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Touring the post-draft NFL scene

My in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow for a few days so I might be a bit quiet as the week wraps up: I'll be busy being a tourist with them. Having family visit is always a great excuse to jump on an uber-touristy bus, boat, or Empire State Building queue for the sake of showing your fam a good reality though, who doesn't love a boat ride around Manhattan on a beautiful day? Plus I have an odd desire to ride one of those double-decker tourist buses. I'm convinced it's going to be really fun...don't tell me if it's not! Ugh...the Broncos need everything to go just right what with the pressure of the Tebow draft pick and the loss of all our major offensive playmakers...and Ryan Clady's knee surgery (courtesy of a basketball game injury) isn't what we need. FFToolbox has adjusted their 2010 Strength of Schedule - love tools like this. While not the final word on any draft choices of course, it's a nice addition to all that other player r

Draft discussion - rookies, keepers, IDPs!

The 2010 draft is is my trip to Boston. So thanks for being patient with my blog silence over the weekend - hope you found some other awesome resources to answer all your fantasy football needs. There are of course a ton of links to get to today so I'm just going to fly through them: I'm seeing a ton of rookie rankings and analysis of course - here are some top reads on that front: Razzball's NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout FFXtreme's 2010 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings FantasyFanPlay's 2010 Impact Rookies Though before you get too gung ho about any of these guys, swing by a great read by's Dave Richard (ooh, I love an article that includes a scatter plot) that looks at historically how valuable rookies are in fantasyland: The impact of rookies in fantasy . IDP leagues seem to be growing in popularity each year so I can only imagine how many of you are going to be psyched to read RapidDraft's Draft reaction: First-round IDPs , w

Round One Wrap-up

I'm hopping on a bus (promise, it's better than it sounds) to Boston this afternoon for an art librarian conference so there's a good chance you won't be hearing from me again until early next week as I library it up all weekend long. There will be lots to take in with all the draft picks flying off the board over the weekend so I definitely recommend you swing by somewhere like Rotoworld , which will give you the news as well as some fantasy analysis. Also, Twitter was blowing up last night with all of the picks coming in - I'm guessing it will probably be a bit quieter tonight but scope out your favorite tweeters or #NFLdraft for all the news. So let's check out some highlights from today's fantasyland: Fantasy Depth Chart has already updated their Single Season Rankings/Projections to reflect the picks from the first round of the NFL draft.  Rotoworld takes a visual look at each of the 32 picks from last night with thoughts on what that pick might m

NFL Draft Day has arrived!

I woke this morning to a gorgeous day here in New York City - the birds were chirping (yes, we have birds other than pigeons here) and the sun was streaming in the windows. Happy Earth Day indeed - and it seems the Earth is quite happy to be celebrating NFL Draft Day. Just a few quick links for you today: One of the primary things you can do today/tonight is seek out great live blogging during the draft as well as seek out pre-draft chats. One spot to stop this afternoon? Matthew Berry's chat on all things fantasy at 3 PM eastern - this will of course not just focus on the NFL but Berry's got some great thoughts and well worth the chat time.   Or chat, blog it up, etc with - take a look here for the details but they'll be starting up their chat just before the draft starts tonight. Similarly, there are some great tweets being cranked out today - see what Rotoworld's Evan Silva and Gregg Rosenthal have to say, as well as Scott Engel of RotoEx

Big week for the NFL

Such a big NFL week! First the 2010 schedule was released last night and now we're just a day away from the NFL's like an extended birthday celebration where the fun never seems to end with treats around every corner. Love it. Now if you missed the big NFL schedule party last night, have no fear, I did too (I had book club; I know, I know, I'm still only partially excited about participating each's really just an excuse to hang out with my sister) but I caught up with some of the major schedule news with many thanks to the entertaining Fifth Down post - Live Blogging the N.F.L. Schedule Show with Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier. The NFL has made their Big Ben decision: Roethlisberger is to be suspended for 6 games . Scope out some of the language in Goodell's letter to Roethlisberger as quoted in that link from - pretty strong words there. Not only will this cost Big Ben nearly $3 million but also some serious

