Friday, April 02, 2010

Blooming with 2010 advice

It's all tulips and baby birds out there, my friends. I'm loving the spring weather and have noticed that it even makes me a little less irritated with slow walkers and ambling cell phone chatters. Nice weather solves all NYC sidewalk ills!

Now April also brings us football fans something very special...the NFL draft. We're less than 3 weeks away from the first night of the draft. I know, I'm really excited, too. So without further's links:

  • First and foremost, the NFL preseason schedule is up!
  • are hoping you might be as excited as I am about the preseason and maybe getting jazzed about FF - so take a look at their 47 Early Tips and Storylines to Having 2010 Success for a taste of what's to come.
  •'s Michael Fabiano answers questions about a lot of fantasy players this week including Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, and Frank Gore - scope out this week's fantasy mailbag, McNabb trade would have major implications in fantasy football, for the details.
  • Something else with implications for this year's fantasy football season? suggests a new rule that defenseless players "cannot be hit without penalty" could increase the number of receptions and completions that we see in the future. Now that should be of particular interest to those in PPR (points per reception) leagues...
  • RapidDraft's part 2 of IDP Sleepers (this time a look at the NFC South) is great read for a Friday afternoon, so get on it!
  • I've never been a huge Marshawn Lynch fantasy fan as though of you who have been around the blog for awhile might remember. Somehow I'm always intrigued by stories about him though - maybe I'm just looking for confirmation that he's not a great pick up in leagues. But if you're in the mood for Marshawn talk, see what has noticed in Where is Marshawn Lynch? He's not with his team.
  • Now I'm pretty sure you guys are going to be really pleased with this link - Fantasy Depth Chart has their 2010 projections up. I think these are the first I've seen that include all positions and are specifically intended for those in PPR leagues. 
  • Two solid post from Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks blog - first up, a look at injury snoozers. I really like some of the names on this list...always some risk but when I see Laurent Robinson's name I get kind of excited - I've now been psyched about him in 2008 and 2009...go for a third year of Laurent Robinson preseason love? I think so. Rotoworld's second piece to check out is Does DeSean Decline?, which is of course related to an increasingly likely McNabb trade and the resulting Kolb to Jackson action.
  • And last but not least, Fantasy Football Maniaxs are cranking out their rankings for next season - so far we've got RBs and QBs with more to come.
Have a great weekend - enjoy your egg hunts and bunny rabbits!

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