Thursday, August 05, 2010

Want to play in the FFLibrarian monster league?

I'll be posting again later tonight or tomorrow morning with your normal fantasy football links, but wanted to be sure to extend a league invitation to you all for the 2010 FFLibrarian Monster League. As many of you know, last year I started the FFLibrarian monster league hosted by and had 96 readers participate in one huge league (divided into 6 conferences of 16 teams) - last year's winner was Andrew, manager of the American Atheists squad. has generously offered to host us again but this year the size of the league is going to be limited to 72 teams to make things a bit more reasonable and fun for participants; we'll still have 6 conferences, but each conference will only have 12 teams. I've sent an e-mail out to all of last year's participants to make sure they had an opportunity to reply and play again this year, and I still have about 15 spots left in the league. If you would like to play in the league this year, please send me an e-mail ASAP and I'll get you added in - or added to the wait list if there's enough interest, which I suspect there will be based on last year's interest. Live drafts will occur between August 28 and September 6, though there will be one conference that will draft via a slower e-mail-style draft to accommodate scheduling needs. When you e-mail me with your interest, please include your team name and your draft style preference. This year I'm working on developing a prize for the league winner so stay tuned on that front. Update: I've already started to put people on the wait list so if you haven't e-mailed about joining the league yet, you're welcome to do so as long as you're okay with hanging out on the wait list for now.

Looking forward to another awesome season of the FFLibrarian Monster league - and again, thanks to for putting up with our quirky, huge league!

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