Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An abundance of advice...and staring at Excel

I think my brain is only half-functioning this morning. It could be the wintry temps here in Boulder or it could be the fact that I was staring at an Excel doc for way too long last night - my husband is finishing up a PhD in the spring and is applying for jobs likely researching/teaching at a university for next fall. I'm helping him track all of the job openings because, get this, there are already 180 jobs that fit his parameters. Can you imagine that?! It's stunning really. So I'm dusting off some of my old mail merge and label-making skills to give him a hand. Unfortunately both my eyes and brain glazed over by the end of the night and I'm not sure I've recovered yet. If I don't finish sentences or have improper grammar (no!) don't be surprised. Fortunately, there's a lot of good material out there. Waiver wire articles abound...

  • Oh the Maniaxs. Despite their improbable spelling of maniacs, every week they pull through with some waiver advice for offensive players and IDPs. It's probably the X in Maniaxs that gives them their edge, no? And I love the dedication to IDPs, thanks Maniaxs.
  • As always, The Talented Mr. Roto made my morning a little more entertaining. Check out his pickups of the week, which includes guys like Nate Washington and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. I'm so on board with the BenJarvusness here, as you'll see in my A Librarian's Touch column for the Bruno Boys.
  • Sports Buff's Week 8 Waiver Wire is like a two-for-one deal; not only do you have waiver wire tips (more BenJarvus!) but they also include some buy and sell advice for trades.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Bye Week Blues video is up for the week with 20 suggestions for the Week 8 byes. By the way, I like Hatty's enthusiasm for Josh Morgan and when Hatty thinks someone is hot, he's usually right on.
  • Accuscore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders: Week Eight - the Accuscore simulator has the Seattle defense getting 3+ sacks and 3 turnovers in their matchup with SF this weekend. I'm kind of digging the SF defense this week so I'm intrigued with how this might play out.
  • Fighting Chance Fantasy has some start/sit advice up already - check out their Who to Start, Who to Sit for pearls of wisdom. Or try the Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List for Week 8, which points out a fact that had somehow escaped me: Jason Campbell hasn't thrown an interception yet this season. Go Skins! I'm SO tempted to start him over Peyton this week...this decision is really getting to me...
I'm off to my bowling league tonight - I gotta be honest, I'm sweating tonight big time. With my monstrous 150 game last week, I've really moved my average up. Can I keep it up this week?? In an unfortunate turn of events though, thanks to my ongoing efforts to have toned arms for my sister's wedding in a few weeks (yes, sadly I care about such things), I am battling some sore upper arm and chest muscles today - so hopefully I won't be a total spaz on the ol' alley tonight.

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