Friday, October 31, 2008

Consensus Start/Sits for Week Nine

Here you go, squeezed in just before the Halloween fun begins, I hope...consensus on starts and sits for Week 9. Based on all of the many start or sit links that I've provided this week, here are the players with the most start or sit votes, listed in no particular order.


Start: Kyle Orton, David Garrard, Chad Pennington, Matt Ryan, Marc Bulger
Sit: Derek Anderson, Brett Favre, Jason Campbell, Matt Cassel, Tyler Thigpen

Start: Ronnie Brown, Matt Forte, Earnest Graham, Maurice Jones-Drew, Michael Turner
Sit: Ryan Grant, Jamal Lewis, Cedric Benson, Steve Slaton

Start: Plaxico Burress, Calvin Johnson, Donnie Avery, Kevin Curtis, Devin Hester, Anthony Gonzalez
Sit: Donald Driver, Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, Bobby Engram, Joey Galloway, Randy Moss

Start: Owen Daniels, Zach Miller, Greg Olsen
Sit: Alex Smith, Heath Miller, Kellen Winslow

Start: Stephen Gostkowski, David Akers, Robbie Gould
Sit: Nick Folk, Mason Crosby

Start: Eagles, Giants, Jaguars
Sit: Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks

Start or sit thoughts for Halloween

Happy Halloween, fantasy tricksters. I can't remember the last Halloween that was as warm and sunny as it is in Colorado today - it will be almost 80 today. Weather insanity. And it will still be really pleasant on Sunday when I head to Invesco Field to see the Broncos play the Dolphins. Can't wait.

So here's the start or sit listing for today - I'll be back later this afternoon with my weekly consensus of all the start or sit lists I've linked to, so check back later today for more.

Also, here's a link to my Friday column in the NY Times' Fifth Down blog, Fantasy Football: The Revenge of the Nerd. Also a heads up for those who like to get their fantasy advice via radio, I'll be on Fantasy Gridiron Live Sunday morning - more details on that to come.

Finally, I linked to this article in my Fifth Down post above, but it's so good that it's worthy of noting here, too. A Wall Street Journal's article, Salvaging a Fantasy Football Flatliner, did a bit of a fantasy team makeover using two sites that I love: Accuscore and Sports Data Hub. Interesting stuff!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Afternoon Link Delight

The Thursday content continues to roll out so here are some links to a bunch of quality articles and videos:

  • Starting on the video note, check out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Bye Week Blues video - Hatty lists 5 guys at QB, RB, WR and TE that could fill in nicely for you this week if you're in a pinch. I'm loving Hatty's optimism for Bo Scaife to be a top 5 TE for the week.
  • The Fantasy Sports Forum has their Top Matchups to Exploit: Week 9 post up - I'm debating whether to start MJD or Tim Hightower; both have sweet matchups and while I can't believe I'm considering sitting MJD for Hightower, MJD has just been so up and down this season even against pretty weak run defenses. The FSForum lists both guys as starters so I think I need to research this dilemma a little further...
  • For more matchup exploitation suggestions, see ProFootballWeekly's Week Nine matchups to exploit or avoid - note that since this article was written, news has surfaced that Warrick Dunn's back is still causing troubles for him, so keep that in mind when you read their advice on starting Dunn against the Chiefs. If Dunn can't go though, I imagine Graham will be the poster boy for RBs to start this week.
  • If you're looking for some projections, scope out Fanball's projections by position for Week 9 or FFToday's projections by position.
  • I mentioned on my earlier post for the day that Kyle Orton is a popular pick to start this week - reading the Footballguys Blog, How Bad is the Lions Secondary? Here's How Bad..., only reinforces that suggestion - the blog references a Detroit Free Press article that notes that "Minnesota's Gus Frerotte is the only quarterback the Lions have faced this season who has not set a career-high passer rating against them. All together, opposing quarterbacks have a 118.0 rating against the Lions." Wow. Let me say that again: WOW.
  • Check out the FootballDocs' Start Sit NFL Week 9 report - if you're feeling really stuck with QB byes this week, the Docs suggest going with rookie Joe Flacco who faces an easy opponent in Cleveland.
I'll be back tomorrow with my usual slew of start/sit sites as well as the consensus start or sit listings.

Ryan Grant & the Bowling FFLibrarian

This morning as I walked to my early voting polling place (yea for voting! just had to get that in there) I probably spent far too long contemplating which football player I felt I was most similar to in terms of my recent bowling performance. I'm going with Ryan Grant and here's why. Last year Grant showed us that he had the skills, he could be a top back (no, probably not elite, but still a solid player for your fantasy squad); I, too, have shown promise with some definite flashes of bowling prowess. But this year for Grant there have been questions about what happened to his explosiveness, maybe his injuries have been more daunting than first imagined, maybe his fumblitis is messing with his psyche, maybe the o-line is the real problem? As for me, my bowling skills have tanked over the past few weeks and I've been blaming everything from a blister on my foot to the bowling alley ball. But I think there's hope at the end of the tunnel for Grant and this bowling librarian. Every once in awhile Grant looks pretty good again - before the bye he was able to get chunks of yardage and finally scored a TD...and as for me, I'm coming back, baby. No, last night was not the panacea I was looking for but I at least hit a few strikes and that wicked left spin I had acquired was non-existent. So I think both Grant's mediocre performance on the field and mine on the bowling alley have an end in sight. Grant has some really tough matchups ahead though so don't bank on Grant to pick things up until maybe mid-November. Same could be said for me...sadly.

And now one more sidebar before we get to today's links: kudos to the Phillies, Phillies fans and of course my distant buddy Eric Bruntlett, who is now my favorite baseball player. I let out a cheer for Bruntlett in the bowling alley as he ran in yet again last night.

But let's move on to fantasy football. Seems to me like a lot of injured starters are getting healthy again this week...

