Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Get ready to be wowed in Week 9

We've had kind of a crazy fall so far - either my husband or I or our whole family has been traveling for 5 of the past 6 weeks so I'm very ready for a weekend together at home. Sadly we have a long list of errands and things we've been meaning to do around the house to keep us busy, but my husband and I are heading to the University of Tennessee game on Saturday night, which should be pretty awesome. I've never been to a game at UT or any stadium of its size (3rd largest I think?) so I'm preparing to be wowed.

And hoping to be wowed by my teams' Week 9 performances. Help is here with the links below...

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Anonymous said...

So far, I've seen pretty much unanimous hate for Chris Johnson's possibilities to turn it around this season.

Has anyone seen a single fantasy site going out on the limb of sticking with Johnson, or even buying low for Johnson?

He's one of those guys I could see winning a championship for a FF team in the playoffs.