Friday, April 23, 2010

Round One Wrap-up

I'm hopping on a bus (promise, it's better than it sounds) to Boston this afternoon for an art librarian conference so there's a good chance you won't be hearing from me again until early next week as I library it up all weekend long. There will be lots to take in with all the draft picks flying off the board over the weekend so I definitely recommend you swing by somewhere like Rotoworld, which will give you the news as well as some fantasy analysis. Also, Twitter was blowing up last night with all of the picks coming in - I'm guessing it will probably be a bit quieter tonight but scope out your favorite tweeters or #NFLdraft for all the news.

So let's check out some highlights from today's fantasyland:

  • Fantasy Depth Chart has already updated their Single Season Rankings/Projections to reflect the picks from the first round of the NFL draft. 
  • Rotoworld takes a visual look at each of the 32 picks from last night with thoughts on what that pick might mean for a team, or what kind of capacity we can expect that player to play in this fall. 
  • Ahh, leave it to my Broncos to make the most controversial pick of the first round. Pretty standard for McDaniels. I've already heard from several of you who are interested in my take on the selection of Tebow. My first reaction was a resounding "nooooo!" but the longer I mull it over, the more I feel like he does have a lot to offer. He is one of the best players in college football history and while that doesn't always translate to the NFL, I find it likely that his skill (at some position...) and incredible work ethic will be beneficial to the Broncos. Whether or not he'll be worth the first round pick no longer really matters to me. What's done is done, debating the merits of grabbing Tebow before McCoy (my preference) or Clausen isn't really something I'm interested in doing - I'd rather move on and get going on figuring out how to maximize Tebow's role on the team. That said, read a range of expert thoughts and voice your opinion on this on the Fifth Down's Did Broncos Make Right Call on Tebow?
  • Don't stop watching the draft now - as's Talent still plentiful in second and third rounds notes, there are plenty of incredible players coming to our favorite teams tonight so be sure to tune in. I for one can't wait to see where Northwestern's Corey Wootton goes - it's not every year that my Wildcats produce such great draft-worthy talent!
  • Finally, if you're sick of draft talk, the FFManiaxs take a look at the schedule release from earlier this week and pick out Five Favorable NFL Schedules in 2010 and Five Unfavorable NFL Schedules in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what Denver was thinking. Hopefully for your sake it pans out.

I would have thought they would have added a defensive player with one of those two picks.

Peacock said...

You must not be updating your site because you are probably just laying in bed trying to convince yourself Denver's draft was only a nightmare. I don't think Josh McDaniel's understands how football is played.