Friday, December 30, 2011

Help for Week 17 lineups

Today a close friend from college is driving through Knoxville with her family en route back to their home in Athens, Georgia, and they'll be making an overnight pit stop at our place. I couldn't be more excited since it has been too long since I last saw her (and have yet to meet her son who is about my son's age) - plus, how often does someone come through Knoxville? Pretty much never. When we were living in NYC I got pretty spoiled with the number of visitors we had - Knoxville isn't exactly the same hub of activity. Plus we've got family coming to town this weekend so we've got fun times ahead - hope you all do, too. An early Happy New Year's to everyone!

In the meantime, on to today's links:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

With an eye toward 2012

I kind of love this week between Christmas and New Year's Day - things are a little bit more mellow, lots of family and friends around, college football is on almost non-stop, and there's always the feeling that change is impending. I dig it. What I don't like is the end of the standard fantasy football season and I'm sure you all feel the same way. Just a reminder that I'll keep blogging throughout the off-season with plenty of info for the 2012 season.

I also hope that you're all planning on playing in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge this year - this link should help you set up a login or you can just e-mail me for an invitation.

Finally, those of you who have been participating in the weekly accuracy start/sit challenge run by should be pleased to know that we came in 4th place - check out the results here. Many, many thanks to those of you that played each week. Meanwhile if you want to see how the experts did, scope out the results which have one of my favorites, Chet Gresham of Razzball fame, coming out on top.  

But I know there are plenty of you out there looking for Week 17 help, so read on:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Get your Week 17 prep here!

Welcome to the post-Christmas chaos. We've had a busy 36 hours or so in our family - we celebrated Christmas with my family in DC and then hopped on a mostly empty plane back to Knoxville to spend the rest of the holiday with my husband's family. Sadly once we got to Knoxville our poor niece and sister-in-law got the pukes and our various plans for dinner, presents, etc got mostly postponed until tonight. So we're doing Christmas part 2 tonight. Fortunately we'll have an interesting Saints vs Falcons game to keep us entertained if the puking returns. Fingers crossed that they both feel better stat (what's sadder than a puking baby AND a puking mom?) and that the rest of us remain puke-free...there's lots of baby slobber going around so frankly we'll be lucky to get out of this week unscathed.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain I'm about to have a 2011 fantasy championship under my belt this year and hope you all are facing equally good news. But if your league carries into Week 17, have no fear, the links are here:

By the way, many of you are participants in the gigantic FFLibrarian League and I will be crowning a winner tonight in that league. Stay tuned for a hearty pat on the back to that savvy owner. Also, another reminder that I'd love to have you join the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge. Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like an invitation but that link should work just fine. So far there are 119 of us playing - looking forward to it!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cultivating champions here at FFLibrarian

Today marks the start of Christmas celebrations in our house since one batch of family members is rotating out to see the rest of their family later today; so let the first wave of present opening begin! I've got our son down now for what I hope will be a long, long nap (thanks, 5:45 AM wake-up call) to be followed with an afternoon of wrapping paper and boxes to keep him entertained. Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season so onto the remaining essential links for this championship week. And no worries for those of you who carry on to Week 17, I carry on, too, and will be here with plenty of links next week.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back on the FF scene

Greetings football friends - thanks for bearing with me this week. We headed up to the DC area on Tuesday to spend some pre-Christmas time with my family and things have been a bit busy. My 92-year-old grandma arrived yesterday and we have a complicated family plus a couple of babies here - so four generations of mostly good times have been keeping me busy. Definitely didn't mean to leave you all hanging in your time of playoffs need, so let's get right down to it with a few quick notes to start things off.

First up, don't forget that this is a funky week with a game tonight, most games on Saturday, and two more on Sunday and Monday nights. Love having the NFL on during so many days of the week but it certainly keeps you on your fantasy toes.

Next up, this is our final week to prove our fantasy worth in the weekly start/sit accuracy challenge. I'd love it if you took a few minutes to answer these 10 start/sit questions and represent for

Finally, remember to join the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge again this year - looks like there are 75 of us playing already and just to let you know, I've got a prize ready to go for the winner of the challenge. Should be a good time.

