Friday, June 29, 2007

Seriously, more IDP?

I truly didn't realize how much the fantasy nation craves IDP info. But you guys are insatiable. So here are a few links from Fantasy Tailgate - they list linebacker rankings, defensive line rankings, and defensive back rankings.

Want some historical perspective on your IDPs? Check out Fantasy Playmaker's stats for defenders from 1960 through 2006. They provide stats for both offense and defense and also break break both down by position.

On a non-IDP note, let's take a look at some of the biggest predicted busts for the 2007 season with's Sound Off article. Michael Vick, MoJo (yes, I do insist on using a player's nickname when given the chance, which could just be a whole different blog topic...), and Willie Parker are among the possible busts listed.

Lucky #5

I'm participating in a blogger mock draft organized by The Hazean and am pretty excited about this - what a great way to build momentum and excitement before training camp. This is only a 2-round draft with each blogger having one day to post their pick along with a brief explanation - I'll be posting my pick here to Fantasy Football Librarian in a little less than a week. I will be drafting 5th so my draft days are July 5 and July 20. I'm loving my draft position as 5th to be honest. So many great options out there, like Frank Gore who I have a special affinity for since my maiden name is Gore [photo: acquired from].

Stay tuned and I can guarantee there will be a heavy dose of Top 25 lists coming from me in the next week or so...but can I really let my blogger competition in on those??

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick IDP Post

Can't get enough of the IDP articles? Of course you can't! So here's a link to Rotoworld's first IDP column for the 2007 fantasy season: IDP Breakout Candidates.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Dynasty Awaits

One of the leagues I'm in is a keeper league and last season I was able to pick up some stellar players in Maurice Jones-Drew and Marques Colston [photo: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images] - will their magic last? has a Building a Dynasty series for QBs and RBs (and WRs and TEs to come), ranking the top 20 players by their long term value, short term value, and job security. also provides a ranking for keeper/dynasty leagues and I particularly appreciate their dynasty IDP rankings. However, it is over a month old now and I think a lot of their picks are no-brainers - still worth a look though, particularly for those who are new to the IDP world. Another interesting IDP site - a blog dedicated entirely to IDPs. Love it. Check out this entry with rookie IDP info. I'm still in search of the in-depth IDP ranking (dynasty or not)...if anyone out there has one, let me know.

And because I think Rotoworld's Gregg Rosenthal is a man full of fantasy wisdom, here's a link to his fantasy football blog where he'll be blogging live during a fantasy industry draft at 1 PM EST today (soon!). Is it just me or do the rest of you find those drafts as telling as I do?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning Fantasy

Let's start this Monday morning off with one of my favorite fantasy commentators,'s Michael Fabiano - L.J.'s fantasy value slips with talk of holdout. [photo: Brian Bahr, Getty Images]

The Backup RB - which late-round running backs should you be thinking about? See Rotoworld's Backup Plans - includes tips for dynasty leagues, too.

I've been asking myself what the FF world is missing out there and until recently, it was a blog entirely devoted to sleepers. But now we have it in the form of Darin Tietgen's blog, Sleeper Dreams, on The Huddle. He states his goal is to "attempt to identify one “sleeper” per day from now until the end of the fantasy season." Lofty and I like it. Check out the blog entry from yesterday, 6/24, for those of you with dynasty IDP leagues.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sleepers Awake

It's the first day of summer, my football friends. We're getting closer to go-time. Football = The Best Time of the Year. Ever.

So on that to dominate your league this year? The sleeper. Read on.'s Staff answers the ultimate question, "who is your top sleeper?" in Sound Off has the Second Half Wonder Theory that looks at the production of RBs and WRs (and TEs & QBs to a lesser extent) in the previous season to determine who is going to have a breakout year this coming year. Granted, some of them are rather obvious (like Frank Gore last year [photo: Michael Maloney, SF Chronicle]) but others surely qualify as sleepers. Take a look at The Weekly Gut Check - Vol 92. This appeals to the number-crunching, stats-feasting side of me so for you stats/math/number nerds, this could be right up your alley.

