Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updated Average Rankings Position Spreadsheet

Greetings, fantasy football friends. I've got the updated average rankings position spreadsheet for you this morning - and plan on being back tonight with some high quality links to help with your draft prep. For some background on the average rankings position spreadsheet, see this post from a few weeks ago. I've added in the Bruno Boys, so there's one more site averaged in here - and remember, this is based on top 100 overall rankings, but I've also divided it up to display within position rankings as well. If I can get my act together this week, I'll add a column to the spreadsheet that shows how much each player has moved since the last spreadsheet a few weeks ago, which is mostly just for my amusement really...

But in the meantime, here's the updated version on Google Docs or shoot me an e-mail if you'd like the excel version.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of linkage

I've got lots of links for you today that I've been culling all weekend. I also want to make sure you all know that my updated average rankings position spreadsheet will be updated later today and I'll either have it up tonight or tomorrow. I wanted to wait until the all-important Week 3 games were finished and I hope that's not too late for most of you with your drafts.

Speaking of drafts, I have several this week (including the Buffalo Wild Wings League draft tonight!) and I know that many of you do, too. If you'd like an extra place to draft and try your hand at playing against me in a sense, head on over to RapidDraft.com where my rankings and draft strategies are used for one of their avatars. Plus if you are RapidDraft.com's big winner, there's a $100K grand prize and really, who couldn't use that?

Let's get to today's links:

  • First up this morning is a look at drafting strategy from Razzball - Drafting From Positions 5-8. Having done some mock drafting this weekend, I can vouch for a lot of the advice that Razzball gives here since I feel like it matches up pretty well with some drafting moves I made.
  • Football Jabber has updated quarterback, running back, and wide receiver rankings just in time for upcoming weeknight drafts. Or try Fantasy Alarm's positional rankings here
  • And speaking of rankings, let's take a jaunt over to RapidDraft.com's Wide Receiver Projections (PPR) - Schauf notes some key player notes here as well.
  • On a sleeper note, FantasyOMatic.com has found some names you'll want on your sleeper radar - though note that Michael Bush's recent injury is worth keeping an eye on before you spring for him on draft day. 
  • Or head on over to CBSSports.com's 2010 Draft Prep: Buy-low candidates. Am liking a fair number of these names, but as always happens at this time of year, I'm not so sure how many of these guys are really true sleepers anymore...but that's a whole different discussion I'm sure.
  • How about some bold predictions for 2010? FFXtreme has some thoughts on Ray Rice, Frank Gore, and LeSean McCoy among others in Top 10 Bold Predictions: Fantasy Football 2010. Keep your eyes open for another draft kit giveaway from FFXtreme early this week (I'll take this opportunity to plug my RSS feed, my e-mail sub option, and my twitter account as ways of getting my posts to your inbox/feed reader ASAP).
  • Matthew Berry's 10 Lists of 10: preseason edition is always a good read, though that might be in some part thanks to my propensity for lists and organization...by the way, am loving Jabar Gaffney right now so I'm wishing dudes like Berry would keep the lovefest minimal so that I can still grab him at a value. 
  • I've had some of you ask about strategies and rankings for leagues with unique scoring and Razzball.com (yes, more love for Razzball) has a Two QB Fantasy Football League Strategy article - I also want to note how great these guys are about responding to questions/comments.
  • Another strategy piece, this time on the auction league front from Yahoo's Roto Arcade guys with Tip Drill: All About the Auction.
  • Football Outsiders always seem to come up with some helpful nugget of info that you wouldn't find elsewhere and might not even think to investigate. Today's nugget is a look at Which Teams Over- or Under-Report Injuries.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunshine in fantasyland

All week it has been one gray, soggy day after another here in NYC. No complaints really since it has kept the temperatures nice and cool (feels like fall is finally coming - and fall means football!), but the tides are finally turning and today is supposed to be a beaut. And I'll take it, especially since my mom and aunt are coming in for one final quick visit pre-baby, and showing off the city is done best when the weather is nice. As if I'll be walking for more than 10 minutes at a time these days....which leads me to talking about what you'll see on the blog here this fall.

