all.

FootballDocs Bench/Start Advice

CBS Sportsline Start 'em Sit 'em

Coach Box's Wheelock's Start/Bench Recs

FantasySharks Start/Bench List

NFL Freaks Start-Bench List

ProfantasySports Start 'em Bench 'em

SI's Start 'em, Sit 'em

NFL Start 'em Sit 'em

A massive snowstorm hit Denver yesterday - we were supposed to fly out of Denver back to Washington, D.C., for Christmas. This did not happen. After a trip out to the airport and getting two flights cancelled, we returned back to Boulder by bus. The normal 1 hour bus ride took over 7. It was fairly awful. The roads were parking lots with cars stranded all over the place. Thankfully, we finally made it back home at about 8:30 last night and are stuck here in Colorado until Saturday. On Saturday we are on the highly coveted flight to Baltimore (not even our original destination) through San Francisco. Ouch. But we'll make it back to my family in time for Christmas Eve...and may the rest of our travels be about a million times easier. Supposedly we got 33 inches of snow here in Boulder. I'm not so sure I believe that number but it's definitely near or above 2 feet. Check out these photos:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Football

This week might be a little light on posts since we will be traveling back east to be with our families for the holidays [ornament from Designer Ornaments]. I'll do what I can though in getting the bench/start sites up here on Thursday.
For now, a few articles on waiver issues (is anyone even scouring the waivers still?) and other advice for those of you dominating the playoffs. Or those of us just trying to maintain our pride in the consolation rounds...

FootballDocs Pick-up/Drop Advice

Fabiano's Strange Happenings in Fantasy Playoffs

RotoWorld's The Morning After's Stars & Flops

Friday, December 15, 2006

Defense Decisions

While even you best defensive plans can go awry and the Julius Peppers players of the world can let you down unexpectedly, it definitely pays to check out the IDP reports each week to see who the "experts" would start or sit. So here's your weekly IDP update: The Hive, Part I

FoxSports IDP Nation

ProFantasySports IDP Report

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week 15 Start/Sit Sites

Welcome to Week 15, fantasy footballers. The addition of a Saturday night game is sure to bring some of us a little holiday cheer - personally, I'd say having a game to watch on 4 different days of the week is like Christmas come early. But holiday parties call this Saturday night and I'm not sure I can request that the host turn on Cowboys/Falcons. We'll see. In the meantime, here are the week's start/sit advice sites. Enjoy!

FootballDocs Bench/Start Advice

CBS Sportsline Start 'em Sit 'em

Coach Box's Wheelock's Start/Bench Recs

FantasySharks Start/Bench List

NFL Freaks Start-Bench List

ProfantasySports Start 'em Bench 'em

SI's Start 'em, Sit 'em

NFL Start 'em Sit 'em

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Week 15 Waiver Wire and Mug Club

Looking for some advice for your lineup as Week 15 quickly approaches? While I definitely support the ol' dance-with-them-that-brung-you mentality, I also think the waiver wire could pose some very interesting options for those of you desperately needing to secure your place in playoffs. For example? I dropped Jason Elam last week (a spectacular kicker but with that hamstring tweak I wasn't taking any chances) and picked up Josh Scobee. Scobee went nuts and gave me something like 14 or 15 points. Even with a missed field goal. So get out there and see if there might be someone on the waivers worth picking up.

RotoWorld's Waiver Wired

FoxSports Quick Hits: Recap - notes on favorable matchups for Week 15

NFL Daily Dish - Fabiano's waiver list from 12/11

And on another note, tonight at the Walnut Brewery in Boulder, we will be celebrating Scott and Kevin's 240th beer and thus the culmination of their membership in the Mug Club. Soon their 32 oz mugs will be sitting on the Walnut's wall, waiting to be filled for the price of a mere 20 oz mug. I've been along for the ride this whole time and must say I feel a swell of pride. (I remain happy with my choice not to do the Mug Club though - I love a good beer but the thought of trying to drink 32 oz before it gets warm is less than appealing.) So if you happen to be in Boulder tonight for happy hour, come by the Walnut and listen for a big cheer to go up from our table at beer #240.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Too Little Too Late

In this last week of games before playoffs, I had a truly magnificent fantasy week. Forget the fact that the MNF game hasn't even happened yet - I'm still going to go 3-0 in my leagues this week and while it's an awesome feeling it's also rather bittersweet. I am extremely sorry to say that I did not make it to the playoffs in any of my 3 leagues (see below for explanation). So that said, I feel immense pleasure in going 3-0 in a big way this week just to prove that my teams are still fighting (thank you, Jones-Drew! [photo: David E. Klutho/SI]).