Finally,'s Draft Prep: Sleepers, breakouts and busts

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2007 IDP Rankings

Earlier this spring, I posted an article about IDP Sleepers and thought that maybe now that football season is fortunately creeping closer, I should focus a little more energy on the IDPs again [photo:].

First, a defense depth-chart from could come in handy - it's continuously updated.

There are a whole bunch of IDP rankings out there, so let's get started. Keep in mind that a lot of these rankings probably aren't in-depth enough for most of us. If you're in a league that includes IDPs, as draft day draws closer, you'll likely need a listing of a lot more than just the top 30 IDP players.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Fantasy Basics

This post is really for my friend Justin, a football fan whose first foray into the Fantasy Football world will be this coming season. Justin is also a Skins fan and a believer in Jason Campbell [photo: Jonathan Newton, Washington Post]. But you oldtimers out there might just find some value in a recap of the fantasy basics. If not, don't worry, there are some other positional rankings below...'s 10 step-by-step draft tips - let's you know where (roughly) to draft for each position.'s Strategy 101: Fantasy's 10 Commandments (from July 2006 but of course still relevant)'s Seven Habits of Highly Effective FF Players

And as promised, some detailed positional rankings are listed below - all are from's Mark Harmon.
2007 fantasy football rankings by position:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Offensive Line Rankings

What's missing from the 2007 season predictions so far? Ah yes, a ranking for offensive lines. Rotoworld's Gregg Rosenthal ranks all the teams by o-line in Going on the Offensive since, as he notes, "identifying the best lines in the summer can often point you to fantasy players who are undervalued." I'll take that. [Colts photo: Ronald Martinez: Getty Images]

And to round things off, how 'bout a team defense ranking? Try's 2007 Fantasy Team Defense Rankings.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Trent Green, Mock Drafts, and the Stellar Foot of Mason Crosby

It's official. Fantasy Football 2007 is near. This morning the commish of two of my leagues sent out the "click here to join the league" e-mail and I'm so ready. Let the domination begin. The following are a random assortment of fantasy items that caught my attention.

1. The rest of Fabiano's offseason review is here - NFC North, NFC South, NFC West. For the other reviews, check out this earlier Fantasy Football Librarian blog posting.

2. Still wondering about the fantasy implications of Trent Green moving to Miami - read on with's Greener Pastures.

3. Or maybe you're wondering how your draft would go if today was Draft Day? Check out The Huddle's Mock Draft #2.

4. Ahh the kicker. I have won and lost match-ups thanks to the freakin' here you have it, the 2007 fantasy kicker rankings from As a Boulder girl, I'd like to point out the awesomeness of Mason Crosby [photo: CU Athletics Dept]. This man is amazing at what he does. Last year I went to the annual Univ of Colorado/Colorado State Univ game at Invesco Field. The best part of the game? Watching Mason Crosby kick a 61-yarder like he'd done it a million times (probably had) was a spectacular thing. Technically, that FG didn't count since CSU apparently called a time out pre-snap; when Crosby attempted the kick again, it missed to the left. But this man is amazing and will be taking over at Green Bay this fall.

Friday, June 01, 2007

June = Only 2 Months Until Football Starts

Happy June - we're one month closer to the start of football season. The fantasy football world is celebrating by bringing their websites, blogs, reports, etc back to life from the off-season. Of course there are some sites that never stopping blogging or writing articles - and for those sites, a hearty thanks.

Fantasy Football Cafe's first 2007 season Sleeper of the Week was posted this week - check it out for insight on Jamal Lewis [photo: Getty Images] and Cadillac Williams.

CBS looks at the overrated and underrated on every team. Oh and check out their list of Top 125 (will be updated throughout the season).

See the outcome from the fantasy football industry's mock draft about a month ago - and Rotoworld's analysis of the picks.