  • Rotoworld's Football Daily Dose: Andre the Giant reviews some of the latest fantasy football news and note that there's a live chat this afternoon at 3:00 eastern if you're in need of some advice.
  • RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Nine - check out all the young talent listed in the WRs to start list: Avery, Gonzalez, Breaston...very interesting.
  • FFGoat's Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks Week 9 lists Kyle Orton as a QB to start - I'm seeing Orton on a lot of start lists already so if you've got Orton, consider plugging him into your lineup as he faces the not-so-mighty Lions this week.
  • By the way, if anyone out there feels like they're having a bad day at work, be grateful that you're not Darren McFadden who has turf toe on both feet. I mean how daunting is that? The injury is hardly contagious so McFadden is just battling some tough luck right now. Look down at your toes and give thanks, I say.
  • Finally, my column for the Bruno Boys is up, Second Half Handcuffs, and let's just say I dared to mention Daunte Culpepper.
I have a meeting to run to but if I can find time to get a few more start/sits up this afternoon I will!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid-week fantasy updates

I can't help but feel for Taylor Mehlhaff - if you knew that by missing an extra point you would be fired, wouldn't you want that missed kick back with every ounce of your being? I mean sure, missing an extra point is egregious in the world of kicking but the guy hasn't been a disaster; he had made three of four field goal attempts and nine of ten extra points. I imagine there must've been something else going on there (maybe kickoffs?) since it just seems unnecessarily harsh to boot a guy after one missed extra point.

Or maybe I'm just sensitive since it's bowling night and I fear my bowling team might send me packing if I don't get my act together. The woman who was originally on the team who injured her hand and thus led to my participation is now back. Since I've played with the team for a month though we're going to do a rotation that includes both of us - so I've gotta bring my A-game tonight before I go on a bowling bye for a week or two.

Anyway, back to football...lots of links to post today:

  • One of my faves, RotoExperts' Waiver Wire Tips: The Pickup Artist - I'm loving the Derrick Ward suggestion here - I just snagged him in a league where I'm desperate for RBs (oh yeah, the league where I had to choose between starting Norwood or Pierre Thomas last week) so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.
  • KFFL's Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 9 - in case the bye week in Chicago made you forget about Greg Olsen, here's your reminder to go grab him if you need a TE. He's a solid player with a decent schedule - an excellent combo.
  •'s IDP Zone, which is written by Matt Schauf, probably my all-time favorite IDP columnist, does a great job at focusing on some of the hot and cold IDPs as well as some sleeper picks for the week.
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List Week 9 - I have to say that I don't agree with the call to bench Pennington against the Broncos this weekend. Sure, the Dolphins will be able to run the heck out of the ball but Pennington has been sharp and the Broncos have the 28th ranked pass defense; so why is Pennington a bad move here really?
  • The FFJungle's Week 9 Waiver Wire - I haven't scoped out the Jungle in awhile and I'm liking what I see...especially since they have a little love for Pennington (wait, why am I pulling for the QB going up against my Broncos this week?). The FFJungle also has player rankings up by position - here's their QB ranking but you can get to all of the other player rankings off this page.
  • As always, the FFManiaxs are impressive with their links to both offensive waiver wire advice and IDP waiver wire advice. With many IDPs hit by the water pills incident, I imagine there might be a handful of you out there (including me, thanks Will Smith) in search of IDPs for future weeks. Check out the Maniaxs article for some IDP wisdom.
  • Accuscore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders: Week Nine - I apparently have a weather addiction that is similar to Tim Williams' grandmother. Awesome. But beyond that there's quality waiver advice in here so have at it.
Wish me luck tonight at bowling!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tough reality football season

Greetings fantasy footballers, welcome to Tuesday. It has been a rough reality football season in my house lately - the Broncos fell apart last week; my Northwestern Wildcats lost to Indiana (what?!) while injuring their top two players; my husband's Tennessee Vols are a shadow of their former selves; and his Colts just lost a tough, tough game last night. Sad times for us in Boulder. I've reminded my husband that at least he's 8-0 in one of our FF leagues (I don't know anyone else in any of my 7 leagues that is 8-0 by the way; seems like more a rarity this year than usual) and I'm 7-1. He's more of a reality football than a fantasy football kind of guy though so I think that didn't help his spirits a whole lot. Fortunately my football sorrows can be assuaged by those sorts of comments so now I am focusing my energy on my fantasy teams. And my bowling form, don't you worry...

Check out today's links, which are chock full o' waiver advice and other sweet nuggets of fantasy wisdom:

  • First, I've noticed that the amount of links I provide to Rotoworld has dropped off - I wonder if this is my way of subconsciously not posting some of my favorite content so that my league competitors won't read it. My apologies - Rotoworld is consistently one of my top sites so here's a little RW love. They should have a waiver wire article up later today but in the meantime, I was scoping out the news in their headlines section that Daunte Culpepper has turned down a visit with the Chiefs for a "better opportunity with another team" - I of course have been thinking about which other team this might be...will The Pep surface somewhere after all or is this all talk? The 49ers have a special QB mess, Seattle is scraping by with Seneca, Denver needs a new backup QB, Dallas has been talking of benching Johnson...where could The Pep go?! And do I care way too much about this?
  • SportingNews' Wire: Tricks or treats (I'm keeping a tally of how many FF columns this week dip into the Halloween well for their headlines and such; current count: only 1) - I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my husband started Leon Washington last week. That brilliant move gave him an ungodly amount of points and was out of complete desperation on his part. Gotta love that kind of stuff that happens once a season if you're lucky. Anyway, Washington is on the waiver list here and I am just so confused by Thomas Jones right now that I guess I might as well encourage you all to grab Washington, too, thanks to the fairly lax rush schedule for the Jets.
  • More waiver wire advice this week from Fantasy Sharks' Week Nine Waiver Wire Pickups - Kevin Walter and I have been miscommunicating all season about his fantasy abilities but with Schaub so en fuego right now I think you absolutely should be getting Walter ready to go in your lineup.
  • How many times can I say I told you so about Matt Ryan before you all start dreading reading my posts in case I mention that Ryan guy yet again? I guess I haven't been pimping him all season like smarty pants Brandon Funston from Yahoo, so that should be reason enough for you to scope out his NFL Skinny: It's now time for waiver wire advice and trade thoughts.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is back and completely hatless. Hat or no hat, the waiver wire advice here is worth your time.
  • And don't think it ends with waiver wire advice - oh no, the FF Maniaxs have their start/sit for Week 9 ready to roll. Gotta love the early prep from the Maniaxs.
Tomorrow there will be more waiver advice, more start/sit advice, more of everything. But it might be an afternoon post, my friends. I have back-to-back meetings until 1:00 mountain time and as much as I want to wake up in the pitch black to post about FF (seriously, this late time change thing is really sapping my will to get out of bed in the morning), I probably won't get your fantasy fix out until later in the day.