And now on to the meat and potatoes:

I'll be back tomorrow (I hope!) with more start/sit and rankings advice. Enjoy tonight's game!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Misdialing in Week 15

One of our son's favorite toys is our home phone - we have a land line since I work from home and need it for conference calls, and it's a good thing we do since he loves that thing. Obsessed would be putting it mildly. But until this morning he's never actually called anyone other than our voicemail - he's dialed a ton of numbers, he's just never hit the crucial "talk" button to pull it all together. But this morning he managed to get it on speaker so that my husband and I both heard the recorded voice that suddenly came on: "Hello there, I can offer you a massage..." is roughly all we heard before we could get to the phone, and we just both stood there stunned and cracking up that oh yes, my friends, our son called some sort of phone sex line. What are the chances?

Probably about as small as the chances that the Packers would lose to the Chiefs and the Colts would finally tally a win - though of all the unlikely things I guess I should've seen Drew Brees and his 5 TD, 400+ yards performance coming. I mean seriously Brees? Knocked me out of the championship game for sure.

I'm still alive in another league (pending total chaos tonight in the MNF game) so I'm all about reviewing the waiver wire this week just in case there's still something out there. And of course I've got your Week 15 recaps, too, so read on:

Good luck to anyone whose Week 15 success rides on tonight's game!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 15 consensus picks

The season is winding down and with it, our consensus start/sit lists are starting to reach their expiration date...but don't worry, we've still got a few more weeks of consensus wisdom to read up on. As usual I went through this weeks start/sit list and tallied up below are the players with the most start or sit votes.

Good luck in the playoffs and hope you all enjoy watching the Broncos beat the Pats!

Start: Matt Stafford, Tim Tebow, Rex Grossman
Sit: Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer (he also got several start votes though), Michael Vick

Start: Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells, Cedric Benson, Felix Jones
Sit: Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Mathews, DeAngelo Williams, C.J. Spiller

Start: Demaryius Thomas, Jabar Gaffney, Santana Moss (gotta love a 2-Skins start list...)
Sit: Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree, Vincent Jackson

Start: Owen Daniels, Jake Ballard, Jermichael Finley, Anthony Fasano
Sit: Jermaine Gresham, Heath Miller, Dustin Keller, Vernon Davis

Start: Lions, Bengals, Cardinals
Sit: Broncos, Chargers

Start: John Kasay, Stephen Gostkowski
Sit: Billy Cundiff

Friday, December 16, 2011

Join the 2012 FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge!

It's a big week for those still in the 2011 FF season and most of this post will cater to you all, don't worry, but I know many FF players have seen an end to their season already. Perhaps you're still lurking around the site even though you're out of the playoffs? Glad to have you and keep in mind that I'll be posting throughout the offseason with advice and thoughts for the 2012 season so I hope you'll stick around. But that's jumping way I'll just jump a little ahead instead to the NFL playoffs, which are only a few weeks away. I'm running the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge through again this year and I hope you'll join me (if that link doesn't work for you, e-mail me and I'll send you an invitation). I'm working on a prize for the challenge winner, too, if that sweetens the deal at all.

But now back to Week 15 prep. Have at it:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting jolly

Spotted: one heavily-makeuped woman donning a Santa hat, counting out a huge wad of cash in the car parked next to me in a suburban grocery store parking lot. All I saw were $1 bills though it felt extremely wrong to be staring at her and her cash stack so maybe my quick peeks didn't see the whole story. In fact, would love to know the story there in general. Then on the drive back to my house, in the span of 3 blocks I saw 4 cars with the whole reindeer antlers and rudolph nose on the front of the car and I started muttering to myself about why it seems this whole town is being all cutesy with their holiday car decor....and then I started wondering what happens if you have one of those get-ups and you see another car next to you with it, too, do you smile and wave to acknowledge the bizarro holiday antler club you're in together? Or do you play it cool like you aren't mortified that every other driver on the road had your same Christmas car idea? Right, clearly I was in a jolly mood. So I de-scrooged myself by buying our cats their first ever Christmas stocking. Yeah that's right, I have cats (7 to be exact. Ha. Kidding, just two cats, but you believed it though for a second, right? Crazy football lady might just be crazy cat lady...). And now they have a stocking. Full of awesome cat stuff that I also bought and spent a small fortune on. Apparently I might still be in that less-than-jolly moving on to today's links.

