Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Offensive Line Rankings

What's missing from the 2007 season predictions so far? Ah yes, a ranking for offensive lines. Rotoworld's Gregg Rosenthal ranks all the teams by o-line in Going on the Offensive since, as he notes, "identifying the best lines in the summer can often point you to fantasy players who are undervalued." I'll take that. [Colts photo: Ronald Martinez: Getty Images]

And to round things off, how 'bout a team defense ranking? Try's 2007 Fantasy Team Defense Rankings.


LJ said...

Interesting stuff. The O-Line does not get much of a focus outside of the hardcore fantasy football buffs. I'm glad your feed popped up in my reader.

Unknown said...

Most inexperienced FF owners never take the 'O' line into consideration. It's difficult getting much production out of a great quarterback or running back without these undervalued giants.