Friday, August 06, 2010

Friend and fantasy madness

It's visiting season here in Brooklyn: friends of ours from our Boulder, CO days swung through NYC during an east coast road trip so we've spent the past few nights happy houring it up with them, and now I've got a good friend from college in town this weekend. It's great to have friends around, gotta love being surrounded by such fun company. Fortunately they all have a great deal of respect for the need to post to FFLibrarian, so I've got a post full of great links for you today:

  • I sound like a broken record when I talk about what Jay Clemons pulls together in SI's latest Fantasy Clicks, but every time I read it I really am impressed that Jay has bundled so much fantasy intensity into one post. I guarantee you'll find value in this sucker with some highlights being: 1) a flow chart of sorts that guide you in your first 5 picks depending on which draft slot you've landed and 2) an in-depth review of drafting from the 6th slot and 3) RB tiers. I'm such a tiers lover.
  • I've got two articles from the Fifth Down for you today - they are absolutely cranking out material from the writers and I'm loving it.
  • If you already know that you're sitting in the cat bird seat with the #1 overall draft pick in your league, you might be wondering which player to snag - no worries, FFXtreme has you covered with Pick Number One: Johnson, Peterson, Rice, or Jones-Drew?
  • Now to a few articles with a detailed look at specific players:
    • It's no secret that I (and many others) have a fantasy crush on Jermichael Finley. adds their two cents in Maturing Finley could make big fantasy leap
    • Kenny "Question Mark" Britt is living up to his nickname yet again with the uncertainty of how/when to draft this dude come draft day. Rotoworld's What to do with Britt the backup talks about the latest camp news on Britt and how that might tweak his ADP.
    • You guys must know that the Elvis Dumervil news is absolutely killing me...oh my poor Broncos. It's going to be a tough, tough season ahead my friends. 
  • Razzball has been taking a look at strength of schedule issues lately and their latest is out: Strength of pass defense, 2010 schedule. Gotta say I usually get a good chuckle going or a smile at the very least when reading Razzball; definitely an entertaining site, which adds to their appeal in my book. 
  • Yahoo's Roto Arcade tackles IDP rankings - again, lots of tiers here so gotta love it.
  • Finally, the tiers keep coming along with other helpful information in's 2010 Draft Prep: How to address tight ends.
Finally, I've heard from so many of you who are interested in playing in the FFLibrarian monster league and I'll get back to each of you this weekend - but if you haven't heard from me yet, you are on the wait list and I'll let you know how deep into the list you are. Thanks for such enthusiasm and perhaps next year I'll have a bit more time to get a second league going!

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