Friday, April 16, 2010

Draft thoughts with a little fantasy on the side

Greetings fantasy football fans. Happy tax-day-is-behind-us-for-another-364-days. I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the future - finances, our apartment situation, our jobs, family stuff...and of course fantasy football! There's no better time than NFL Draft season for thinking about future, be it how your favorite team is prepping for the long term or how you can prep for the 2010 fantasy season. But brace yourselves - this post is heavy on draft prep and other real world NFL issues. That of course translates to fantasy football, but the number of straight up fantasy analysis articles here are few and far between. That's just the way the cookie crumbles during NFL Draft time...

So let's get to the linkage on this cloudy Friday in NYC:

  • If you're drafting it up in prime time next Thursday night but are hoping to get a little extra commentary as the draft picks tick by, take a look at the various places you'll find the Football Outsiders chatting and blogging next week - FO, NY Times, Yahoo chats next Thursday!
  • Fantasy Depth Chart tackles team needs from all 16 NFC teams in Draft Needs at Fantasy Relevant Positions: NFC.
  • Or take a look at Rotoworld's thoughts on what the NFC West & South need to focus on next week. 
  • Heads up dynasty/keeper league players: provides us with some 2010 Rookie Wide Receiver Profiles - they offer up a dynasty perspective on each of these guys, recommending when you might expect them to go off the board in your dynasty league draft this year. Keep in mind there are a significant variations in dynasty league rules so round number and placement might not be right for you - but the advice sure is helpful. 
  • Now of course I'm not going to let the Marshall trade disappear quietly - the Hazean has Brandon Marshall's Fantasy Value in South Beach; while on the flip side, provides us with Broncos needs: Forgetting Brandon Marshall tip of iceberg.
  • For a look back at historical QB performance based on the career year in which they had their first NFL starting job, see what ESPN has uncovered about the value of patience in Next Level: Worth the Wait.
  • Last but not least, football and Broadway plays can mix! N.F.L. Moves From Gridiron to Stage from the Fifth Down has the details.

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