Monday, October 13, 2008

Going from hot to cold

Hey remember how I was complaining about the humidity of south Florida a few days ago? Yeah well Mother Nature has had her way with me - I stepped off the plane last night in Colorado to a light dusting of snow and temps in the upper 30s. I mean, what just happened? Gotta love it. Except when you're oh say a Randy Moss owner and you're watching Moss go from red hot and humid last season to cold and snowy this year. I don't think the numbers he put up last night are indicative of the rest of the season, but the Moss of 2007 has officially left the building.

Not that I actually got to see that game or anything more than a few highlights, though I did watch more football yesterday than I was expecting to see - the Dallas v. Arizona game was even on in the airport and I had my iPhone working furiously to get me the Denver game updates. Some crazy stuff went down in the 4th quarter of games yesterday - if you missed anything, not to fear. Lots of sites out there have some solid recaps, so let's catch up:

  • Football Outsiders' Audibles at the Line - Week 6 - always one of my favorite ways of catching up on the weekend's games.
  • Yahoo's Andy Behrens has a solid Sunday Scene, Week 6: When Shockey and Colston return, Drew Brees might just be OK that recaps a lot of highlights from the weekend.
  • Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - Week 6 - what the heck happened to Earnest Graham? Did I miss something in Tampa or are the rest of you equally surprised by Dunn's rise to RB Awesomeness? Let's also discuss Cutler being listed "on the fall" here - I'm probably just being overprotective of my QB but of course he's not going to do as well with Royal, Scheff and Young out - I'm fine with seeing him on the "fall" list but I do think chalking some of it up to the lack of healthy receivers/starters should have been noted here.
  • FFGoat has his FF Sleepers and Waiver Wire Watch for Week 7 up - so for the first time this season I actually watched Matt Ryan play. The dude was impressive. I'll be honest, I scampered off to the waiver wire yesterday to try and grab him while Cutler is on bye in Week 8 - though ATL plays Philly that weekend and after the way the Eagles D has been habitually abusing offenses, I'm not sure I actually want Ryan after all...but let's talk about Jason Elam. I'm totally biased here, I have an Elam jersey. But is the guy awesome or what? I think he'd been written off in a lot of places with his move out of Denver but he was so clutch in Atlanta's win yesterday. I'm guessing he might be a kicker that's picked up off a few waivers.
  • There are a few more waiver wire suggestions from AOL's FanHouse Waiver Wire Wonders: Week 6. I played Breaston this week and was delighted with his performance. Boldin is slated to return in Week 8 but perhaps Breaston isn't such a bad grab unfortunately I also played Bobby Engram (thanks for putting up one tackle, Engram, at least you didn't give me a goose egg, eh?) so my gamble at receivers kind of evened out.
  • also has waiver advice in Elam, Pittman among players to add off the fantasy waiver wire - see, I knew Elam would be a hot commodity (wait, has a kicker ever been a hot waiver wire commodity?). Now I don't think I've been giving Berrian enough love lately - I even have a mental block on the fact that he plays in Minnesota; but as noted in this article, over the past month he's averaging 99.5 yards per game.
Now my travels aren't quite over - I'm hopping on a plane again on Thursday. Yes, I'm insane, but I'll do anything for my grandpa who is bringing the family in for his big 90th birthday party this weekend. So once again I might be a little slow on the blogging at the end of the week but actually, Grandpa takes a nap for a few hours every afternoon (if only we were all so lucky), so I might just find some time to get a few posts up after all.


Anonymous said...

Graham filled in at fullback when their first two choices went injured there. He was blocking for Dunn the whole game.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks anon - I finally caught this Graham news yesterday afternoon but I do appreciate you guys keeping me better informed...