Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last minute advice for Week 6

I'm still slowly waking up from a deep sleep post-bachelorette party night (it involved the mechanical bull and my sister dancing on stage not once but twice - more on that later) but I thought I'd try and get a few last minute decisions and Q&A links up since I failed to do the consensus start/sit for you all this weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with some recaps and wavier advice. I'll be flying back to Colorado tonight during the Sunday night game and while I'm psyched to be back in first class, I'm bummed I won't be on Frontier where I could be watching the game on my own little tv.

Good luck with today's games!


Anonymous said...

For Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams owners, Jon KItna is confirmed out. Have to decide if you still going start those WRs or not.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Brian - you rock. I would not be nearly as excited about starting really any Detroit player this week, but then again, look at how Calvin was doing with Kitna at the helm - not so hot lately. Maybe this change could actually help him...maybe.