Scheffler, may the wind be always at your back

Well my favorite Bronco is no longer a Bronco. Goodbye, Tony Scheffler, you'll be missed. Now if I want to watch you I'll have to watch the friend Sam back in Boulder (a Lions fan...perhaps the only one in Colorado?) is probably chuckling over that one. But Scheff went to college at Western Michigan and grew up in the great mitten state, so perhaps this is a bit of a homecoming for Scheff. Let's start off today's links with some Scheffler thoughts: Anyone paying attention to how poorly McDaniels and Scheffler got along towards the end of the 2009 season is not surprised to see that Scheffler is gone. It's just crazy to think that Scheff, Cutler, and Marshall have all left Colorado what to think about the impact of Scheffler and Ernie Sims heading to new pastures? Turn to Rotoworld's Trade Fallout: Scheffler is a Lion for the fantasy details. For some other highlights on news around the league and of course Peter King commentary, take a

Resting up pre-NFL Draft

Well it has been a great (albeit chilly) weekend here in Brooklyn - lots of time relaxing, the highlight being a brunch date with friends including our buddy Bart, a NY Post journalist who broke the Santonio Holmes news last weekend. Gotta love having friends in the biz. And this weekend's relaxation was particularly nice since I'll either be traveling or have visitors in town for 7 of the next 9 weekends...starting with a library conference in Boston during next weekend's NFL Draft. I know, I know, what am I doing focusing on anything other than football next weekend?! I'll be watching the Thursday prime time activity but will likely have to catch up on everything else via the ol' iPhone. Since this is how most sane people take in the draft (or do they just wait until the week after for a brief update?), I think it will be a refreshing approach to the weekend...yes, I'm desperately seeking the silver lining here. To take my mind off the fact that I'll be

Draft thoughts with a little fantasy on the side

Greetings fantasy football fans. Happy tax-day-is-behind-us-for-another-364-days. I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the future - finances, our apartment situation, our jobs, family stuff...and of course fantasy football! There's no better time than NFL Draft season for thinking about future, be it how your favorite team is prepping for the long term or how you can prep for the 2010 fantasy season. But brace yourselves - this post is heavy on draft prep and other real world NFL issues. That of course translates to fantasy football, but the number of straight up fantasy analysis articles here are few and far between. That's just the way the cookie crumbles during NFL Draft time... So let's get to the linkage on this cloudy Friday in NYC: If you're drafting it up in prime time next Thursday night but are hoping to get a little extra commentary as the draft picks tick by, take a look at the various places you'll find the Football Outsiders ch

Welcome to Miami, BMarsh

This morning as I emerged from the subway (and cursed beautiful Central Park for driving my allergies absolutely bananas) my phone absolutely blew up over the big Brandon Marshall news : my husband texted me the details and I had 3 e-mails waiting for me with the juicy news that my Broncos have (unofficially) traded away Marshall to the Dolphins for a second round pick this year and likely a second rounder in 2011 as well. As a Broncos fan I have mixed feelings on all of the wheeling and dealing since McDaniels arrived, but in the end I think what it comes down to is that we had incredible talent in guys like BMarsh and Cutler, but we certainly weren't going very far with it. So kudos to the boy genius (or so I hope) for grabbing some great picks and here's hoping we up the ante in Denver. In case you're looking for some of the fantasy fallout from all of this, have no fear, that analysis will soon be up all over the place. Read on for Marshall thoughts and m