Almost forgot! Don't forget to jump into the weekly accuracy challenge to show how dominant FFLibrarian readers are - just answer these quick 10 start/sit questions.

Enjoy tonight's game!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Play smart in Week 15

Every year my husband's family does a college bowl pool and every year I absolutely in I perform alongside the family pets whose picks are based on school mascots being a cat, dog, etc. Or I do about as well as my aunt who participated one year and just picked whichever school was in a state that she had lived in or visited before. That's the level of effectiveness I've got going in the bowl pool and it's fairly embarrassing. Though I think I've finally figured out why I do so poorly: I'm just like my aunt, I pick with loyalty. I'm a total sucker for picking teams that I care about. No chance in hell am I picking against my Northwestern Wildcats, my sister's Stanford Cardinal, or my grandma's Michigan Wolverines, just ain't happening. I'm guessing many of you can relate and perhaps have made similar decisions in your fantasy football lives. Now I realize you've made it to the playoffs so you're obviously savvy and probably don't need this reminder, but don't get all emotional with your fantasy football picks now that we've hit Week 15. Be smart, roll with players that have given you consistent points each week, and of course remember to sprinkle in a dose of expert advice. You can't do much better than's Bold Predictions for the Fantasy Playoffs, particularly if you've seen an injury bug or have a scrappy team that somehow has made it this far. And of course we have our daily linkage to cover...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This week's fantasy football gifts

Well looks like I might as well just send my entire paycheck straight to Amazon this month. I've been playing the role of online Santa Sara for the past few days since no one in our house enjoys spending time in a mall, much less during the holiday season...and due to my love for Amazon Prime (they totally suckered me in after a free year via Amazon Mom), I've basically been doing all sorts of holiday shopping with just a few clicks here and there. Fortunately it's equally easy to do a little click, click, click for your fantasy football gifts this week. Read on:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Can I get a comeback?

I've held off on gushing over my Broncos a whole lot here since we all know the world has long since maxed out on the Tim Tebow lovefests...but seriously, the comebacks are unbelievable. They're making for incredible 4th quarters/OT and I'm loving it. Next week's matchup with the Patriots should be an interesting battle in our family since my sister and bro-in-law are big Pats fans. Fortunately we won't all be together for the holidays yet; it would just be sad to see their faces when the Broncos win yet again.

I hope you all joined in on's Beat the Expert challenge - looks like there are 1800+ of us participating and I'm ranking somewhere in the 400s I believe. My Ray Rice/Shonn Greene combo was pretty solid but my receivers didn't exactly pan out as hoped. Let's see how many of you make $5 by beating my lineup...

Now onto today's links:

Friday, December 09, 2011

Week 14 Consensus Start/Sit

Welcome to Week 14 consensus start/sit list. I've gone through all of this week's start/sit links that I've posted from the industry's top experts and tallied up the players with the most start/sit votes. They're listed below in no particular order.

Good luck in the playoffs!

Start: Carson Palmer, Rex Grossman
Sit: Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan

Start: Michael Turner, Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Mathews, Reggie Bush, Shonn Greene, C.J. Spiller, Roy Helu
Sit: Cedric Benson, Brandon Jacobs, Beanie Wells, Peyton Hillis

Start: Percy Harvin, Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree, Santana Moss
Sit: Santonio Holmes, Pierre Garcon, Dwayne Bowe

Start: Dustin Keller, Kellen Winslow, Brent Celek
Sit: Owen Daniels, Greg Olsen, Brandon Pettigrew

Start: Jets, Broncos, Seahawks
Sit: Eagles, Cowboys

Start: Jason Hanson, Robbie Gould
Sit: Adam Vinatieri, Neil Rackers

Getting sentimental

In the upcoming year my mom is moving out of the house that my family has lived in for 35+ years. I was born there, made mud pies there, built innumerable snowmen there, fought repeatedly with my sister there, snuck out of ridiculously tiny windows there, and have spent every Christmas morning there. So this year will be our final Christmas there and I'm feeling fairly sentimental about it, though trying not to let my mom see that too much; I know the move will be hardest on her. But I guess this just makes this year's holiday season that much sweeter, doesn't it?