Happy Tuesday and enjoy the remainder of the Phillies v Rays game!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pink Starburst = awesome trade

With Halloween quickly approaching, last night we made our candy purchase for trick or treaters. We went with the monster bag of Starbursts and Skittles (btw, it is impossible to find a reasonably sized bag of candy for those of us who have about 6 trick or treaters max), which involves little packages of two Starbursts at a time - perfect for the snacker needing a quick sugar hit; not so perfect for me, the Starburst eater who really just wants the pink Starburst. I'd really rather not waste my time on the yellow, orange and red Starbursts, so when I've hit the double pink package, I feel like I've won a tiny lottery. In fact, in the past my husband has been known to open up a double pink package and trade me those two gems for about 17 Starbursts of different flavors. With fantasy trade deadlines on the horizon, this of course makes me think about fantasy football. Seriously, is there anything that doesn't make me think of FF? I would implore you all to think about finding that pink Starburst in your league and to trade out a bunch of your low-level yellow Starburst-esque players to grab a gem that might have a big impact on your run for the playoffs. Hatty Waiver Wire Guru already posted a video last week on possible trades you could make and I know there are other articles of this ilk on their way. I'll keep you posted!

Onto waiver wire thoughts, injury news and other NFL updates:

  • Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - it's official. Donnie Avery shall no longer be ignored - he is a legit threat. Bulger's 69-yard pass to Avery was the longest of Bulger's career. Um, is Bulger salivating at the thought of playing with Avery or what? I can't help but wonder if this could have been a very different game if SJax was playing...
  • Check out the Goat's waiver wire advice in his weekly FF Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 9 article - the Goat shows a little love for Billy Miller and I should probably point out that Scott Engel nailed the Miller call on yesterday morning's RotoExperts radio show.
  • What kind of an awesome world do we live in when a presidential candidate knows his fantasy football stuff? The Hazean lead me to this article on Obama's participation in a week of fantasy football management with Rick Reilly. Not trying to get in a political discussion here whatsoever but this is so rad with "'Man, this is more important than politics!' he insisted. 'This is football!'" being my favorite line of the article. Exactly.
  • Check out Football Outsiders' Audibles at the Line: Week 8 for an entertaining and informational look at any games you might have missed this weekend.
  • FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders: Week 8 ponders the Ted Ginn Jr pickup and other waiver wire options.
  • FootballDocs have their Week 9 Pick-up/Drop Advice filled to the brim with helpful notes. If you're in need of a TE, check out Witten's replacement, Martellus Bennett, in case Witten misses any time with injured ribs.
I will be watching the MNF game tonight of course, but checking on the World Series as well. Did anyone happen to notice yet again how awesome Eric Bruntlett is over the weekend? I've already talked on the blog about how this distant friend of mine has played well for the Phillies but he's been solid lately with a homerun and a game winning run.

p.s. I was totally right on Matt Ryan being a solid starter this week...if he can play that well against Philly, what does that Oakland, New Orleans and Denver, which are Atlanta's next three games?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

FFL on RotoExperts radio show!

The RotoExperts' RotoRadio show starts at 11 am eastern and I will be on as their guest starting around 11:15. So give it a listen and send or call in any questions that you might have about starts and sits for the week. Or really anything else fantasy football related.

Good luck today!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Consensus Start or Sit for Week 8 - and the FFLibrarian back on the radio!

I've found a few more sites with start/sit suggestions to add to the list:

I've looked at 16 start or sit advice sites that I've linked to throughout the week and done a tally of those players that are most frequently mentioned. They are as follows, in no particular order:


Start: Matt Schaub, Jake Delhomme, Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell, Jeff Garcia
Sit: Eli Manning, David Garrard, Matt Ryan, Brad Johnson, Marc Bulger

Start: Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, LenDale White
Sit: Darren McFaden/Fargas, Brandon Jacobs, Willie Parker, Dominic Rhodes, Michael Turner

Start: Lee Evans, Randy Moss, Santana Moss, Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Antonio Bryant, Marques Colston
Sit: Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Steve Breaston, Roddy White, Roy Williams

Start: Owen Daniels, Chris Cooley, Jeremy Shockey, Todd Heap, L.J. Smith
Sit: John Carlson, Anthony Fasano, Heath Miller, Zach Miller

Start: Rob Bironas, Joe Nedney
Sit: Adam Vinatieri, Josh Brown

Start: Jets, Pats, Skins, Jags, Texans
Sit: Chargers, Cardinals, Seahawks

Finally, this isn't a start/sit link but check out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's latest video for suggestions on trade targets that you might want to think about - and the kind of trade bait that might be required.

This isn't the last you'll hear of me this weekend - I'll be on the Scott Engel Radio Show from RotoExperts live on Sunday morning starting at 11:15 eastern. I don't have the exact link but try this out and look for Who Do You Love? Starts and Sits on 10/26.

Week 8 Start/Sit Advice

There are a couple of sites that don't have their start/sit advice up quite yet, so when those are available I'll do my weekly tally of which guys are listed most frequently for start or sit and will post again later today.

In the meantime, if you need more reading material, check out my column for the Fifth Down this week, Fantasy Football, the Film.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Motivational bowling speech anyone?

My bowling performance last night was an unmitigated disaster. The only way to truly describe my actions would be very un-family friendly so instead just use your imagination. Think Denver Broncos on Monday Night - it was that bad. The worst part is, I don't even have an explanation other than the freaky left spin on the ball I've developed, but I think I'd need to see a bowling technique expert to get that ironed out. I need a motivational bowling speech, I think. I've busted out the Any Given Sunday "Inch by Inch" speech but now I'm just psyched for football to start this weekend. So any motivational speeches that will inspire me to bowling greatness next Wednesday are much appreciated.

