Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drafting season is dawning!

It was a long day at my real job today, my friends (yes, I do actually have a real librarian job for you newbies to the site), so the thought of all of the fantasy football drafts I've got coming up in a few weeks is certainly perking me up a bit tonight. I've been trying to limit the number of leagues I'm playing in this year without a ton of success and thought I'd mention a few of the more public leagues I'll be part of since they might be worth following as the season starts up. First up, as many of you know, I was the champion of the inaugural Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football Blogger League and I won a trip to the Super Bowl - incredible. Can't say enough awesome stuff about that experience and I'll be back to defend my title this year. There's a BWW site dedicated to the league - right now it's all last year's content - but I recommend scoping it out for blog postings from the other players, who are just as impressive a crew as last year's contenders.

Another league to highlight, especially since it's not really a normal league, is my participation with RapidDraft. This year they're offering their unique FF game free of charge and basically you draft and play against the saved rankings/preferences/strategy of a bunch of FF experts who are represented by these avatar type things, and I'm one the strategy behind one of them. Don't know quite how else to explain it, but it's about as close as you can get to drafting against me unless we're actually in a league together.

So with draft season dawning, let's look at tonight's links:

  • We've got a couple of player profiles to scope out:
  • If I'm Philip Rivers, I'm not pleased about this development...it certainly feeds into my "not so excited about Rivers" stance and I swear it's not just my Broncos fandom talking here.
  • I find myself linking over to Razzball all the time these days - they were a great new resource for me last year and I feel like they're really doing a tremendous job this summer with providing material that you all are actually looking for - agree? Tonight try their Fantasy Football Draft Targets Rounds 7-13.
  • If you're a regular here on the blog, you know I love offensive line analysis. Hopefully you do, too, and you're equally psyched about Open Sports' 2010 Fantasy Football offensive line rankings.
  • RapidDraft's Matt Schauf is guest columning over at Athlon Sports, another stellar site that I'm sure I don't link to enough. He's talking about sleepers today with one sleeper per position - SleeperScope: Moore To Like at QB in Carolina Now. Good stuff as always. 
  • I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with Matthew Berry - the articles he does like the one here with a stats dump, Just the facts, ma'am, are probably my favorite kind. As you might have guessed, I'm all about supplying you guys with articles, stats, etc and letting you make your own conclusions. Learn a bit about Berry while you're learning some 2009 and earlier player stats. 
  • Heads up Jamaal Charles owners - guess who is #1 on the KC depth chart these days? Not J.C....try T.J. Read up on that story and others with NFL.com's Round up: Bradshaw, Knox moving up on fantasy lists.
  • Last week we looked at the first of Matt Waldman's Fantasy Rookies in Context articles posted on the Fifth Down, which looked at RBs and QBs. Today we have part II, which focuses on pass catchers. Read up on rookies you might want to draft and the round in which you should grab them.
Due to the aforementioned long day at my real job, I'm about a day behind schedule on my average rankings position spreadsheet but am anticipating getting it up by Wednesday night. I'll be making it available as a google doc and will also be happy to e-mail the excel spreadsheet to you once it's available...which it isn't yet. But soon!

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