In case you can't tell, the impending birth of our child is pretty much constantly on my mind (he's due now in less than 1 month!) so I thought I'd give you all a little heads up about what's to come here over the next 6 weeks or so - not sure how much it matters to you all, but I want to do my best to convince you that I'll still be around and blogging this fall (perhaps just in odd spurts or bizarre hours). I've recruited a couple of kind folks who are also very sharp fantasy minds to write a post or two for a little while after the baby is born so that I can get a schedule of sorts in my personal life going. In my insanely naive mind, I'd like to think that I'll be back blogging after a week or so of guest posts, so hopefully you won't notice a whole lot of changes on the blog. There are other sites out there of course that do something similar to what I do with the links below and I'll be sure to give you their URLs later this month in case you're just craving daily linkage.

So in advance, a big thanks for bearing with me this fall! Now let's stop all this talk of plans and get to today's links:

  • I was just enjoying my lunch on a terrace overlooking Central Park (such are the perks of my real life library job) when I noticed that Rotoworld's Adam Levitan writes for a local circular paper and had listed a shortened version of this article up on the Pancake Blocks site: his Favorite Fliers. A good read and yes, really, how many of you do know the name Kareem Huggins?
  • I love thinking about targets and receptions and trying to use that data to determine where some future value might be, so I am of course enamored with ProFootballFocus's Analyzing and projecting AFC target distribution article.
  • I dig Razzball's Running Back Yards vs Running Back TDs, which basically supports the idea that one should really be drafting RBs with big yardage and assume that the TDs will follow. My only wish here would be that the actual study/data that was conducted was provided for those who really want to nerd out with their fantasy football info.
  • ProFootballWeekly.com's updated draft board with rankings by position is up. Great place to go if you're looking for rankings that are continuously updated each week.
  • And speaking of updated rankings, scope out FFManiaxs's updated Running Back Rankings - I'll be the first to admit that I don't totally agree with these rankings (Benson is a little too high for my liking, for example) but gotta love the gutsy Ray Rice at #2 overall.
  • More Huggins love from FantasyHulks.com's 2010 Deep Sleepers Six-Pack.
  • I'm just starting to scope out FFArmory.com's 2010 Draft Tool Kit but there's some cool stuff in there - the spreadsheet tabs go on and on and on (in a good way!). I of course checked out the TEs to see where they're ranking my fantasy crush, JerMichael Finley, and am pleased to see the feedback that some out there are calling him a bust and that the Armory dudes are putting him around 7th. To the Finley busters I say go for it, get all the fantasy owners out there too scared to drink the Finley kool-aid, but I for one won't be swayed!
Finally, a little update about two extremely helpful resources - you all probably know my excitement for the FantasyFootballNerd.com and you can now find the Nerd's rankings in the Pickemfirst plugin. I talked about Pickemfirst last winter and found it to be invaluable when I played fantasy basketball for the first time. Basically Pickemfirst allows you to be reading news or fantasy advice on a site and know which of those players are available in your leagues, or even just on your roster in one of your leagues (helpful reminder for those of us in way too many leagues). I believe it works with all major browsers now, and the addition of FFNerd is pretty awesome, so I can't stress enough how great I think this plugin is; not to sound like an ongoing sales pitch for Pickemfirst but I can't think of a single fantasy player that wouldn't benefit from this, particularly since it's free.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    FFXtreme draft kit giveaway

    Morning everyone! Let's start the day off right with a little gift courtesy of FantasyFootballXtreme.com. They've given me the thumbs up to give away 5 draft kits to my readers this week...with the potential of more awesomeness to come next week. So if you are not already a FFXtreme subscriber and are one of the first 5 people to e-mail me, I'll put you in touch with FFXtreme so you can start reaping the benefits of their hard work. (Update: wow, you guys are impressive...within 15 minutes I had far more than 5 of you interested in the FFXtreme draft kit, so they have now been spoken for but glad you all are so interested!)