In the meantime, there are fantasy football challenges to be won, playoffs to be reached. So let's take a look at a few of my favorite articles for the week:

  • Oh the starts and sits are rolling in my friends - try on RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Eight for size and see how you feel about their suggestion of starting Peyton. It only leaves me even more flummoxed about my Peyton Manning vs Jason Campbell decision. And for the record, I'm starting Matt Ryan this week against the Eagles. Yes, I realize how crazy that might sound to some of you, and no, I won't encourage any of the rest of you to follow suit. But I think my Ryan experiment might not be as bad as we all assume...we shall see.
  • Apropos to nothing, an acoustic version of Bush's Glycerine just came on my Pandora radio station (please, for the love, go check out Pandora if you're at all a music fan; I think I have it on for about 90% of the work day) - I had forgotten how awesome this song is. And now I'm suddenly transported back to high school. If you have no interest in my trip down memory lane via Glycerine then scope out ProFootballWeekly's 10 Most Intriguing Players of Week Eight.
  • The Mac Bros are slowly posting their Week 8 rankings - they have their QBs up and should have the rest up by the weekend.
  • FFXtreme's Week 8 - On the Rise, On the Decline encourages us to hang onto Gore (or get your hands on in him in a trade) since he'll have a sweet end of the season; I wholeheartedly agree with Smitty on that. But then again, I'm a really big Frank Gore fan.
  • Football Jabber takes a look at 10 Fantasy Studs and 10 Fantasy Duds from the first half of the season. Which leads me to my Mid-Season Report Cards that I'll be putting together on the preseason fantasy football rankings from experts. I'll be basing the numbers off of performances through Week 8 and then might need a week or two to get all of the analysis complete. But keep your eyes open for it!
Lots more starts/sits to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An abundance of advice...and staring at Excel

I think my brain is only half-functioning this morning. It could be the wintry temps here in Boulder or it could be the fact that I was staring at an Excel doc for way too long last night - my husband is finishing up a PhD in the spring and is applying for jobs likely researching/teaching at a university for next fall. I'm helping him track all of the job openings because, get this, there are already 180 jobs that fit his parameters. Can you imagine that?! It's stunning really. So I'm dusting off some of my old mail merge and label-making skills to give him a hand. Unfortunately both my eyes and brain glazed over by the end of the night and I'm not sure I've recovered yet. If I don't finish sentences or have improper grammar (no!) don't be surprised. Fortunately, there's a lot of good material out there. Waiver wire articles abound...

  • Oh the Maniaxs. Despite their improbable spelling of maniacs, every week they pull through with some waiver advice for offensive players and IDPs. It's probably the X in Maniaxs that gives them their edge, no? And I love the dedication to IDPs, thanks Maniaxs.
  • As always, The Talented Mr. Roto made my morning a little more entertaining. Check out his pickups of the week, which includes guys like Nate Washington and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. I'm so on board with the BenJarvusness here, as you'll see in my A Librarian's Touch column for the Bruno Boys.
  • Sports Buff's Week 8 Waiver Wire is like a two-for-one deal; not only do you have waiver wire tips (more BenJarvus!) but they also include some buy and sell advice for trades.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Bye Week Blues video is up for the week with 20 suggestions for the Week 8 byes. By the way, I like Hatty's enthusiasm for Josh Morgan and when Hatty thinks someone is hot, he's usually right on.
  • Accuscore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders: Week Eight - the Accuscore simulator has the Seattle defense getting 3+ sacks and 3 turnovers in their matchup with SF this weekend. I'm kind of digging the SF defense this week so I'm intrigued with how this might play out.
  • Fighting Chance Fantasy has some start/sit advice up already - check out their Who to Start, Who to Sit for pearls of wisdom. Or try the Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List for Week 8, which points out a fact that had somehow escaped me: Jason Campbell hasn't thrown an interception yet this season. Go Skins! I'm SO tempted to start him over Peyton this week...this decision is really getting to me...
I'm off to my bowling league tonight - I gotta be honest, I'm sweating tonight big time. With my monstrous 150 game last week, I've really moved my average up. Can I keep it up this week?? In an unfortunate turn of events though, thanks to my ongoing efforts to have toned arms for my sister's wedding in a few weeks (yes, sadly I care about such things), I am battling some sore upper arm and chest muscles today - so hopefully I won't be a total spaz on the ol' alley tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recovering from a football disaster

I've been postponing my blog for today because I just can't stand to type these words: the Broncos looked awful last night. What a disaster. Ugliest game I've seen in a long time. However, and I might be a little overly optimistic here, but at least it pretty much has to get better from here. Give the Broncos a little time to recover and hopefully not dwell too much on the absolute mess of a game they played last night...and they'll be a better team for it come Week 9.

Now from a fantasy perspective, going into last night's game I was pretty sure I would be 6-1 for the week in my 7 fantasy leagues. The Cutler disaster ravished my teams though and I lost by 0.21 points in one league and 1 point in another. At least in a 3rd league I won by the skin of my teeth (0.9 points) and I ended up going 4-3 for the week. Let's take a look at some waiver wire and pickup advice for Week 8:

  • Gregg Rosenthal's Pancake Blocks blog has a list of waiver adds in Updated Waiver Picks - keep in mind that a lot of these guys are really only for those in deep leagues.
  • FFGeekBlog's The Wire: Waiver wire pickups for Week 8, 2008 - I really like the suggestion of Josh Morgan for those in keeper leagues. I've gotta wonder though if the loss of Mike Nolan will mean a tough week for the 49ers. I know Marc from Bruno Boys is a Niners fan, so I'm off to go scope out the Bruno Boys site for any insight...
  • Check out CBS Sports' Waiver Wire: Are you running on empty? for thoughts on why Aaron Stecker might be a decent RB pickup with Bush out for 3 weeks - and of course other waiver wire inspiration.
  • KFFL has their Week 8 sleepers and Week 8 busts articles up for your review - and thus begins the great Jake Delhomme success story; except for the Week 9 bye, Delhomme should put up some really solid numbers over the next month as he's facing Arizona, Oakland, Detroit and Atlanta. Oh and Denver and New Orleans, too. That's sizzling.
  • Also check out FFToolbox's Week 8: Pickups of the Week for reasons to plug guys like Kevin Curtis, Joey Galloway and David Akers (yes, a kicker was mentioned!) into your lineup.
And finally, FFManiaxs already has their Start/Sit advice up for Week 8 - is it sad that I'm considering starting Campbell against Detroit over Peyton against the Titans? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Granted, Tennessee and Peyton haven't meshed well in the past but still...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Denver vs. New England Showdown

I love a Monday Night Football game that involves the Broncos. And it's even better now that I've spent a long weekend with my sister and her fiance who are Pats fans; guaranteed I'll be texting some trash talk their way when the Broncos start scoring big. Speaking of teams that scored big - um, my Northwestern Wildcats thrashed Purdue this weekend. Nice! We are already bowl eligible; this is a crazy, mixed-up world that I'm not used to when Northwestern is bowl eligible in mid-October.

But back to fantasy football. I might actually pull out a win in the league where I'm 0-6. I don't want to jinx it but if everything goes well, I should be 1-6 by tonight; sad that that makes me happy. I do have Sammy Morris and Wes Welker in that league so I'll be pulling for a big mess of scores tonight that somehow still ends in a Broncos victory...