Sitting fantasy courtside

What a start to the week - had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the headlines about Santonio Holmes being traded to the Jets. I knew he was on a short leash but I guess I just did not see this move to the Jets for a 5th round pick coming at all...and there are of course fantasy implications galore. So read on, my friends. Last night I was at the Knicks game and far, far below me, sitting courtside were Mark Sanchez and Dustin Keller. Think they knew of the trade in the works? The Sanchize must be pleased to have a little extra talent to toss to - while Keller is likely wondering what this will mean for his targets. Rotoworld has done a great job of summarizing the change on the fantasy scene in Trade fallout: Santonio Holmes is Jet . Meanwhile now ex-teammate Ben Roethlisberger has troubles of his own - scope out the details in Despite DA's decision, Roethlisberger may not escape punishment . MMQB takes a good look at the Holmes move and other rumors on the NFL scen

Friday fun: NFL Draft details & fantasy forecasting

This weekend we're heading to a Knicks game - they'll be playing the Heat (one of the few professional sports team names that does not end in you're wondering about the rest right? Make that a fun diversion for a Friday afternoon!) and somehow it took us basically the entire NBA season to make it to a game. Better late than never! I'm sure I'll have football on my mind this weekend though, I mean the draft is now less than 2 weeks away. So onto today's links... has a spectacular 2010 NFL Draft info page - they have all sorts of rumors and notes but also links out to mock drafts and rankings, scouting reports, team needs, and even a handful of interviews. Lots of good stuff here. Also on the draft front, Rotoworld's Evan Silva (one of my favorite draft dudes) reviews some of the big names on the defensive side in Draft 2010: On the Defensive - he notes that Maycock sees roughly 20 of the top 32 picks going to defenders, makin

2010 NFL Draft Prep

This is probably going to get lost in the shuffle of the other links I post below so I'm just going to pull it out and give it a little spotlight here: Brett Favre is a grandfather . He's merely a decade older than I am (he's 40) but I'm just working on baby numero uno. Favre's 21-year-old daughter meanwhile just welcomed a little boy to the world. Gotta say I'm impressed. Middle name? Brett. Moving onto things that are far more relevant to the world of fantasy football... Read Nudge ? If not, I recommend it - and if you need another reason beyond a librarian's endorsement, then check out what one of the authors wrote about the NFL draft in the NY Times: When a First Choice May Not Be the Best Choice . The article includes a link to more insight if you're feeling academic - see the abstract for The Loser's Curse: Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the NFL Draft . When The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab starts to include some real injury

Divisional shenanigans

Well my hometown of D.C. certainly has been busy over the past few days: first they snag Willie Parker to join Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis in the backfield, and tonight Philly trades away McNabb to the Skins for the 37th pick in 2010 and either a 3rd or 4th rounder in 2011. I think this trade might have been concocted entirely by twitter in an effort to get an insane amount of updates going here. Now if only the Redskins could actually put together a decent o-line this year... Let's get right to tonight's links: The Hazean takes a quick look at the fantasy implications in Donovan McNabb Traded to the Redskins . I heart offensive line talk - it just seems like there's never enough. So I've been a fan of Football Outsiders' Offensive Line Continuity Scores - draw your own conclusions but if nothing else, it's one of those interesting little nuggets to feed a football-starved mind in the offseason. Meanwhile if your mind is more on the NFL draft, take

Blooming with 2010 advice

It's all tulips and baby birds out there, my friends. I'm loving the spring weather and have noticed that it even makes me a little less irritated with slow walkers and ambling cell phone chatters. Nice weather solves all NYC sidewalk ills! Now April also brings us football fans something very special...the NFL draft. We're less than 3 weeks away from the first night of the draft. I know, I'm really excited, too. So without further's links: First and foremost, the NFL preseason schedule is up ! are hoping you might be as excited as I am about the preseason and maybe getting jazzed about FF - so take a look at their 47 Early Tips and Storylines to Having 2010 Success for a taste of what's to come.'s Michael Fabiano answers questions about a lot of fantasy players this week including Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, and Frank Gore - scope out this week's fantasy mailbag, McNabb trade would have major implications in f