Monday, August 09, 2010

The Morning After the HOF

Football is back! If you're like me, the sweet sounds of the NFL during last night's Hall of Fame Game put a little extra smile on your face since we all know the real season is now so close we can practically taste it. Love it. There were a few injuries during the game last night, so get caught up on those if you were intently watching each down, and then let's move on to this morning's links:

  • Yesterday I pulled rankings from 9 sites for my annual average rankings position spreadsheet (should be up by mid-week) and noticed a few draft kits that I don't think I've linked to here yet:
    • SI's NFL Draft Kit - I'm still exploring this one but if you're new to fantasy football, you might find the strategy page at the end of the kit particularly helpful - this link will prompt for a download of the kit or you can fish around for the kit here.
    •'s 2010 Fantasy Football Draft Prep Guide - you can see there are some articles/tools that are not posted quite yet (such as their popular defensive matchup tracker that should be helpful during the season), but there are a bunch of quality pieces up already to enjoy. One thing you might have fun playing around with now is their Interactive Running Back Selector.
    •'s Draft Guide - I haven't had a chance to scope out the IDP items yet but am pleased to see them included since I'm always a supporter of more IDP analysis.
  • FFToolbox has some news tidbits on the RBBC front that you might find informative for draft day: Spiller already earning first-team reps and Ahmad Bradshaw is getting the majority of first-team carries at Giants camp. Obviously stay tuned to these handcuff situations as the preseason unfolds.
  • FFXtreme is posting the results of one of their expert league drafts as it evolves - now that we've moved from mock drafts into the real thing, I think you'll find these sorts of results even more pertinent.
  • Take a look at the Raiders backfield with's Run DMC or Big Bush?
  • So let's say you've got some cash burning a hole in your pocket (I know, we're already off to an unlikely start but hey, you never know!) and you're thinking about how to take your fantasy game to a whole different level that involves things like Vegas and cash prizes. Then take a look at some high stakes FF action that's happening later this month - I normally don't mention this sort of thing at all but since a fair number of sites I link to or have been part of my accuracy analysis are behind the promotion, thought I'd lead you to their SuperDraft extravaganza in case you're up for that sort of thing.
As I mentioned above, the average rankings position spreadsheet should be up and posted soon, so keep your eyes open for that one. I'll be updating it at the end of the month, too, in time for later drafts. Until then, happy preseason Week 1!

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