    If you don't win the draft kit this time around, stay tuned for more giveaways in the future. Or check out FFXtreme's Start/Bench analyzer, which will give you projected stats for the week as well as some handy notes with their fantasy take on that player (note: you do need to be logged in - free! - in order to take full advantage of this feature).

    A couple other quick links for you:

    • In case you don't have enough advice for your fantasy draft, the venerable Scott Engel of RotoExperts.com has a mere 75 nuggets of wisdom for you for fantasy success.
    • Lester's Legends addresses the question of just how to draft Joe Flacco this season in Is Joe Flacco a QB1?
    • Kilroyz Krystal Ball has posted their top 50 Dynasty IDP Rankings: Defensive Linemen (note they include a link to the scoring system on which their ranking is based - love having that in there).
    • Speaking of defense, I probably don't give enough love to D/ST rankings so today I'll link on over to ProFootball101.com's Top 25 D/STs, though they have every other position covered as well and are all offered on the right side of their site.
    • Finally, since you all love PPR, just a heads up that the smarties over at FantasyPros911.com have updated their Top 300 PPR rankings (sortable by position in case you're more of a position ranker).

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Preparing for fantasy happenstance

    I was on the train on my way home from some time spent in Boston to see my sister's new home, and was pleasantly surprised to find a close friend on the train a few rows ahead of me. What a small world. I love random happenstance like that...and there's always a taste of this sort of happy circumstance with fantasy drafts. You can go into drafts as prepared as can be, but there's likely to be some moment where one of your favorite sleepers has landed in your lap at exactly the right value point. And on the flip side, you should be prepared for your fantasy nemesis to snag all your picks right before you...repeatedly. So I highly recommend you mock, mock, mock as your draft day approaches to see upside in players you might not have originally considered. A few mock sites to check out include: Fantasy Football Calculator, Mock Draft Central, or Yahoo. Any other favorites out there?

    Some other sites to check out today:

    • I say this every season, I think, but some of my favorite articles are those where writers from different sites collaborate and offer up differing opinions on players or strategies. Showdown: Donovan McNabb - Fantasy Football Advice brings together RapidDraft.com's Matt Schauf and Pro Football Focus's Mike Clay to talk about what McNabb will bring to the table this season.
    • Along those same lines, check out FantasyPros.com's Our Featured Pros Reveal their Sleepers and Busts for thoughts from Yahoo's Andy Behrens, ProFootballWeekly's Michael Blunda, and NFL Soup's Kevin Roberts. 
    • Need reasons to love Spiller, Finley, Bradshaw, or Gaffney, then scope out Roto Arcade's First Down: JerMichael Finley poised to vie for top fantasy tight end.
    • The Bruno Boys have their free 2010 Fantasy Football Draft Guide available - includes rankings, player profiles, cheat sheets, etc. Good stuff. I'll be writing for the Bruno Boys again a bit this year so of course I might be a bit biased, but you'll find plenty of good material in there.
    • Keeping in mind that the preseason doesn't usually amount to much, I'm still intrigued with the FFGeekBlog's recent post that lists the NFL leaders through week 2 (of the preseason) - interesting mix of names on the list.
    • And on a similar note, The Hazean's Notable Preseason Performances: Week 2 has a nice recap of a few big games from a handful of players this weekend. Or read NFL.com's game-by-game look at the second week of the preseason.
    • Some of you might remember Advanced NFL Stats's first toe-dip into the fantasy world with Koko's rankings (essentially the most basic picks that even a monkey could make, though in reality it's more complicated than that and you can read up on it here). If you're wondering how Koko did last year, see Koko's 2009 Fantasy Report Card. As Brian points out, the clutch thing here might be comparing Koko's rankings (here are his 2010 QBs rankings) with you other favorite sites' rankings. If there's someone whose ranking varies widely from Koko, it's worth figuring out why.
    • If you're in an auction league, particularly if you're a newbie to the auction world, you might find FantasyFanPlay.com's Auction Draft Strategy and Values for, well, exactly that: strategy and rankings with values based on a $200 budget.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Sleeper and Bust edition

    This might be another short post since my family is still in town - and this weekend I'll be traveling up to Boston, where my sister just moved last month for my last travels before the FFLibrarian Baby arrives next months. Boston, I'm hoping you'll treat me well with some cool weather...