I know many of you are trying to figure out what to do with some remaining bye week holes in your lineup, so read up on this week's waiver advice for some ideas:

  • FootballDocs' Week 8 Pick-up/Drop Advice - if you need some help at WR, take a chance on Donnie Avery or Josh Morgan, both of whom had fairly solid yardage and a TD this past week. Avery's production in particular has been impressing me for a little while now so I say jump on the chance to get Avery now.
  • Fantasy Football Goat's Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 8 - the Goat throws out another possible WR name for us: Mike Furrey. With Roy Williams gone, Furrey might see his number increasing big time over the next few weeks.
  • The Fantasy Football Report has some Pickups for Week 8 up - I've gotta tell you though, I just can't endorse grabbing Ahman Green. Slaton has been doing a great job and Green is an injury machine. I know he had an okay day yesterday, but he was playing Detroit. Let me say that again, he was playing DETROIT. Don't grab Green unless you are in a 16-team league with some serious FFers...and then your life is pretty tough anyway so you're used to grabbing the Greens of the world, eh?
  • I heart Mewelde Moore. Ever since he helped me out in a pinch during my early fantasy years (back when he was a Viking), I've always had a soft place in my heart for Mewelde. Plus his name is so much cooler than mine - Mewelde or Sara? - Mewelde wins in a coolness contest every time. Moore is going to be a waiver wire must-have this week and is listed on the Bruno Boys' Waiver Wire article this week.
  • Can you think of anything worse than one of your players planning a visit to see Dr. James Andrews? I mean if that's not the kiss of death for a fantasy team, then I don't know what is. So now that Reggie Bush will be missing the London game and perhaps then some to see Dr. Andrews, Deuce makes it back to waiver wire articles. Check out's McAllister to see more carries for Saints; Mason a solid addition for reasons to grab Deuce and 9 other fantasy gems.
  • Finally, Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 8 video is up and ready for your review - sidebar: I swear this is another new hat for Hatty. But don't focus on the hat, focus on the great advice. If you're in need of a TE, note that Hatty suggests snagging Robert Royal.
I'll be back with more tomorrow - and get this, I am not traveling anywhere this weekend. It's a miracle. First time since September, I think. Of course I'll be back on a plane for my sister's wedding in just over 3 weeks but for now I'm going to really enjoy being at home.

Go Broncos!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 7 Consensus Start/Sit Suggestions

Holla fantasy fans. Here are the consensus start or sit picks based on advice from 16 fantasy football experts that I linked to over the past few days - in no particular order, these players are the ones with the most start or sit votes from the experts.

Start: Matt Schaub, Brad Johnson (though he also had a few sit votes), Trent Edwards, Jake Delhomme
Sit: Jason Campbell, J.T. O'Sullivan, Chad Pennington

Start: Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, Sammy Morris, Ryan Grant
Sit: Willis McGahee, Ronnie Brown, Julius Jones, Jamal Lewis

Start: Lee Evans, Bernard Berrian, Torry Holt, Derrick Mason, Randy Moss, Wes Welker
Sit: Dwayne Bowe, Devery Henderson, Bobby Engram, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lance Moore, Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco

Start: Owen Daniels, Zach Miller
Sit: John Carlson, Todd Heap, Tony Gonzalez, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith

Start: Josh Brown, Kris Brown, Matt Bryant, John Kasay, Rob Bironas, Lawrence Tynes
Sit: Jason Hanson

Start: Texans, Dolphins, Bucs
Sit: Cowboys, Bills, Packers, Panthers

Okay, time to get a good night's sleep - I have a full day tomorrow involving breakfast at Bob Evans, a trip to a botanical garden and a 90th birthday party. There's a wedding reception at the same locale as the 90th bday party and my sister's fiance has wagered that we can wind our way onto their dance floor and that he'll end the night by getting his picture taken with the bride from that wedding...we shall see. Let's hope there's time to watch my Northwestern Wildcats beat up on Purdue (sorry, Raz).

Start/Sit list for Week 7 and IDP advice

Here's a short & sweet look at the Week 7 start and sit recommendations out there. Remember that the FFNerd is out there, gathering an average of starts/sits if you're looking for one-stop shopping. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll be posting my consensus starts/sits, too, based on the links I've provided this week.

Not a start/sit column, but here's a link to my weekly article from the NY Times, Fantasy Football: Wisdom of Elders.

And some IDP advice coming at you from:
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs' Week 7 IDP Start/Sit - I feel a little giddy when I read Sean Haugh's advice on IDPs; he makes me a better fantasy player. I'm not sure I can say that about more than a handful of writers/sites; sure, a lot of sites have solid advice but I feel like I actually learn something when I read Haugh's IDP articles. I'm sure a lot of that is my IDP learning curve but if you play in an IDP league, please read Haugh on a weekly basis. Unless you're in my leagues and then please stop.
  • Fantasy Sharks' The Hive
  • FFToday's IDP Notes, Week 7
  • KFFL's IDP: Fantasy Football Sleepers of Week 7

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just play Houston guys and other start/sit advice

Greetings from Grand Rapids. I'm enjoying the Red Sox v. Rays game with some of my family after a rocking 90th birthday dinner for my grandpa. But don't think the birthday dinners stop here - there's another dinner tomorrow night and then a party on Saturday night, which will involve 47 people. It's clear my grandparents are the most popular people I know. I mean 47 people?! That's incredibly impressive for a 90th birthday.

Anyway, thanks for being patient with the links for today. Read on for some of the excellent start and sits out there - I'll be back with more tomorrow afternoon as well as my consensus start/sit list.

