Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FFLibrarian elsewhere on the web & other links

As promised, I'm back with more links for the afternoon.

  • First, I mentioned this earlier in the week but I am going to be blogging on the Fantasy Players Network on a daily basis for a little while. I'll have completely different content and almost entirely different links up there, so if you want another serving of the FFLibrarian, check out my blog on that site, too. Here's a link for today's post.
  • And then because I apparently can't get enough of writing columns and posts, you can also find my new Bruno Boys' A Librarian's Touch article up now - Shop em Don't drop em, where I look at some of the big name players that aren't producing at the level we expected from them.
  • If you're looking for more wavier wire advice, check out FFToday's Through the Wire - what if with a new coach, Bulger suddenly looks pretty decent? Is that possible or is the o-line in shambles still? Antonio points out that the Rams' schedule looks mighty sweet starting around Week 9. That's not so far off, the way, a clutch feature to this article is the inclusion of IDPs - fantastic.
  • Check out's Week 5 TE Cheat Sheet (they'll have cheat sheets up for other positions, too) - take a look at that top 10 for Week 5. I think TEs are so hard to predict and this just supports that. No way that I would've expected Fasano, Carlson, Shiancoe and Lee to all be ranked in the top 10 of any week (except maybe Fasano, whom I liked from the start). I realize this is just one week but I'm intrigued.
Finally, I just wanted to add that whatever my political leanings are (and while I'm happy to share, just not sure you all need politics mixed in with your fantasy football), I would have gone to hear Cindy McCain speak, too, were she here on campus. It's a cultural and historical event to be able to hear national leaders speak in your town...but I'll get off my soap box on that one - just wanted to throw that out there since I heard from a few of you about this. But most importantly, former Bronco Rod Smith was there doing one of the introductions and encouraging people to register to vote. I lurked around the stage at the end hoping to actually meet him but I couldn't find him among the crowds and eventually had to get back to work...sad. I need to start investigating my options of becoming and official "media" person at these sorts of events. Does a fantasy football blogger count as a member of the media??


Anonymous said...

First things first...Excellent site! You are a daily read.

Second, Michelle Obama IS NOT a National Leader! Having said that, I'd go see her also out of pure curiosity.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Point taken, thanks. I would suggest that "leader" is all relative much like "expert" in the fantasy football world. :) How about national or political figure instead?