    So it might take me a few days to get back to e-mails and such, which some of you might have already figured out! However, I had a journalist contact me who is looking for "a few office workers who take their fantasy football very, very seriously, maybe to the detriment of everything else in their life" for an article he's writing - if you fit the bill, send me an e-mail and I'll put you all in touch.

    Onto today's links:

    • CBSSports.com's Sleepers, Breakouts and Busts endeavors to make you the guy or girl who just can't make a bad draft pick this year. Read up on reasons to love Bernard Berrian, Matthew Stafford, and Mike Williams this year.
    • The sleepers and busts don't end there though. Matthew Berry's You Heard Me takes an amusing team-by-team approach of assessing which guys you're going to want to focus on when you draft this year. 
    • And on a similar note, the FootballGuys.com give us some of their Good Values in Later Rounds in Fantasy Football on the Fifth Down - one great grab per position. I'm personally not so sure my concern for McNabb is about his change in teams, but about the lacking Skins o-line...
    • Tony Holm, the mastermind behind FantasySharks.com, gives us his take of how each position is shaping up in 2010 drafts - a helpful read for a big picture look - in 2010 Draft Plan.
    • For more on draft strategy, see Roto Arcade's Tip Drill: The five worst habits in fantasy football - if you haven't changed your drafting techniques in years, you might do well to read up on Yahoo's advice here.
    • I got an e-mail yesterday from a good friend who felt his draft had gone awry since he all his players seemed to have the same bye week. So Michael, perhaps this link from Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy with Proof That Bye Weeks Don't Really Matter might help you feel a bit better.
    • Finally, I never know quite how to sum up SI's Fantasy Clicks since Clemons does a good job at basically giving us a dose of pretty much everything - but read up here on Dwayne Bowe, lots of Favre talk (but in an acceptable way), and drafting from the 12 spot. 
     Enjoy your weekends!

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Weekly accuracy assessment

    I've got family in town right now so today's post is going to be brief - but awesome. So you all probably know that I do an annual accuracy assessment of experts' rankings, comparing how they've ranked players during to preseason to how those players performed at season's end. Many of you have asked if I'll be looking at the accuracy of weekly rankings, and unfortunately it hasn't been something I've been able to do due to the time involved...but now, my friends, there's a site that has filled that gap and is an incredible complement to the season-long accuracy assessment. Last week FantasyPros.com released their accuracy awards for weekly rankings and I for one am extremely excited about this. A big kudos to Andy Behrens from Yahoo for being the #1 overall most accurate expert with his weekly rankings from the 2009 season - for the full list of how the experts did, take a look at FantasyPros.com's Expert Accuracy Rankings - 2009.

    Though just as important as the results is the methodology used - to see what they gathered and how they developed each expert's PAY (Prediction Accuracy Yield) and subsequent ranking, see the discussion here.

    As a final cherry on top to this incredible project (and immense amount of work!), FantasyPros.com has also developed a Cheat Sheet Wizard, which is very similar to what I post each August with the average rankings position spreadsheet. I highly recommend you scope it out for updated consensus rankings...and drumroll please...it includes PPR rankings for those who play in PPR leagues.

    Basically, spend a bit of time on FantasyPros.com and you'll get lost in heavenly world of fantasy awesomeness. So have at it, let me know what you think!

