Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid-week fantasy updates

I can't help but feel for Taylor Mehlhaff - if you knew that by missing an extra point you would be fired, wouldn't you want that missed kick back with every ounce of your being? I mean sure, missing an extra point is egregious in the world of kicking but the guy hasn't been a disaster; he had made three of four field goal attempts and nine of ten extra points. I imagine there must've been something else going on there (maybe kickoffs?) since it just seems unnecessarily harsh to boot a guy after one missed extra point.

Or maybe I'm just sensitive since it's bowling night and I fear my bowling team might send me packing if I don't get my act together. The woman who was originally on the team who injured her hand and thus led to my participation is now back. Since I've played with the team for a month though we're going to do a rotation that includes both of us - so I've gotta bring my A-game tonight before I go on a bowling bye for a week or two.

Anyway, back to football...lots of links to post today:

  • One of my faves, RotoExperts' Waiver Wire Tips: The Pickup Artist - I'm loving the Derrick Ward suggestion here - I just snagged him in a league where I'm desperate for RBs (oh yeah, the league where I had to choose between starting Norwood or Pierre Thomas last week) so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.
  • KFFL's Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 9 - in case the bye week in Chicago made you forget about Greg Olsen, here's your reminder to go grab him if you need a TE. He's a solid player with a decent schedule - an excellent combo.
  •'s IDP Zone, which is written by Matt Schauf, probably my all-time favorite IDP columnist, does a great job at focusing on some of the hot and cold IDPs as well as some sleeper picks for the week.
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List Week 9 - I have to say that I don't agree with the call to bench Pennington against the Broncos this weekend. Sure, the Dolphins will be able to run the heck out of the ball but Pennington has been sharp and the Broncos have the 28th ranked pass defense; so why is Pennington a bad move here really?
  • The FFJungle's Week 9 Waiver Wire - I haven't scoped out the Jungle in awhile and I'm liking what I see...especially since they have a little love for Pennington (wait, why am I pulling for the QB going up against my Broncos this week?). The FFJungle also has player rankings up by position - here's their QB ranking but you can get to all of the other player rankings off this page.
  • As always, the FFManiaxs are impressive with their links to both offensive waiver wire advice and IDP waiver wire advice. With many IDPs hit by the water pills incident, I imagine there might be a handful of you out there (including me, thanks Will Smith) in search of IDPs for future weeks. Check out the Maniaxs article for some IDP wisdom.
  • Accuscore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders: Week Nine - I apparently have a weather addiction that is similar to Tim Williams' grandmother. Awesome. But beyond that there's quality waiver advice in here so have at it.
Wish me luck tonight at bowling!


Matt said...

Fantasy sharks link is currently aimed at the pickup artist. Those smooth lines must be having an effect...

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

ha! thanks matt, yes clearly i was blown away by the pick-up lines...

Anonymous said...

That Fantasy Football Jungle link has Rudi Johnson as a Bengals RB.

Anonymous said...

The KFFL link is majorly misdirected as well.

Anonymous said...

Have 'em all come my way, I don't mind!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Oh man, see this is what I get for trying to post in the afternoon - my links get all messed up. Posting in the mornings only from now on!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the heads up and all the links should be fixed now.

As for the Jungle listing Rudi as a Bengal still, that I can't account for but will take that into consideration when deciding whether to link to them again or not. Thanks for the very careful eye there.

Anonymous said...

haha your bowling situation reminds me of Carney and Tynes. dont get the boot sara!!

-Robin, CA

Pat Riot said...

Need help!

My Starting WR this week will be Holt, Donnie Avery and Roddy White.

Now for the FLEX---Justin Fargas/Fred Taylor/Devin Hester/Cedric Benson?

I have Fargas in now but for some reason Hester is I'll be at the Bears game! Who do I start in my flex?!?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I think I'd go with Fargas here. The majority of the time I like the certainty of RBs better than WRs and even against the Lions I think I like Fargas better than Hester. Have a great time at the game!