  •'s Start 'em/Bench 'Em Report is precisely the place to go if you're looking for a thorough analysis of each game and the players you should be starting and sitting. This (as always) impressively addresses each matchup.
  • Kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of thoroughness is Ask the Commish's Sit or Start. If you sign up for their premium services though there are apparently 80 dudes analyzed for their startability. But I do like ATC's advice and think it's definitely a worthwhile stopping point even though there are just a small number of guys listed here for free.
  • Can you believe that the Indy defense has only allowed 1 passing TD all season? I'm stunned (though honestly haven't actually seen the Colts in action a whole lot). That's impressive, Indy D! Nicely done. Read up on that and other excellent nuggets in SI's NFL fantasy start 'em, sit 'em.
  • My poor Broncos have the worst pass defense in the league, so if you're starting Randy Moss, as's Start 'em or Sit 'em - Favre has great matchup in Oakland; RB Jones a risk vs. Bucs points out, you might just have a very successful Monday night. By the way, check out Julius Jones' hair in his photo here - is it just me or does he have a serious cone shape going on? Did I miss a cone hair phenomenon or what? Now the word cone makes me think of last night when I won an ice cream cone from my bowling team for beating my weekly bowling average. In fact, it was a legendary night - get this, I bowled a 150. That's not a typo, my friends, I'm on fire.
  • I hear one QB strategy is just to find whichever QB is playing Detroit and start him. Hell, start any RB or WR who is facing Detroit, too. The RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Seven shows a little love for Matt Schaub who is facing the Lions this week and likely to post a third strong showing in a row.
  • This anti-Lions trend continues in FFGoat's Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks - the Goat supports starting both Schaub and notes that the Houston D might just have a laudable game on Sunday.
  • What Does 5-0 Mean is exactly what the Ultimate FF Strategy has asked and USA Today referenced in an article today. If you're a Titans fan or just curious about the Titans' season, check it out.
  • Finally, here's my column for the Bruno Boys this week - Finding that Cake Schedule where I name a few guys that are available on some of my waiver wires that could be worth a grab.
So as noted, I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with more - and if you e-mailed a lineup question my way, I will get back to you but it might take a day or so!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiver advice and Hulk tattoos

So I'm gearing up for my final trip during what I'm what I'm referring to as Sara's Month of Excellent Adventures - on this trip I'll sadly be back in coach but have my husband's company to keep me entertained as we head to good ol' Grand Rapids, Michigan, for that 90th birthday extravaganza I mentioned. I'm probably cursing myself by saying this, but of my three trips in the past month so far, every single flight has been on time or early. Can I keep the streak alive?!

Speaking of keeping streaks alive, I've got a bit of a winning thing going on in one league with some other fantasy football industry folks (5-1 baby!) but have a few bye holes to plug up - so let's take a look at some of the waiver wire suggestions and start/sit advice out there:

  • The RotoExperts' Waiver Wire Tips: The Pickup Artist article takes some serious creativity. Read it for its entertainment value (though I can't actually recommend you use any of the pickup lines involved) but really read it for its sage waiver advice.
  • In case you forgot that rookie Chris Johnson is awesome, his game against KC this weekend will be a sweet reminder. Don't let him ride the pine - this is a prime opportunity for him to put up solid numbers. But don't just trust me on this one - FFToolbox includes him in their Week 7: Sleepers of the Week article along with gems like Jeff Garcia and Sammy Morris.
  • Remember a few days ago how I said I'd put my thinking cap on and come up with some Romo replacements? Yeah well fortunately for me, there are brilliant people out there who have done this work already, like Fantasy Football Views. Check out Alternatives for Romo Owners for info on the 11 QBs that could be considered possibilities.
  • Next, a lot of you have commented on how much you've liked the Hatty Waiver Wire videos - you're in luck, Hatty is back with more in yet another new hat. This time he brings us the Bye Week Blues Week 7 - a list of the 5 QBs, 5 RBs, 5 WRs and 5 TEs that you can start this week if you've got some bye holes like me.
  • More waiver wire suggestions come from's Wire: Upsets and upstarts - note the inclusion of Ryan Torain here. I don't have any Denver insider news to inform me on this but Shanahan has a small lovefest for Torain; don't let him ride the waivers too long - he'll be playing by Week 9 and making waves.
  • So last night we went over to a friend's house for a little BBQ - we brought Airheads with us since they're a favorite candy of the host (the clerk at the grocery store definitely said, "does anyone still eat Airheads?" to us and then proceeded to find the expiration date on the packaging to assure us that they hadn't been sitting in the candy aisle for a few years (they had an expiration of 2010, which certainly leads to the question: can an Airhead really expire??). But we could have just looked at the Incredible Hulk logo that was emblazoned on the wrapper and figured out that it was a recent piece of candy considering the Incredible Hulk isn't even out in theatres yet (update: I'm an idiot when it comes to movies - never trust my judgment whatsoever since I have just illustrated I have no clue what I'm talking about - the Hulk DVD isn't out yet and apparently that's all I've paid attention to; the Hulk movie came out this summer as bigboid so kindly pointed out in the comments. This makes the Airheads only oh, several months old and this is why I don't have a fantasy movies librarian website.). So when we finally busted into the Airheads, there's a Hulk tattoo in there - I have never seen a grown man so excited about a Hulk tattoo as my friend James. It was phenomenal. I won't go into great detail though about how he didn't actually read the tattoo instructions and incorrectly attempted to apply the tattoo to his calf, resulting in a total lack of tattoo-ness. Now I know to save up all the temporary tattoos I come across and give them to James. Anyway, all of that is a lead up to a Fantasy Hulks article, which has nothing to do with tattoos but a little something to do with the Hulk. And a lot to do with waviers - Waiver World: Week 6.
  • The first start/bench article I've seen for the week comes from Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List - Week 7. While most of the fantasy world has been clambering for Dominic Rhodes (as well you should be, Addai owners) off of waivers, the Sharks suggest he might not be start-worthy.
Remember - I'll be traveling again tomorrow (Thursday) so it will be late afternoon before I get a post up with starts and sits. But later today I hope to get an update posted on the FFLibrarian's Challenge winners from the NBC Sports $100K Challenge. And if you're bummed you're not in on that fun, don't worry - I'll be doing a whole new challenge for the playoffs in January, which are frighteningly not that far off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am a fantasy windshield

I grew up in northern Virginia and used to try to work my but-I'm-still-south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line roots by listening to country. Didn't work, my true southerner husband laughs if I claim I'm from the south but I will still listen to country when the mood strikes. So last night I beat my good friend Pat in one league by 0.14 points (brilliant!) and kept thinking about Mary Chapin Carpenter's song with the line "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug" in it...I was totally the windshield last night - I don't think I have ever won by such a small margin. However if you found yourself on the losing end of a fantasy matchup this weekend, take solace in the fact that you're not alone: I am now 0-6 in one league. Horrific, no? It's an absolute disaster of a league for me. The Gridiron blog has some humorous thoughts in Fantasy Woes that I think we can probably all relate to on some level.