I stayed up late last night running some 3-way ANOVAs to try and determine the variance between the means of each player in each of my teams and came up with the conclusion that my teams are still awesome (fine, so I didn't actually run the ANOVA and I haven't even thought about what an ANOVA test is since fall of 2000 in a required stats class that I put off until my senior year of college but actually really enjoyed). My final analysis is clear - I am going to dominate the consolation rounds.

So for those interested in my pity party, here's an explanation of where it all went wrong in my leagues. Don't worry, I've limited it to just a few sentences. In my first league, I was just incapable of creating a comeback to make up for the misery known as Daunte Culpepper that I battled with for several weeks at the start of the season...I got close to the playoffs in that league but was ultimately one game short. In my second league, I have horrible luck as I will come out of that league with the 2nd highest point total but again was one win shy of making the playoffs. Where is the justice? In my third league I was just awful. Can't blame that on anything other than a mixture of poor drafting and a few poor choices throughout the season.

For those completely uninterested in my pity party who would rather have a few fantasy football articles about Week 15 to read because you're rad enough to still be in contention in your league, here are some articles for you:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Get Your D On

Since your defenders can help you win or lose a game far more than we all sometimes realize, here's a little help in the IDP world:

ProfantasySports IDP Report

RotoWorld IDP Nation

FantasySharks The Hive - two editions this week, here's #1 and #2

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Playoffs Prep

This past weekend one of my fantasy teams lost by less than 1 point, pulling me out of the top 4 spots and thus out of the playoffs. Not cool. I plan to dominate the consolation round when the time comes, though the prospect of being the #5 team at best is still pretty disheartening. I'm hoping the rest of you had better luck and if you're still searching for advice on start and bench calls, I'm guessing it's likely you're a champ. So here you have it, Week 14's Start/Sit sites - the links will be updated as the sites go live...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Playing off the Waiver

As we go into Week 14, just another reminder that some of you will need to get your lineups set by the Thursday game. Though if you don't know that by now, I'm guessing you might not be making it to the playoffs.
So here are a few waiver wire articles and some thoughts on next season - already. If your season is basically over, I suggest taking a look at the big playermakers right now and making some mental notes about who to pick up come next August. Or if you're in a keeper league, grab em now.

CBS Sportsline Fantasy & Reality

RotoWorld's Waiver Wired Week 14

FootballDocs Pickup/Drop Advice

Monday, December 04, 2006

Shades of Elway

Last night I found myself in a rare place where I actually cared more about an entire NFL team than about individual player stats. Quite honestly, that doesn't happen all that often (trust me, I feel a significant amount of angst over that as a football fan). We had some friends over last night for a Jay Cutler Era party - I mean how could you not? I had my fingers triple-crossed that Cutler would have a monster debut, making the late season QB switch a little more credible. This past August I had gone down for an afternoon of Broncos training camp and was completely impressed by Cutler in action. So for most of the season I have had him sitting on the bench of my dynasty/keeper league, just waiting for him to explode onto the scene. That hardly happened last night. However, as my friend Jody said, there might just have been shades of Elway in Cutler's performance. The ultimate compliment from a guy like Jody who is a lifelong Broncos fan. But for the most part the game was almost painful to watch. What on earth was the point of the Elam trickeration? Why didn't they have Cutler air it out for more long passes if that's his forte? I'm leaving this game feeling a little confused but I feel confident that Jay Cutler is going to get things right. Give the guy some time. The current NFL golden boy, Romo, wasn't built in a day (I only wish I had come up with that first...) - he had four years of observation. So take it easy on Cutler. Personally I can't wait for the rest of the season.