Speaking of sweet things, how about fantasy playoffs? I hope you all enjoyed last night's game - I only made it until half time or so...I think I'm cursed with a Mike Wallace - Antonio Brown bad decision problem. I essentially can start 1 of them each week (I have both in 2 different leagues) and inevitably have made the wrong decision about which one to start for the past month or so. Here's hoping you started Brown last night. Now onto today's links:

Don't forget to submit your lineup for's Compete Against the Pros - I'm their featured pro this week, which is amusing to me and I do hope to do that title "pro" proud. See if you can beat me and earn $5 while you're at it.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can you beat the FFLibrarian?

This week marks the start of playoffs for many of you and if you aren't playing FF any longer - or even if you are - I have another way for you to get your fantasy fix this week. has asked me to be their Featured Pro this week, which is awesome. You can play against me in their weekly salary cap game on FanDuel and if your lineup beats mine, you get $5 in your pocket. Cool, no? For the details, check out this link.

And while we're talking about, here's the weekly link to their start/sit accuracy challenge. Keep bringing the fantasy goodness and answer these 10 start/sit questions.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Looking for a good sleeper?

Last night we had friends over for a bourbon tasting party and despite the boisterousness that inevitably developed, our son managed to sleep through the entire thing directly one floor above the fun. Such a good sleeper. But if it's fantasy sleepers that you're in the market for, just read on.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Finely tuned playoffs

I think a congratulations are in order - if you're still here reading the blog then you have likely made it to the playoffs in at least one league. Or if you're out of the running, perhaps you at least know how to finish off a season with class, fighting with all your FF skills finely tuned. We've got plenty of waiver wire links and even a few start/sit bits, so read on: 

Monday, December 05, 2011

Getting festive

Yesterday we went Christmas tree shopping and generally started to get our house together in terms of holiday decorations. Our son was transfixed by a blow-up snow globe in the local hardware store (as seen at left) but despite his newfound love, we refrained from becoming blow-up decor people. That said, I remember when I was a kid, my sister used to taunt me because she was lucky enough to be able to see the neighbor's life-sized nativity scene from her bedroom window and I couldn't. Not sure why gigantic, gaudy lawn holiday decorations are of such great appeal to kids but we might have to take our son back to visit the snow globe again real soon.

The other awesomeness that came out of the weekend is that barring some insanity tonight, I somehow might have won all of my matchups this week, which is a pretty solid feeling for this crucial Week 13. I actually played my husband in 2 leagues this week and came away with 2 wins. Again, more awesomeness.

Now time for today's awesome links:

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Consensus picks for Week 13

Welcome to your weekly installment of the consensus start/sit players for Week 13. As usual I went through this week's expert links and tallied up the players with the most start/sit votes. Those players are listed below in no particular order. Extra good luck this week to those on the playoffs bubble!

Start: Tim Tebow, Eli Manning, Matt Moore
Sit: Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer

Start: BenJarvus Green-Ellis, LeGarrette Blount, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams
Sit: Steven Jackson, Peyton Hillis

Start: Victor Cruz, Mike Williams, Antonio Brown, Reggie Wayne, Eric Decker
Sit: Anquan Boldin, Santana Moss, Torrey Smith, Santonio Holmes

Start: Fred Davis, Kellen Winslow
Sit: Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels, Jermaine Gresham

Start: Patriots, Cowboys
Sit: Giants, Lions

Start: Stephen Gostkowski
Sit: Adam Vinatieri, Mike Nugent

Friday, December 02, 2011

Bonus post for a Friday

I know, you're thinking to yourself: what, another FFLibrarian post? Oh yeah. Happy Friday. This one focuses primarily on some resources for 2012 since I know many might be staring down the end of their fantasy season as Week 13 comes to a close. 

