Monday, April 19, 2010

Scheffler, may the wind be always at your back

Well my favorite Bronco is no longer a Bronco. Goodbye, Tony Scheffler, you'll be missed. Now if I want to watch you I'll have to watch the friend Sam back in Boulder (a Lions fan...perhaps the only one in Colorado?) is probably chuckling over that one. But Scheff went to college at Western Michigan and grew up in the great mitten state, so perhaps this is a bit of a homecoming for Scheff.

Let's start off today's links with some Scheffler thoughts:

  • Anyone paying attention to how poorly McDaniels and Scheffler got along towards the end of the 2009 season is not surprised to see that Scheffler is gone. It's just crazy to think that Scheff, Cutler, and Marshall have all left Colorado what to think about the impact of Scheffler and Ernie Sims heading to new pastures? Turn to Rotoworld's Trade Fallout: Scheffler is a Lion for the fantasy details.
  • For some other highlights on news around the league and of course Peter King commentary, take a look at MMQB's Steelers ready to move forward with Big Ben; mock draft madness.
  • As the draft grows closer, the commentary gets hotter and hotter. I'm really digging the Fifth Down's Five Trades That Need to Happen During the Draft, which is penned by DynastyGuy Sigmund Bloom - great stuff here.
  • The Fantasy Omatic ranks the top 10 RBs for 2010 based on fantasy schedules in Fantasy Top Ten Watch List for NFL Draft - then assesses what could happen with those players/teams during the draft later this week. Gotta be honest, I'm really digging Forsett as a great value grab this year. He's flying pretty low on most radars so far (though that could definitely change) and depending on how things emerge in Seattle this year, Forsett could be a sweet addition to your roster this year.
  • More draft reading material - Rookie Blitz pulls together a bunch of links in their 2010 NFL Draft Viewers Guide. Check it out for some suggestions on places to find live analysis during the draft including some Twitter suggestions. 

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