Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Prep

This is probably going to get lost in the shuffle of the other links I post below so I'm just going to pull it out and give it a little spotlight here: Brett Favre is a grandfather. He's merely a decade older than I am (he's 40) but I'm just working on baby numero uno. Favre's 21-year-old daughter meanwhile just welcomed a little boy to the world. Gotta say I'm impressed. Middle name? Brett.

Moving onto things that are far more relevant to the world of fantasy football...

  • Read Nudge? If not, I recommend it - and if you need another reason beyond a librarian's endorsement, then check out what one of the authors wrote about the NFL draft in the NY Times: When a First Choice May Not Be the Best Choice. The article includes a link to more insight if you're feeling academic - see the abstract for The Loser's Curse: Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the NFL Draft.
  • When The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab starts to include some real injury updates on incoming rookies, I know the season is finally getting close. Take a look at this week's injury article for updates on guys like Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford, but also dudes like Jonathan Stewart and Mark Sanchez.
  • CBSSports.com assesses the top 12 running backs and 2 best fullbacks in this year's draft. This article is chock full of good stats - details from college and high school as well as combine numbers. Good stuff. 
  • If you're looking for more draft analysis, a clutch place to turn is KFFL's 2010 Draft Central. I'm particularly digging the player spotlights since I'm such a fan of in-depth insights on players, but the mock drafts and rankings are also a nice touch.
  • And lastly, a little something from Hatty today - take a look at his Stock watch: Players on the rise. Obviously there's some McNabb trade fallout here but some other interesting commentary here as well.

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