Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 lineup advice

Tomorrow morning my husband, son, and I are flying up to spend a long weekend with my family in Arlington, Virginia. It's a little pre-Thanksgiving visit that happens to coincides with a conference that my husband is presenting at over the weekend. We haven't flown with my son since he started walking and loving his independence so this should be an interesting flight. I'll try and get my normal posts up but I might be off schedule a bit through Monday.

In the meantime, get your thinking caps on and submit your start/sit decisions for's weekly challenge. This week if you get all 10 prediction correct, you'll win access to's My Playbook - take a look at some screen shots of the sweetness you'd have access to if you win.

Now let's dive right in to today's links:


kate said...

ipad. iphone. portable dvd player. Those things have all saved us more times than I can count on flights. Good luck and have a great trip! Old McDonald Had A Farm was always my go-to song to save a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Brett said...

Haha, I wish we had iPhone and iPads on roadtrips when I was a kid. Anyway, Tebow's comeback was incredible. I don't care about his throwing motion, or his personal beliefs; just keep those fantasy points coming! For some sit/start advice, and a funny podcast, check out Thanks!