But first off, I nearly forgot to send you all the weekly start/sit questions for their weekly accuracy challenge. It's nip and tuck as usual so I could use all of your great fantasy brains here.

And now onto the 2012 links:

I'll be sure to add more 2012 rankings and thoughts as I come across them. 

Gunning for success in Week 13

So the whole sit-on-Santa's-lap thing with our son? Didn't go so well. Kind of expected that one but it was still sort of sad to see. Fortunately, after his Santa mishap he went tearing around the event with the energy of a thousand little boys, loving pretty much every minute of it. So overall I'll call that whole outing a success.

And now onto the keys to your fantasy success. Scope out these links below for advice:

I'll be back later this weekend with the consensus start/sit!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

It just keeps getting better...

Today might just go down as a most tremendous day in our son's life. The day was pretty good to begin with since he slept until 8 am (unreal!) but when I realized that our neighbors were getting their driveway repaved, it became an awesome day: so many trucks to go check out, huge wheels to touch, bobcats to track, all sorts of fun for the little guy - and a really nice paving crew...seriously, if you're looking for a friendly city, Knoxville is it. Anyway, now to top things off we're heading out to get my son's photo taken with Santa this afternoon. Let's hope that one goes over as well as the trucks...

Now to keep your day awesome, let's get to today's list of links:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 13 prep

It's mid-week and you all know what that means - rankings, start/sit and all matters of fantasy goodness. Let's have at it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playoffs are closing in

I think we might bust out the ol' firewood and use our fireplace for the first time tonight. Our old house is drafty and November is coming to an end with some chilly nights here. I do love fall so I'll be sad to see it go, especially since it's that bittersweet time of year when every week of the football season is increasingly entertaining from a playoffs perspective (both real and fake football) and yet you know it's coming to an end all too soon. But for now we have plenty of links to keep you all informed: 

Monday, November 28, 2011

For all the ladies

It's a soggy day here in Tennessee but I'm flying high after a nice OT victory for my Broncos yesterday. We had a great long weekend catching up with family and chasing babies around the house. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday as well.

Now this next link is specifically for the ladies here reading the blog. It's a little last minute but espnW is hosting a fantasy football forum for women in NYC tonight - chat up Stephania Bell and Melissa Jacobs, two ESPN fantasy gurus and then watch a little MNF. To get the details, head on over to this link.

We're getting down to the serious business of fantasy football where each week is crucial for those on the playoffs bubble. May these links help lead you to Week 13 success:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Consensus start/sit for Week 12

It's consensus time - as a reminder, every week I go through all of the start/sit links posted here on FFLibrarian and tally up the players with the most start or sit votes. Players are listed below in no particular order.

Good luck this weekend!

Start: Matt Ryan, Tim Tebow, Carson Palmer (equal number of sit votes as you'll see below)
Sit: Ryan Fitzgerald, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart

Start: Cedric Benson, LeGarrette Blount, Rashard Mendenhall
Sit: Toby Gerhart, Jackie Battle, Roy Helu

Start: Antonio Brown, Percy Harvin, DeSean Jackson, Brandon Lloyd
Sit: Stevie Johnson, Dwayne Bowe

Start: Heath Miller, Jermaine Gresham, Fred Davis, Owen Daniels
Sit: Jake Ballard, Marcedes Lewis

Start: Texans
Sit: Eagles, Giants

Start: Nick Novak, Matt Bryant, Olindo Mare
Sit: Alex Henery, Nick Folk

Friday, November 25, 2011

Leftovers and Links

Hope you all enjoyed the games yesterday and most of all had a wonderful Thanksgiving off to celebrate and relax with family and friends. My brother- and sister-in-law are en route with their daughter who is just a few months younger than our the next few days should be full of good, crazy times.

