Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recovering from a football disaster

I've been postponing my blog for today because I just can't stand to type these words: the Broncos looked awful last night. What a disaster. Ugliest game I've seen in a long time. However, and I might be a little overly optimistic here, but at least it pretty much has to get better from here. Give the Broncos a little time to recover and hopefully not dwell too much on the absolute mess of a game they played last night...and they'll be a better team for it come Week 9.

Now from a fantasy perspective, going into last night's game I was pretty sure I would be 6-1 for the week in my 7 fantasy leagues. The Cutler disaster ravished my teams though and I lost by 0.21 points in one league and 1 point in another. At least in a 3rd league I won by the skin of my teeth (0.9 points) and I ended up going 4-3 for the week. Let's take a look at some waiver wire and pickup advice for Week 8:

  • Gregg Rosenthal's Pancake Blocks blog has a list of waiver adds in Updated Waiver Picks - keep in mind that a lot of these guys are really only for those in deep leagues.
  • FFGeekBlog's The Wire: Waiver wire pickups for Week 8, 2008 - I really like the suggestion of Josh Morgan for those in keeper leagues. I've gotta wonder though if the loss of Mike Nolan will mean a tough week for the 49ers. I know Marc from Bruno Boys is a Niners fan, so I'm off to go scope out the Bruno Boys site for any insight...
  • Check out CBS Sports' Waiver Wire: Are you running on empty? for thoughts on why Aaron Stecker might be a decent RB pickup with Bush out for 3 weeks - and of course other waiver wire inspiration.
  • KFFL has their Week 8 sleepers and Week 8 busts articles up for your review - and thus begins the great Jake Delhomme success story; except for the Week 9 bye, Delhomme should put up some really solid numbers over the next month as he's facing Arizona, Oakland, Detroit and Atlanta. Oh and Denver and New Orleans, too. That's sizzling.
  • Also check out FFToolbox's Week 8: Pickups of the Week for reasons to plug guys like Kevin Curtis, Joey Galloway and David Akers (yes, a kicker was mentioned!) into your lineup.
And finally, FFManiaxs already has their Start/Sit advice up for Week 8 - is it sad that I'm considering starting Campbell against Detroit over Peyton against the Titans? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Granted, Tennessee and Peyton haven't meshed well in the past but still...


TC said...

Hey on a nice note, you're back in the top 10 of your group for the NBC 100K challenge. You and I keep flip-flopping each week!

a.k.a. The Golden Armadillos

John said...

Great resources as always, librarian. Anyone feel like giving advice?

I have Barber and Lynch in my RB spots, leaving 2 WR spots and a flex for some combo of Santana Moss, Lee Evans, Muhammad, Torry Holt, Antonio Bryant, and Deuce McAllister.

What do you guys think?

TC said...


If it were me... I would definately have McAllister plugged in there since R.Bush has gone down.

Evans also has a QB who is getting better and is starting to show better consistency over the past several weeks. He has a good match up against Miami this week.

The other good WR match up for you this week is Moss... who has the opportunity to roast the Detroit secondary.

Those would be my picks.

Holt is getting better (less double team action), but he faces a NE defense that looked pretty stout last night against Cutler and Marshall/Royal. And Bryant and Muhammad aren't bad options, just not as good as Evans/Moss.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Wow, TC your help was much appreciated. I agree wholeheartedly with TC's suggestions for your starters, jstratford. I think Holt could be a decent play there, too, especially with Avery becoming more of a receiving threat for defenses to cover - but as TC noted, the other matchups are just better.

Good luck!

Lester's Legends said...

I agree you have to go with Santana Moss against Detroit. They are B-A-D.

Miami is 27th in yardage and 16th in tds against the pass. I'd roll Evans out there.

Arizona is 31st in pass tds and 20th in pass yards so Muhsin is attrative

I would stay away from Deuce. Hard to predict the weather in London, plus I figure Pierre Thomas will factor in.

NE is at home so I wouldn't touch Holt.

Dallas is a mess, but not enough for me to use Bryant.

I'd go
S. Moss

John said...

Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm still not sure what to think about Deuce - will he be sharing too much time to put up numbers? Ah well. Guess you have to play a starting RB.