Anyway, in addition to watching the MNF game last night, there was also a small baseball battle going on in our house. My sister's good college friend's husband (follow that?), Eric Bruntlett, plays for the Phillies. My husband is a Dodgers fan so while he was pulling for the Dodgers to win last night while I was pulling for Eric to do well, which by default would mean good things for the Phillies. So congrats to Phillies fans and Eric Bruntlett fans - and here's to another game, Dodgers fans. Now let's discuss some waiver wire options out there:

  • One of the reasons I really dig the weekly Hatty Waiver Wire Guru videos is that he always comes up with some random dude that I've barely paid any attention to - this week's prime example: Bobby Wade. I've already stated my lack of interest in Bernard Berrian so I guess I must have a block on Minnesota receivers in general.
  • Check out the FFGeekBlog's The Wire for more advice on pickups for the week. I think Sammy Morris is worth more than a desperation pick, but the Geeks are of course right that the Pats offense is leaving something to be desired here...
  • Catch up on some general fantasy and NFL news in CBS' Fantasy & Reality: Dy-NASTY - I must admit that I just picked up Chad Pennington as my bye week fill-in for Cutler in one league and was pleased to see him listed as a QB to consider for the rest of the fantasy season (along with Jake Delhomme and Trent Edwards). And in fact, for more QB advice, read CBS' Wavier Wire: Health crisis at quarterback.
  • KFFL already has their sleepers and busts up for Week 7 - gotta love seeing the Broncos D listed as a potential sleeper for the week, while on the flip side both Tampa Bay and Baltimore are listed as busts.
  • I have it on good authority that FFToday's Through the Wire will be up very shortly - you'll want to check back for this pup since it's one of the best waiver wire articles out there.
  • I think Adrian Peterson's value is in sync with the stock market - if there was ever a time to buy low on AD, this is it. The Hazean hashes this out a bit in his Buy or sell: Adrian Peterson article.
All for now - more quality links tomorrow. And I'll be sure to update the Through the Wire article when it's live. Happy waivering.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Romo out for 4 weeks

I'm sure you're seeing this in a bunch of places but this is big news, so let's just double up, shall we? Tony Romo is out for four weeks with a broken right pinkie finger. Damn the pinkie.

I'll look at schedules and start putting my thinking cap on for QBs you might want to snag to replace him for the next few weeks...

Going from hot to cold

Hey remember how I was complaining about the humidity of south Florida a few days ago? Yeah well Mother Nature has had her way with me - I stepped off the plane last night in Colorado to a light dusting of snow and temps in the upper 30s. I mean, what just happened? Gotta love it. Except when you're oh say a Randy Moss owner and you're watching Moss go from red hot and humid last season to cold and snowy this year. I don't think the numbers he put up last night are indicative of the rest of the season, but the Moss of 2007 has officially left the building.

Not that I actually got to see that game or anything more than a few highlights, though I did watch more football yesterday than I was expecting to see - the Dallas v. Arizona game was even on in the airport and I had my iPhone working furiously to get me the Denver game updates. Some crazy stuff went down in the 4th quarter of games yesterday - if you missed anything, not to fear. Lots of sites out there have some solid recaps, so let's catch up:

  • Football Outsiders' Audibles at the Line - Week 6 - always one of my favorite ways of catching up on the weekend's games.
  • Yahoo's Andy Behrens has a solid Sunday Scene, Week 6: When Shockey and Colston return, Drew Brees might just be OK that recaps a lot of highlights from the weekend.
  • Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - Week 6 - what the heck happened to Earnest Graham? Did I miss something in Tampa or are the rest of you equally surprised by Dunn's rise to RB Awesomeness? Let's also discuss Cutler being listed "on the fall" here - I'm probably just being overprotective of my QB but of course he's not going to do as well with Royal, Scheff and Young out - I'm fine with seeing him on the "fall" list but I do think chalking some of it up to the lack of healthy receivers/starters should have been noted here.
  • FFGoat has his FF Sleepers and Waiver Wire Watch for Week 7 up - so for the first time this season I actually watched Matt Ryan play. The dude was impressive. I'll be honest, I scampered off to the waiver wire yesterday to try and grab him while Cutler is on bye in Week 8 - though ATL plays Philly that weekend and after the way the Eagles D has been habitually abusing offenses, I'm not sure I actually want Ryan after all...but let's talk about Jason Elam. I'm totally biased here, I have an Elam jersey. But is the guy awesome or what? I think he'd been written off in a lot of places with his move out of Denver but he was so clutch in Atlanta's win yesterday. I'm guessing he might be a kicker that's picked up off a few waivers.
  • There are a few more waiver wire suggestions from AOL's FanHouse Waiver Wire Wonders: Week 6. I played Breaston this week and was delighted with his performance. Boldin is slated to return in Week 8 but perhaps Breaston isn't such a bad grab unfortunately I also played Bobby Engram (thanks for putting up one tackle, Engram, at least you didn't give me a goose egg, eh?) so my gamble at receivers kind of evened out.
  • also has waiver advice in Elam, Pittman among players to add off the fantasy waiver wire - see, I knew Elam would be a hot commodity (wait, has a kicker ever been a hot waiver wire commodity?). Now I don't think I've been giving Berrian enough love lately - I even have a mental block on the fact that he plays in Minnesota; but as noted in this article, over the past month he's averaging 99.5 yards per game.
Now my travels aren't quite over - I'm hopping on a plane again on Thursday. Yes, I'm insane, but I'll do anything for my grandpa who is bringing the family in for his big 90th birthday party this weekend. So once again I might be a little slow on the blogging at the end of the week but actually, Grandpa takes a nap for a few hours every afternoon (if only we were all so lucky), so I might just find some time to get a few posts up after all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last minute advice for Week 6

I'm still slowly waking up from a deep sleep post-bachelorette party night (it involved the mechanical bull and my sister dancing on stage not once but twice - more on that later) but I thought I'd try and get a few last minute decisions and Q&A links up since I failed to do the consensus start/sit for you all this weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with some recaps and wavier advice. I'll be flying back to Colorado tonight during the Sunday night game and while I'm psyched to be back in first class, I'm bummed I won't be on Frontier where I could be watching the game on my own little tv.

Good luck with today's games!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Starting, the sun

I don't mean to harp on this, but could a city be any more humid than Ft. Lauderdale is right now? No complaints, I'm digging it, but WOW. Now I need to be brief here since I have a date with my grandmother in just an hour or so...and a date with the shower since I still haven't managed to make it out of my pajamas yet (man, I love vacations!). So onto starts and sits:

I'll try to get a consensus up as well as some IDP links later today, but could be a little tricky today. I'll do what I can! But if you need more links, check out my daily blog with and my weekly column with the NY Times, First-Class Fantasy Football Links.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Troy Polamalu and I have the same hair. Almost.

