Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Waiver Day

This Thursday I head down to Fort Lauderdale for my sister's bachelorette weekend. Dinner reservations have been made at a restaurant that has a mechanical bull. This should be good. While down there I will also see my grandmother (grandmothers and mechanical bulls go together well, no?) who turns 92 today (happy birthday Mimi!). And next week my grandfather turns 90 (the fam is all flying in to celebrate) and my other grandmother is 89. I have some seriously old grandparents. I'm blessed with an abundance of healthy genes which shall hopefully help me live forever, playing fantasy football for another 60+ years. Can't. wait.

But in the meantime I need to make some changes to a few of my fantasy teams. I had a slightly better week this week, in large part thanks to Reggie Bush's two punt returns for TDs (to see why, check out my daily blog on FantasyPlayers.com, which will go up later today) but I'm still not fielding teams that reach my expectations...so without further ado, let's waiver it up.

  • This is the third week I've linked to Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's video and each week he mentions some quality guys for those of you in deeper leagues.
  • AccuScore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders talks about the limited options on the waiver wire these days. Check out their advice on the only guys you'll want to consider grabbing these days.
  • Yahoo's Pickups of the Week support me in my love for Brandon Stokley this week. Seriously, does a week go by when I don't try a pimp a Bronco for your waiver wire? Unlikely. This week my fantasy crush, Tony Scheffler, and Eddie Royal are both possibly banged up and Stokley has shown some ability to step up for some of Cutler's awesomeness. So why not take a chance on Stokley?
  • Should we be more concerned with the San Diego o-line than with LT's toe? Gregg Rosenthal thinks that's where the real problem for LT might lie...
  • For those of you down with videos and radio shows, try fantasyfootball.com's Two Feet In Bounds. Today they have TWO HOURS of fantasy football talk. I mean seriously, two hours?! Can that be beat? The show from last Friday is still up since today's show just ended, but I think today's show should show up in the archives before long.


Anonymous said...

What's the skinny with Nate Jackson? He was ahead of TS at one point in the preseason via the Denver TE rotation.

Rotoworld was talking about how the coaching staff was excited to get him involved.

Potentially more valuable than Daniel Graham in the short term?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Andy,
I do like Nate Jackson a little more than Graham - I have virtually nothing to back this up other than gut though. Jackson is filling in for Scheffler so I think he's capable of being a decent fill-in while Scheff is out. Graham has been playing all along and I'm not convinced his work will change very much with Jackson in instead of Scheff. Hope that helps.