Monday, October 20, 2008

Denver vs. New England Showdown

I love a Monday Night Football game that involves the Broncos. And it's even better now that I've spent a long weekend with my sister and her fiance who are Pats fans; guaranteed I'll be texting some trash talk their way when the Broncos start scoring big. Speaking of teams that scored big - um, my Northwestern Wildcats thrashed Purdue this weekend. Nice! We are already bowl eligible; this is a crazy, mixed-up world that I'm not used to when Northwestern is bowl eligible in mid-October.

But back to fantasy football. I might actually pull out a win in the league where I'm 0-6. I don't want to jinx it but if everything goes well, I should be 1-6 by tonight; sad that that makes me happy. I do have Sammy Morris and Wes Welker in that league so I'll be pulling for a big mess of scores tonight that somehow still ends in a Broncos victory...

I know many of you are trying to figure out what to do with some remaining bye week holes in your lineup, so read up on this week's waiver advice for some ideas:

  • FootballDocs' Week 8 Pick-up/Drop Advice - if you need some help at WR, take a chance on Donnie Avery or Josh Morgan, both of whom had fairly solid yardage and a TD this past week. Avery's production in particular has been impressing me for a little while now so I say jump on the chance to get Avery now.
  • Fantasy Football Goat's Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 8 - the Goat throws out another possible WR name for us: Mike Furrey. With Roy Williams gone, Furrey might see his number increasing big time over the next few weeks.
  • The Fantasy Football Report has some Pickups for Week 8 up - I've gotta tell you though, I just can't endorse grabbing Ahman Green. Slaton has been doing a great job and Green is an injury machine. I know he had an okay day yesterday, but he was playing Detroit. Let me say that again, he was playing DETROIT. Don't grab Green unless you are in a 16-team league with some serious FFers...and then your life is pretty tough anyway so you're used to grabbing the Greens of the world, eh?
  • I heart Mewelde Moore. Ever since he helped me out in a pinch during my early fantasy years (back when he was a Viking), I've always had a soft place in my heart for Mewelde. Plus his name is so much cooler than mine - Mewelde or Sara? - Mewelde wins in a coolness contest every time. Moore is going to be a waiver wire must-have this week and is listed on the Bruno Boys' Waiver Wire article this week.
  • Can you think of anything worse than one of your players planning a visit to see Dr. James Andrews? I mean if that's not the kiss of death for a fantasy team, then I don't know what is. So now that Reggie Bush will be missing the London game and perhaps then some to see Dr. Andrews, Deuce makes it back to waiver wire articles. Check out's McAllister to see more carries for Saints; Mason a solid addition for reasons to grab Deuce and 9 other fantasy gems.
  • Finally, Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 8 video is up and ready for your review - sidebar: I swear this is another new hat for Hatty. But don't focus on the hat, focus on the great advice. If you're in need of a TE, note that Hatty suggests snagging Robert Royal.
I'll be back with more tomorrow - and get this, I am not traveling anywhere this weekend. It's a miracle. First time since September, I think. Of course I'll be back on a plane for my sister's wedding in just over 3 weeks but for now I'm going to really enjoy being at home.

Go Broncos!!

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Unknown said...

i started mewelde this week, and he gave me the win! i have a soft spot for him now too:)