Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky #5

I'm participating in a blogger mock draft organized by The Hazean and am pretty excited about this - what a great way to build momentum and excitement before training camp. This is only a 2-round draft with each blogger having one day to post their pick along with a brief explanation - I'll be posting my pick here to Fantasy Football Librarian in a little less than a week. I will be drafting 5th so my draft days are July 5 and July 20. I'm loving my draft position as 5th to be honest. So many great options out there, like Frank Gore who I have a special affinity for since my maiden name is Gore [photo: acquired from].

Stay tuned and I can guarantee there will be a heavy dose of Top 25 lists coming from me in the next week or so...but can I really let my blogger competition in on those??


Unknown said...

LOL! You write so well it's ridiculous.

Good luck in the mock, and since your maiden name is Gore, don't try and fool us with that little hint.

This should be fun. I'm interested in seeing people's explanation on why they drafted certain players.


LJ said...

I don't like to give out too much info either since most of the people I play in leagues with see my blog. Tha was one blessing of having the number one, Captain Obvious pick.