Monday, December 04, 2006

Shades of Elway

Last night I found myself in a rare place where I actually cared more about an entire NFL team than about individual player stats. Quite honestly, that doesn't happen all that often (trust me, I feel a significant amount of angst over that as a football fan). We had some friends over last night for a Jay Cutler Era party - I mean how could you not? I had my fingers triple-crossed that Cutler would have a monster debut, making the late season QB switch a little more credible. This past August I had gone down for an afternoon of Broncos training camp and was completely impressed by Cutler in action. So for most of the season I have had him sitting on the bench of my dynasty/keeper league, just waiting for him to explode onto the scene. That hardly happened last night. However, as my friend Jody said, there might just have been shades of Elway in Cutler's performance. The ultimate compliment from a guy like Jody who is a lifelong Broncos fan. But for the most part the game was almost painful to watch. What on earth was the point of the Elam trickeration? Why didn't they have Cutler air it out for more long passes if that's his forte? I'm leaving this game feeling a little confused but I feel confident that Jay Cutler is going to get things right. Give the guy some time. The current NFL golden boy, Romo, wasn't built in a day (I only wish I had come up with that first...) - he had four years of observation. So take it easy on Cutler. Personally I can't wait for the rest of the season.


Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong bronco fan as well. While, I am encouraged by Cutler's play, I believe that his start may have been better served at the beginning of next season. This will certainly give him a trail by fire, and prepare him well for next year, but it is a risk to take going into a tight playoff race. Jake the snake shouldn't take all the blame for the Bronco's woes. Their defense has given up alot of points the past few weeks, especially to that nasty Charger's offense. I look forward to watching Cutler in action, but my hopes for a Denver playoff run are gone.

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