Friday, October 31, 2008

Start or sit thoughts for Halloween

Happy Halloween, fantasy tricksters. I can't remember the last Halloween that was as warm and sunny as it is in Colorado today - it will be almost 80 today. Weather insanity. And it will still be really pleasant on Sunday when I head to Invesco Field to see the Broncos play the Dolphins. Can't wait.

So here's the start or sit listing for today - I'll be back later this afternoon with my weekly consensus of all the start or sit lists I've linked to, so check back later today for more.

Also, here's a link to my Friday column in the NY Times' Fifth Down blog, Fantasy Football: The Revenge of the Nerd. Also a heads up for those who like to get their fantasy advice via radio, I'll be on Fantasy Gridiron Live Sunday morning - more details on that to come.

Finally, I linked to this article in my Fifth Down post above, but it's so good that it's worthy of noting here, too. A Wall Street Journal's article, Salvaging a Fantasy Football Flatliner, did a bit of a fantasy team makeover using two sites that I love: Accuscore and Sports Data Hub. Interesting stuff!


bigboid said...

Who knew the WSJ was into Fantasy Football? I certainly didn't, and I've been subscribing since 2002!

Anonymous said...

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Librarian in the Shadows

Anonymous said...

CBS's Fantasy Matchups also provide some good insights -

Sometimes you have to start a "sit" player because you don't have any option

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks for the gambling thoughts, Librarian in the Shadows. You're right, I'd rather not connect myself with gambling too much here but my husband does spend far too long on - a site that some of you low budget types might enjoy.

Thanks for the link, rushi. I know I'm starting a handful of "sits" - but keep in mind that sometimes a classic "sit" suggestion surprises everyone and has a decent game. The unexpected is what keeps fantasy football so interesting, no?