Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am a fantasy windshield

I grew up in northern Virginia and used to try to work my but-I'm-still-south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line roots by listening to country. Didn't work, my true southerner husband laughs if I claim I'm from the south but I will still listen to country when the mood strikes. So last night I beat my good friend Pat in one league by 0.14 points (brilliant!) and kept thinking about Mary Chapin Carpenter's song with the line "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug" in it...I was totally the windshield last night - I don't think I have ever won by such a small margin. However if you found yourself on the losing end of a fantasy matchup this weekend, take solace in the fact that you're not alone: I am now 0-6 in one league. Horrific, no? It's an absolute disaster of a league for me. The Gridiron blog has some humorous thoughts in Fantasy Woes that I think we can probably all relate to on some level.

Anyway, in addition to watching the MNF game last night, there was also a small baseball battle going on in our house. My sister's good college friend's husband (follow that?), Eric Bruntlett, plays for the Phillies. My husband is a Dodgers fan so while he was pulling for the Dodgers to win last night while I was pulling for Eric to do well, which by default would mean good things for the Phillies. So congrats to Phillies fans and Eric Bruntlett fans - and here's to another game, Dodgers fans. Now let's discuss some waiver wire options out there:

  • One of the reasons I really dig the weekly Hatty Waiver Wire Guru videos is that he always comes up with some random dude that I've barely paid any attention to - this week's prime example: Bobby Wade. I've already stated my lack of interest in Bernard Berrian so I guess I must have a block on Minnesota receivers in general.
  • Check out the FFGeekBlog's The Wire for more advice on pickups for the week. I think Sammy Morris is worth more than a desperation pick, but the Geeks are of course right that the Pats offense is leaving something to be desired here...
  • Catch up on some general fantasy and NFL news in CBS' Fantasy & Reality: Dy-NASTY - I must admit that I just picked up Chad Pennington as my bye week fill-in for Cutler in one league and was pleased to see him listed as a QB to consider for the rest of the fantasy season (along with Jake Delhomme and Trent Edwards). And in fact, for more QB advice, read CBS' Wavier Wire: Health crisis at quarterback.
  • KFFL already has their sleepers and busts up for Week 7 - gotta love seeing the Broncos D listed as a potential sleeper for the week, while on the flip side both Tampa Bay and Baltimore are listed as busts.
  • I have it on good authority that FFToday's Through the Wire will be up very shortly - you'll want to check back for this pup since it's one of the best waiver wire articles out there.
  • I think Adrian Peterson's value is in sync with the stock market - if there was ever a time to buy low on AD, this is it. The Hazean hashes this out a bit in his Buy or sell: Adrian Peterson article.
All for now - more quality links tomorrow. And I'll be sure to update the Through the Wire article when it's live. Happy waivering.


MM said...

Not to mentioned that you dominated in the blogger league this weekend ... btw, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Hatty was good stuff. Excellent links as usual.

L.G. Vazquez said...

Hey, being a huge Phillies fan, I can appreciate your rooting for Bruntlett!

We're one away!

Anonymous said...

btw, if you have Phillip Rivers or Drew Brees then Chad Pennington makes an awesome bye week fill-in.

Why? Because when Rivers and Brees have their bye-week, Pennington plays the papier-mâché Denver pass defense (Sorry Sara!) Expect a lot of TDs :)