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Draft strategies and other prep

    Now that all of the Week 1 preseason games are in the books, we can start thinking a bit more about how injuries and outstanding players from this week might affect the season. Remember that's a big "might" though there's always something - or should I say someone - interesting that emerges during the preseason. So let's get right to it and read up on today's links:

    • A great first place to start today - The Hazean's Notable Preseason Heroes to Date discusses some dudes you might want to keep an eye on. And of course after last night's NY/NJ teams showdown, you'll want to keep Giants rookie Victor Cruz on your radar as well - see Giants Rookie Cruz Shines With Three Touchdown Catches for more on that front.
    • Roto Arcade's First down: Handoffs galore are in Spiller's immediate future takes a look at some developments from this weekend's games but I'm also on board with the conclusion here that grabbing an elite QB like Aaron Rodgers might just be a smart move this year.
    • Smitty from FFXtreme disagrees with me on this one though and thinks it's more worthwhile to grab a Tier 3 QB - who are his Tier 3 QBs? Take a look at Drafting a Value Quarterback to find out. 
    • I'm a big fan of approaching drafts from a tier perspective and FantasyFanPlay.com has part of their Tiers for Fears series up - QBs and RBs so far.
    • FFToday has an interesting read in Risk/Reward that looks at guys who hold a fair amount of risk but high reward, all of whom are going within the first few rounds of a draft. Some of these guys don't hold a ton of risk in my book, or at least not much more than your average player, but a good read nonetheless. 
    • Finally, last but certainly not least - if you haven't already heard, Brian Westbrook joins Frank Gore in the 49ers backfield.
    One last note - I've had a bunch of you ask for a recommendation on site that helps with rankings, projections, etc for a league with atypical scoring. There are a bunch of good spots for this but one of my favorites (and the primary one I use) is FFToday - you need to create a login (free!) but can then customize to your own scoring system and it will adjust the rankings and such from there. Give it a whirl. 

      Sunday, August 15, 2010

      Kicking back with some preseason football!

      I'm happily curled up on the couch watching the Broncos vs Bengals game, wondering just how Tim Tebow is going to look tonight. I feel like I can admit to you all that I'm actually watching and enjoying preseason football, something not many can relate to...except perhaps our grocery delivery dude (yeah, I know, we're ridiculous for getting our groceries delivered but it's cheaper and easier than going to the grocery store! Really!) - he told me he felt that many preseason games were actually better than regular season games. Hmm. Not jumping on that bandwagon but I'm still pretty entertained right now.

      Lots of news though from this weekend's games so let's get tonight's links:

      • And speaking of this weekend's news, let's hit a few of the player injury highlights from FFToolbox: Fitzgerald to be conservative with knee injury and Ryan Grant suffers head injury. Both pretty big names at their position, so stay on top of these news items. Plus big news for the Texans with Ben Tate Likely Out for Season.
      • For other issues to keep an eye on before draft day arrives, see what the Fifth Down's 10 Situations to Monitor in Your Fantasy Football Draft.
      • Something else you'll want to keep in mind for draft day - scheduling for the fantasy playoffs. Keeping in mind that a lot can change in a year and we'll know more about the strength of defenses soon, this Scheduling for Success article from Rotoworld still has a great deal of value. As noted, this list can help you make some serious tie breaking decisions.
      • I'm still tracking down PPR rankings just to see what's available out there and The Sports Outlaw has PPR rankings up by position - standard scoring is also available off that page. Keep in mind that a lot of sites are likely going to tweak their rankings after this weekend's games so anticipate that these rankings will be updated soon.
      • For more rankings as well as team previews and PPR gems among other features, take a look at Fantasy Phenoms' 2010 Draft Guide.
      • Many of you have e-mailed for a copy of my average rankings position spreadsheet (updated this weekend to include ranking within position and bye week info) but have also expressed interest in ADP (average draft position) info. Slight but important difference from the rankings. So if you're up for some ADP analysis, definitely take a look at what the Bruno Boys have pulled together.
      • Meanwhile, head over to ProFootballWeekly.com if it's sleepers that you're in the market for - they take a look at NFC West fantasy sleepers (and super-sleepers) including one of my fantasy crushes, Laurent Robinson.
      • FFArmory.com takes a look back at 2009's Top 40 RBs to tally up their number of games with 20+ carries and 20+ touches (carries + receptions). Probably not shocking info for most of you but it is some good food for thought; makes you wonder what some of these guys could do given a few more touches. 
      • Finally, a much-discussed topic in fantasyland every year: 3rd-year receivers. CBSSports.com's The class of third-year receivers does a nice job of summarizing the reasons you should be interested in this theory and focus in on 15 guys who could impress/surprise this year. 

