Monday, December 11, 2006

Too Little Too Late

In this last week of games before playoffs, I had a truly magnificent fantasy week. Forget the fact that the MNF game hasn't even happened yet - I'm still going to go 3-0 in my leagues this week and while it's an awesome feeling it's also rather bittersweet. I am extremely sorry to say that I did not make it to the playoffs in any of my 3 leagues (see below for explanation). So that said, I feel immense pleasure in going 3-0 in a big way this week just to prove that my teams are still fighting (thank you, Jones-Drew! [photo: David E. Klutho/SI]).

I stayed up late last night running some 3-way ANOVAs to try and determine the variance between the means of each player in each of my teams and came up with the conclusion that my teams are still awesome (fine, so I didn't actually run the ANOVA and I haven't even thought about what an ANOVA test is since fall of 2000 in a required stats class that I put off until my senior year of college but actually really enjoyed). My final analysis is clear - I am going to dominate the consolation rounds.

So for those interested in my pity party, here's an explanation of where it all went wrong in my leagues. Don't worry, I've limited it to just a few sentences. In my first league, I was just incapable of creating a comeback to make up for the misery known as Daunte Culpepper that I battled with for several weeks at the start of the season...I got close to the playoffs in that league but was ultimately one game short. In my second league, I have horrible luck as I will come out of that league with the 2nd highest point total but again was one win shy of making the playoffs. Where is the justice? In my third league I was just awful. Can't blame that on anything other than a mixture of poor drafting and a few poor choices throughout the season.

For those completely uninterested in my pity party who would rather have a few fantasy football articles about Week 15 to read because you're rad enough to still be in contention in your league, here are some articles for you:

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