Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ryan Grant & the Bowling FFLibrarian

This morning as I walked to my early voting polling place (yea for voting! just had to get that in there) I probably spent far too long contemplating which football player I felt I was most similar to in terms of my recent bowling performance. I'm going with Ryan Grant and here's why. Last year Grant showed us that he had the skills, he could be a top back (no, probably not elite, but still a solid player for your fantasy squad); I, too, have shown promise with some definite flashes of bowling prowess. But this year for Grant there have been questions about what happened to his explosiveness, maybe his injuries have been more daunting than first imagined, maybe his fumblitis is messing with his psyche, maybe the o-line is the real problem? As for me, my bowling skills have tanked over the past few weeks and I've been blaming everything from a blister on my foot to the bowling alley ball. But I think there's hope at the end of the tunnel for Grant and this bowling librarian. Every once in awhile Grant looks pretty good again - before the bye he was able to get chunks of yardage and finally scored a TD...and as for me, I'm coming back, baby. No, last night was not the panacea I was looking for but I at least hit a few strikes and that wicked left spin I had acquired was non-existent. So I think both Grant's mediocre performance on the field and mine on the bowling alley have an end in sight. Grant has some really tough matchups ahead though so don't bank on Grant to pick things up until maybe mid-November. Same could be said for me...sadly.

And now one more sidebar before we get to today's links: kudos to the Phillies, Phillies fans and of course my distant buddy Eric Bruntlett, who is now my favorite baseball player. I let out a cheer for Bruntlett in the bowling alley as he ran in yet again last night.

But let's move on to fantasy football. Seems to me like a lot of injured starters are getting healthy again this week...

  • Rotoworld's Football Daily Dose: Andre the Giant reviews some of the latest fantasy football news and note that there's a live chat this afternoon at 3:00 eastern if you're in need of some advice.
  • RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Nine - check out all the young talent listed in the WRs to start list: Avery, Gonzalez, Breaston...very interesting.
  • FFGoat's Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks Week 9 lists Kyle Orton as a QB to start - I'm seeing Orton on a lot of start lists already so if you've got Orton, consider plugging him into your lineup as he faces the not-so-mighty Lions this week.
  • By the way, if anyone out there feels like they're having a bad day at work, be grateful that you're not Darren McFadden who has turf toe on both feet. I mean how daunting is that? The injury is hardly contagious so McFadden is just battling some tough luck right now. Look down at your toes and give thanks, I say.
  • Finally, my column for the Bruno Boys is up, Second Half Handcuffs, and let's just say I dared to mention Daunte Culpepper.
I have a meeting to run to but if I can find time to get a few more start/sits up this afternoon I will!

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TC said...

Bruntlett technically scored the winning run of the last game of the 2008 World Series.

Lidge pitched the last out of the 2008 World Series.

And we poor bitter Houston Astros fans (their former team) are very happy for both of them and their Philadelphia Phillies.