Greetings from Ft. Lauderdale where it's so humid, my Colorado skin has no idea what hit it. I'm going to look like a member of an 80s hair band soon if this keeps up. Or Troy Polamalu. My dad and I are having dinner with an aunt soon and then picking up my sister tonight at the airport - the family fun ends tomorrow and my sister's gaggle of friends arrive for the bachelorette fun. Right now though I'm really digging the down time with the fam.

So let's get to some football - thanks for being patient with my travels today.

  • The AccuScore guy and I don't see eye to eye on Marion Barber (for my thoughts on why he won't be a top 10 RB by the end of the season, see my column from the Bruno Boys) but I do really like most of the analysis in NFL Trade Market so take a look if you're in the market for mixing your team up a bit.
  •'s Champs & Chumps is up for Week 6 - take a look at this fleshed out list and see what you think. I am of the camp that Nate Jackson might just benefit more than Daniel Graham with Tony Scheffler out, but I base that only in gut, no actual knowledge or news of events in Denver.
  • Try Fantasy Tailgate's Starters & Slackers for more start or sit advice this week. I swear they've list Ocho Cinco here before with a "is this th week Johnson steps up his game?" comment, which frankly makes sense since I think we've all been wondering that week after week.
  • I would like to once again point out the awesomeness of UltimateFFStrategy's advice-giving turnaround time. Check it - he will get back to you in 30 minutes if you post a question to his forum. 30 minutes! This guy must be superman, so take advantage.
  • In a keeper league and wondering which guys are worth hanging onto as you deal with byes, injuries and other ups and downs? Get some advice from the FFGeekBlog's Mid-season keeper league prospects.
  • Truly, few things are as solid of a read as the Weekly Gut Check from FFToday - this week's installment looks at that rad Strength of Schedule matrix and that we need knowledge and perspective, not just stats, to inform our decisions. He also reminds us all not to get too caught up in fantasy football...hmm, a lesson I can always stand to hear.
Two final notes: 1. how happy am I that Colston is practicing again?! Very. 2. I'm rocking the bowling average - I bowled a 110 average last night, beating my previous 101 average. Oh my God, I'm becoming a legit bowler...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who doesn't bowl better to "Here I Go Again"?

Hi fantasy friends - I'm about to head off to my bowling league for the night where I swear I play better when the jukebox is rocking out some Whitesnake, but first I wanted to post a couple of FFLibrarian-related afternoon links for you. My daily blog with is up, No Bull From the Fantasy Librarian, where I discuss my crazy sister and of course more football links with advice on sleepers, busts and who's hot for Week 6.

And my weekly A Librarian's Touch column with the Bruno Boys is up - Which Top 10 Running Backs will remain strong in 2008? I looked at the top 10 RBs at this point one year ago compared to the top ten at the end of the 2007 season - 7 of the 10 were already set at this point last year. While I'm sure that number varies year to year, I looked at which 3 RBs I don't think will make the top 10 cut come January.

Also, while I won't have a blog up here until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, my blog on will be up sometime in the morning so feel free to check it out on the left side of the page with the other NFL Analysis if you need your daily link fix.

First class, baby

For years and years my dad wrote for the National Geographic, which not surprisingly, had him traveling across the world accruing about a billion airline miles; the man is forever ensconced as an elite member of multiple airline mileage clubs. Tomorrow morning I shall reap some of those benefits by flying first class to Miami on miles. Since I'm one of those really annoying people who likes to get to the airport with a lot of time and then sits at the gate, full of angst over whether or not my suitcase will fit in the overhead compartment, this is going to be a treat. I fully intend to use the first class security line and early boarding privileges; maybe I can even board twice to double my pleasure at this awesome experience.

Anyway, I likely won't have a post up tomorrow until late in the afternoon/evening since my flight is early enough that it requires leaving my house at 5:30 am. Sorry guys, just not sure I can wake at 4 just to get a blog post up.

So let's jump right into some links for today:

  • I'm not sure this is really newsworthy but my sister, the reason for my Florida trip, and the rest of you Pats fans will be glad to know that Brady underwent a successful knee surgery just 4 weeks after his injury; good sign for his recovery. Only 6 to 8 more months until Brady-mania is back!
  • Gregg Rosenthal's Ridiculously early and irregular Fantasy MVP watch is excellent fantasy fodder - and Cardinals fans must enjoy seeing three Cardinals on the honorable mention list here. Maybe this really is Arizona's year...
  • One of you sent me an e-mail asking which was the better QB this week: Hasselbeck, Schaub or Russell. SportsBuffs' QB Cheat Sheet has Russell ranked as the highest with a projected 13 fantasy points, though Schaub and Hasselbeck aren't too very far behind.
  • Fantasy Sports Forum has their Risers & Decliners: Week 6 article up - I had to grab Donald Lee to replace Tony Scheffler (sniff, sniff) in one league so here's hoping Lee's receptions (and Rodgers) stay up.
  • Rumors abound that the 49ers are interested in a trade for either T.J. Houshmandzadeh or Roy Williams - the deadline is Week 7 so we'll know before long how it will pan out.
  • Check out ProFootballWeekly's Week Six matchups to exploit or avoid - read and then reread that line about the Bengals giving up 171 rushing yards per game. Pardon me while I wipe up my "I'm playing Thomas Jones against the Bengals" drool.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

R.I.P. chat window

I said goodbye to the meebo chat window on the right side of the blog today. Now if there's an outpouring of love from you all for that chat window, then by all means, let it be known in the comments and I will bring the chat back. But I haven't been able to keep up with the chat and it seems unfair to you all to offer a place for advice and then never get back to you. So instead, I have disabled the chat feature and am hoping that instead you all will use the contact me button to e-mail me OR leave comments on blog posts. I am much better equipped to answer those queries and feel like I'll be providing better fantasy football advice that way. Let me know if this brings you great chat sorrow and perhaps I'll resurrect it once a week for a chat afternoon or something.

Now to the weekly update on the FFLibrarian's Challenge in the NBC Sports' $100K Fantasy Challenge, here are the top 5 teams as of this week:

  1. Lab
  2. Teh Big Red Dogs
  3. Copycats
  4. Micksauce
  5. Law Dawgs