Here's the latest on our standings in the's Start/Sit Accuracy Challenge - we're in 5th place but it's a tight race my friends. Take a stab at their Week 12 start/sit questions while you're munching on some leftovers today. And then hit up the links below...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble up these links

I'm sure you're all well aware of the extra games tomorrow but just a reminder to get your lineups set since we have so many players who will be active tomorrow. has a nice summary of all of tomorrow's games that you might want to take a peak at before setting Thursday lineups. I'll most likely take the day off from posting and be back on Friday with an absolute deluge of start/sit links for you (or so I hope...).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prepping for the holiday weekend

I know it's a crazy travel week for many of you but here's hoping the upcoming long weekend means you'll have some extra time to kick around a few fantasy sites here. I'm hunkering down at home for the holidays - we've got family coming to visit, my recovering father-in-law to dote on, and an unreal quantity of leaves to rake. Oh and a little something awesome called football.

Onto today's links...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Early turkey week waivers

Thanks for your patience with my posting schedule today - we were traveling back home to Knoxville. Our little dude did a great job flying again today, he actually conked out for basically the whole flight. Unfortunately this is a bit of a crazy week in our household with my father-in-law having unexpected surgery over the weekend (he's recovering well) so I'll try and keep the normal posting up...but I know many of you probably have wacky weeks anyway with the Thanksgiving holiday. So before folks start traveling and turkey-ing, let's get to the waiver wire links and of course Week 11 recaps.

Enjoy tonight's MNF game!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Consensus Week 11 start/sits

Greetings from northern Virginia where I'm enjoying time with the fam and dispatching this week's consensus picks for Week 11's starts and sits. As usual I've gone through the experts' start/sit links and tallied up the players with the most votes - they're listed below in no particular order.

Good luck!

Start: Carson Palmer, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith
Sit: Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton

Start: Reggie Bush, Marshawn Lynch, James Starks, Kendall Hunter
Sit: Cedric Benson, Beanie Wells, LeGarrette Blount, Chris Johnson

Start: Jordy Nelson, Denarius Moore, Laurent Robinson
Sit: DeSean Jackson, Greg Little, Roddy White

Start: Kellen Winslow, Vernon Davis
Sit: Jermaine Gresham

Start: 49ers, Cowboys, Jags
Sit: Eagles, Chargers, Titans

No consensus for start or sit

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Friday night start/sit link dump

What a long day - sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up but between our travels and time with the family (not to mention basking in the glow of the Broncos' victory!), it has been a tightly packed day. Our son was a rockstar on the plane (best 2 toys by the way? The ol' barf bag - unused of course - and a slinky) but somehow in the midst of it I ended up with a fever, so word to the wise that I'm hopefully not in some crazy feverish state and messing up all the links tonight or sending you to wacky sites out there. So let's get right to it and take a look at tonight's start/sit links:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 lineup advice

Tomorrow morning my husband, son, and I are flying up to spend a long weekend with my family in Arlington, Virginia. It's a little pre-Thanksgiving visit that happens to coincides with a conference that my husband is presenting at over the weekend. We haven't flown with my son since he started walking and loving his independence so this should be an interesting flight. I'll try and get my normal posts up but I might be off schedule a bit through Monday.

In the meantime, get your thinking caps on and submit your start/sit decisions for's weekly challenge. This week if you get all 10 prediction correct, you'll win access to's My Playbook - take a look at some screen shots of the sweetness you'd have access to if you win.

Now let's dive right in to today's links:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rolling Itsy Bitsy style

I have an amazing track record with The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I don't know what it is about that tune, but I'd say about 85% of the time it silences our unhappy toddler and lulls him into a far more agreeable state. Yes, it must be sung repeatedly until your mouth might just fail you and no words escape - or perhaps you start trying it in different accents, volumes, and voices until any other adult with you decides the Itsy Bitsy Spider must cease immediately for sanity reasons. But seriously, the thing is a miracle worker. Car freak out? Try the Itsy Bitsy. Hand motions not even needed. Major flopping and rolling during a crucial diaper change moment? Less effective then, but the Itsy Bitsy still often pulls through. Major hats off to the Itsy Bitsy creator.

If you're looking for a QB to help pull you through Week 11 in Itsy Bitsy style...well, could be a tough week for that. But I've got a bevy of links here to help you make some lineup decisions. Remember there's a Thursday Night game tomorrow (go Broncos).

