Monday, October 06, 2008

I love Drop Top Amber - oh yes, and fantasy football links

Greetings from Portland. I'm on my way to the airport to head back to Colorado after an excellent weekend here. I have to admit though, my focus for the past few days has not been on football - mostly just marathon-ing. And beer, there's awesome beer in this city. I think I'm in love with the Drop Top Amber. I'm going to search for it high and low in Colorado...

But let's get to football. I know with injury bug biting guys like Eddie Royal, Trent Edwards, Brian Westbrook (for reasons why I would admire Westbrook playing through fractured ribs, see my old article from last winter on Sports Grumblings...and oh yeah, overlook that "Shockey isn't going anywhere" comment), Tony Scheffler and LT, there are a lot of concerned fantasy owners. So there are probably quite a few of you getting ready to troll the waiver wire to make up for these injuries coupled with bye weeks. Take a look at two early waiver wire articles for advice: FootballDocs and the FFGoat. There will be many more waiver articles up tomorrow, but fortunately these guys are extremely proactive with waiver advice.

Here are a few more articles for the day:

  • First, need a good recap of the games this past weekend? Try FFToday's Game Recaps: Week 5 or check out a few of the links I supply in my daily blog, It's Raining on my Fantasy Parade.
  • The Fifth Down's The Direct Snap: Fad or Genius? takes a look at the direct snap to RBs, which the Dolphins busted out repeatedly against the Chargers.
  • Okay, I lied - there are more than just the two above mentioned waiver wire articles up already - also take a look at FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders. There's not a lot of love for Tim Hightower here, who I must say, I really am big on these days. The guy brings in a TD basically every week so what's not to love?
  • Wondering if you need to bail on some of your fantasy big guns who just aren't putting up the numbers you need? Read the Bruno Boys advice in Bailing Out Fantasy Owners for thoughts on LJ, Chad Ocho Cinco/Johnson and Antonio Gates.
Back tomorrow with more waiver wire advice and injury news!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Drop Top Amber is really good. The tailgate I help organize for all University of Texas home games has Widmer as a sponsor this year, and we get to enjoy Drop Top Amber and Widmer Hef on a regular basis. Definitely greatness when it comes to beer. I think I actually prefer the Hef, but I still need to try the Broken Halo IPA.

Anonymous said...

I have been getting the Widmer Brewfest variety 12 pack over the last few weeks and it's great. It has the Top Down, Hef, Halo IPA, and their seasonal (Okto Oktoberfest). OR has some great beers, i think my personal favorite is the Rogue Shakespeare Stout...delicious.

PS this week sucked in FF, I had Gonzalez, Edwards, and Royal in one league and they all went out early with injuries!

Anonymous said...

...i meant Drop Top not Top Down.

squishy squid said...

You can find Drop Top on tap at Thunderbird near The Hill by CU.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

M, you are awesome. So I've been working blocks away from Drop Top ON TAP no less and didn't know it. As soon as I stop traveling, I'm going to Tbirds for a Drop Top party.