      Friday, August 13, 2010

      Big Friday: draft results, PPR rankings and more

      Greetings, fantasy football fans. Today is a lovely day here in NYC - cooler and far more bearable for those of us who are a mere 6 weeks from delivering a child; plus I'm relishing the fact that my husband is such a smarty pants that he was quoted on NPR this morning; and of course...Preseason Week 1 has officially arrived! I hope you all enjoyed the games last night and are gearing up for 3 more games this evening.

      To get you all ready for the weekend, let's scope out some links for this fine Friday:

      • Many of you have asked if I'll be expanding the average rankings position spreadsheet that I pull together each year to include PPR rankings. I'll take a look around and see if there are enough Top 100 PPR rankings to create something helpful or not, though one that I would definitely include is CBSSports.com's Our Top 200 for PPR Leagues.
      • Also on the rankings front, Rotoworld continues to tweak the rankings in their draft guide and Shaking up the Rankings on Pancake Blocks reviews some of the latest player ups and downs.
      • When I saw the name of FantasyFanPlay.com's latest article, Stat-a-Palooza, I knew it would be some stats-alicious article but had no clue what a stats dump it would be. Read up for some serious numbers, mostly from the 2009 season.
      • SI's Fantasy Clicks does a nice job of giving the basics (and of course some advice) on survivor pools - plus some auction draft results from a real draft that Jay Clemons participated in recently. Gotta say I appreciate that he's upfront about this not being his best draft - equally helpful to see those sorts of draft results, no?
      • For more on the auction draft results front (as well as the PPR front) see Razzball's PPR Auction Mock Draft and see which team you think was the big winner.
      • Looks like CBSSports.com is cranking out new features yet again this year - take a look at their 2010 Power Projector, which includes player projections from both Dave and Jamey at CBS, plus Accuscore's projections, all wrapped up in an average if that's up your alley. They'll be updating this feature on a weekly basis to give you an assist in making weekly start/sit decisions.
      That's all for now - remember I'll be updating that average rankings position spreadsheet over the weekend so check back on the google docs version for some of the tweaks!

      Wednesday, August 11, 2010

      2010 Average Rankings Position Spreadsheet

      It's time for the 2010 Average Rankings Position spreadsheet! I snagged the latest Top 100 rankings from 9 different websites and they're updated as of this evening, August 11th. I'll be conducting an update at the end of August for those of you who have drafts at the end of the month. The sites I looked at all provide their rankings for free on their sites and they include: Ask the Commish, CBSSports.com (note: CBSSports.com is providing 2 different sets of rankings this year), ESPN, FFToolbox, FOX Sports, KFFL, NFL.com, SI, and Yahoo.

      A few things to note about the spreadsheet:
      • This is just an average of Top 100 players. I'll try and update the spreadsheet this weekend to reflect the ranking within position as well, so look for that update in the Google Docs version of the spreadsheet in the next few days.
      • I tried to ensure that the experts all used the same scoring system (non-PPR) but many sites didn't note their scoring system at all.
      • I pulled all of these rankings within the span of an hour or two so that they represent rankings from the same time period/news/injury updates, etc.
      • As in the past several years, I assigned a ranking of 125 to any player that wasn't ranked in the Top 100 by a site. For example, several sites did not rank Vincent Jackson within their Top 100 players, so I gave Jackson a ranking of 125 from those sites to try and represent that missing rank.
      • I've included the standard deviation of each player's ranking so that you can get an idea of how much consensus there was on a player's ranking across the 10 experts. So the lower the standard deviation, the more of a consensus there is on the ranking for that player. I added the standard deviation to the average ranking position to create one number to represent both a player's ranking and the level of agreement on that ranking. I find this pretty interesting in and of itself, but it could be particularly useful for players that are a bit deeper in the Top 100. 
      • With my late August update, I'll try to incorporate the bye weeks for each player if that's of interest to everyone - just ran out of time tonight and wanted to get this posted for you all ASAP!
      To view the full average rankings, see the Google Docs version or send me an e-mail and I'll shoot over an excel version your way. But here are the top overall 30 players across all positions for the 2010 season according to the average from 10 experts (9 sites):

