Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of linkage

I've got lots of links for you today that I've been culling all weekend. I also want to make sure you all know that my updated average rankings position spreadsheet will be updated later today and I'll either have it up tonight or tomorrow. I wanted to wait until the all-important Week 3 games were finished and I hope that's not too late for most of you with your drafts.

Speaking of drafts, I have several this week (including the Buffalo Wild Wings League draft tonight!) and I know that many of you do, too. If you'd like an extra place to draft and try your hand at playing against me in a sense, head on over to where my rankings and draft strategies are used for one of their avatars. Plus if you are's big winner, there's a $100K grand prize and really, who couldn't use that?

Let's get to today's links:

  • First up this morning is a look at drafting strategy from Razzball - Drafting From Positions 5-8. Having done some mock drafting this weekend, I can vouch for a lot of the advice that Razzball gives here since I feel like it matches up pretty well with some drafting moves I made.
  • Football Jabber has updated quarterback, running back, and wide receiver rankings just in time for upcoming weeknight drafts. Or try Fantasy Alarm's positional rankings here
  • And speaking of rankings, let's take a jaunt over to's Wide Receiver Projections (PPR) - Schauf notes some key player notes here as well.
  • On a sleeper note, has found some names you'll want on your sleeper radar - though note that Michael Bush's recent injury is worth keeping an eye on before you spring for him on draft day. 
  • Or head on over to's 2010 Draft Prep: Buy-low candidates. Am liking a fair number of these names, but as always happens at this time of year, I'm not so sure how many of these guys are really true sleepers anymore...but that's a whole different discussion I'm sure.
  • How about some bold predictions for 2010? FFXtreme has some thoughts on Ray Rice, Frank Gore, and LeSean McCoy among others in Top 10 Bold Predictions: Fantasy Football 2010. Keep your eyes open for another draft kit giveaway from FFXtreme early this week (I'll take this opportunity to plug my RSS feed, my e-mail sub option, and my twitter account as ways of getting my posts to your inbox/feed reader ASAP).
  • Matthew Berry's 10 Lists of 10: preseason edition is always a good read, though that might be in some part thanks to my propensity for lists and the way, am loving Jabar Gaffney right now so I'm wishing dudes like Berry would keep the lovefest minimal so that I can still grab him at a value. 
  • I've had some of you ask about strategies and rankings for leagues with unique scoring and (yes, more love for Razzball) has a Two QB Fantasy Football League Strategy article - I also want to note how great these guys are about responding to questions/comments.
  • Another strategy piece, this time on the auction league front from Yahoo's Roto Arcade guys with Tip Drill: All About the Auction.
  • Football Outsiders always seem to come up with some helpful nugget of info that you wouldn't find elsewhere and might not even think to investigate. Today's nugget is a look at Which Teams Over- or Under-Report Injuries.


Lee said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady and the tip on the PickemFirst. I'm loving it.

Larry B said...

I'm liking gaffney too. I took a reach on him in my league (8th round) and got panned for doing so. If he works out it will be fun.