Finally, thanks to the 300+ of you who participated in last week's accuracy challenge. We moved on up to 4th place but it's a very precarious spot, not gonna lie. I'll get a link up tomorrow for your start/sit votes for Week 11 and I could certainly use all your brainy fantasy football help!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Desperate Schaub owner times...

Today is my sister's anniversary - three years ago the family and about a bajillion friends (my sister is the most social of social butterflies) rolled up to Vermont for a cool, cloudy, and beautiful weekend to celebrate. Happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law. 

Anyway, two of my teams could use some serious help for Week 11 and beyond if I'm going to make it to the playoffs. Perhaps you're like me and in desperate need of a Matt Schaub replacement and trades just aren't happening. If so, good news, I've got tons of links with advice here...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Edging closer to the playoffs

I was just transported back to my junior year of high school by listening to a ridiculous amount of Bush's Sixteen Stone album, all thanks to's Week 10, Everything is Zen, whose title made me think of a Bush song. My sixteen-year-old self was a Comedown and Glycerine fan and it's somewhat amazing that half a lifetime (for me!) later, I think they still hold their weight pretty well. But really most of my all-time favorite albums all sprung from the early to mid 90s (Ten, August and Everything After) so perhaps I'm just stuck in a 90s music fact, does anyone even think in the album mindset anymore?

Anyway moving on from music to our more standard fantasy football chit chat...I hope you all had a happy football weekend. May you be edging ever closer to playing in your league's playoffs. Now in addition to Razzball's above article, let's take a look at other nice recaps from yesterday's action:

 Back soon with more waiver suggestions - enjoy tonight's Vikings vs Packers showdown!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 10 consensus start/sit list

Welcome to the Week 10 consensus start/sit list. For those new to this feature, I've gone through this week's start/sit links posted here on FFLibrarian and tallied up the players with the most start or sit votes. You'll find them listed below in no particular order. Good luck!

Start: Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, Matt Ryan
Sit: Josh Freeman, Jay Cutler, Andy Dalton

Start: Ben Tate, Chris Johnson, DeMarco Murray, Willis McGahee, Reggie Bush
Sit: LeGarrette Blount, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Cedric Benson, Marshawn Lynch

Start: Laurent Robinson, Julio Jones, Santonio Holmes
Sit: Larry Fitzgerald, Nate Washington, Brandon Lloyd, Reggie Wayne

Start: Greg Olsen, Brandon Pettigrew, Jake Ballard
Sit: Vernon Davis, Kellen Winslow

Start: Eagles, Lions, Texans
Sit: Bears

Start: Billy Cundiff, Alex Henery, Dan Carpenter
Sit: Adam Vinatieri, Mike Nugent

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fill up with Week 10 links

This morning at around 4:30 AM we were treated to a lovely beeping every 30 seconds or so from a smoke alarm with a dying battery. Lucky for us our son basically slept right through it, and after a brief debate over what to do (turn on a fan for some white noise, which did absolutely nothing) my husband and I battled through it and eked out a few more hours of sleep. Nothing like early morning snoozes to the soundtrack of a smoke alarm.

Now let's fill your day with link after link of fantasy football advice:

Finally, just a note to say thanks on this Veterans Day to all who have served our country.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Escape into Week 10 links

Greetings football fans. What a sports week between PSU and Wilson Ramos; feels silly to be thinking fantasy sports but hey, I guess the escape of fantasy sports is part of the appeal, no? So let's continue that escape and talk links and lineup decisions...

This week's contest is up and going for Week 10 - we fell back a few spots last week and are back to 6th overall among the groups/forums. So let's move back up in the rankings - bring your best with these 10 start/sit questions.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Keeping things interesting in Week 10

It has been a bit of a crazy week here with my family in town - awesome, but also a bit chaotic trying to work with two babies' schedules. Though honestly the chaos was welcome since I won't be seeing my branch of the family over Thanksgiving, so it was great to have a handful of them all come to town for a few days.

It's an interesting week coming up on the football scene, too - no bye weeks but it's also our first Thursday night game (since the season kickoff game of course), which I will probably remind you about ad nauseam for the rest of the season since it's crucial to weekly success to get your Thursday night lineup set.