      STD DEV
      AVG + STD DEV
      Chris Johnson
      Adrian Peterson
      Maurice Jones-Drew
      Ray Rice
      Frank Gore
      Michael Turner
      Andre Johnson
      Steven Jackson
      Randy Moss
      Aaron Rodgers
      Drew Brees
      DeAngelo Williams
      Larry Fitzgerald
      Reggie Wayne
      Rashard Mendenhall
      Peyton Manning
      Shonn Greene
      Cedric Benson
      Ryan Grant
      Ryan Mathews
      Miles Austin
      Roddy White
      Calvin Johnson
      Brandon Marshall
      DeSean Jackson
      Tom Brady
      Marques Colston
      Beanie Wells
      Matt Schaub

      Tuesday, August 10, 2010

      Drafting season is dawning!

      It was a long day at my real job today, my friends (yes, I do actually have a real librarian job for you newbies to the site), so the thought of all of the fantasy football drafts I've got coming up in a few weeks is certainly perking me up a bit tonight. I've been trying to limit the number of leagues I'm playing in this year without a ton of success and thought I'd mention a few of the more public leagues I'll be part of since they might be worth following as the season starts up. First up, as many of you know, I was the champion of the inaugural Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football Blogger League and I won a trip to the Super Bowl - incredible. Can't say enough awesome stuff about that experience and I'll be back to defend my title this year. There's a BWW site dedicated to the league - right now it's all last year's content - but I recommend scoping it out for blog postings from the other players, who are just as impressive a crew as last year's contenders.

      Another league to highlight, especially since it's not really a normal league, is my participation with RapidDraft. This year they're offering their unique FF game free of charge and basically you draft and play against the saved rankings/preferences/strategy of a bunch of FF experts who are represented by these avatar type things, and I'm one the strategy behind one of them. Don't know quite how else to explain it, but it's about as close as you can get to drafting against me unless we're actually in a league together.

      So with draft season dawning, let's look at tonight's links:

      • We've got a couple of player profiles to scope out:
      • If I'm Philip Rivers, I'm not pleased about this development...it certainly feeds into my "not so excited about Rivers" stance and I swear it's not just my Broncos fandom talking here.
      • I find myself linking over to Razzball all the time these days - they were a great new resource for me last year and I feel like they're really doing a tremendous job this summer with providing material that you all are actually looking for - agree? Tonight try their Fantasy Football Draft Targets Rounds 7-13.
      • If you're a regular here on the blog, you know I love offensive line analysis. Hopefully you do, too, and you're equally psyched about Open Sports' 2010 Fantasy Football offensive line rankings.
      • RapidDraft's Matt Schauf is guest columning over at Athlon Sports, another stellar site that I'm sure I don't link to enough. He's talking about sleepers today with one sleeper per position - SleeperScope: Moore To Like at QB in Carolina Now. Good stuff as always. 
      • I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with Matthew Berry - the articles he does like the one here with a stats dump, Just the facts, ma'am, are probably my favorite kind. As you might have guessed, I'm all about supplying you guys with articles, stats, etc and letting you make your own conclusions. Learn a bit about Berry while you're learning some 2009 and earlier player stats. 
      • Heads up Jamaal Charles owners - guess who is #1 on the KC depth chart these days? Not J.C....try T.J. Read up on that story and others with NFL.com's Round up: Bradshaw, Knox moving up on fantasy lists.
      • Last week we looked at the first of Matt Waldman's Fantasy Rookies in Context articles posted on the Fifth Down, which looked at RBs and QBs. Today we have part II, which focuses on pass catchers. Read up on rookies you might want to draft and the round in which you should grab them.
      Due to the aforementioned long day at my real job, I'm about a day behind schedule on my average rankings position spreadsheet but am anticipating getting it up by Wednesday night. I'll be making it available as a google doc and will also be happy to e-mail the excel spreadsheet to you once it's available...which it isn't yet. But soon!