Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tough reality football season

Greetings fantasy footballers, welcome to Tuesday. It has been a rough reality football season in my house lately - the Broncos fell apart last week; my Northwestern Wildcats lost to Indiana (what?!) while injuring their top two players; my husband's Tennessee Vols are a shadow of their former selves; and his Colts just lost a tough, tough game last night. Sad times for us in Boulder. I've reminded my husband that at least he's 8-0 in one of our FF leagues (I don't know anyone else in any of my 7 leagues that is 8-0 by the way; seems like more a rarity this year than usual) and I'm 7-1. He's more of a reality football than a fantasy football kind of guy though so I think that didn't help his spirits a whole lot. Fortunately my football sorrows can be assuaged by those sorts of comments so now I am focusing my energy on my fantasy teams. And my bowling form, don't you worry...

Check out today's links, which are chock full o' waiver advice and other sweet nuggets of fantasy wisdom:

  • First, I've noticed that the amount of links I provide to Rotoworld has dropped off - I wonder if this is my way of subconsciously not posting some of my favorite content so that my league competitors won't read it. My apologies - Rotoworld is consistently one of my top sites so here's a little RW love. They should have a waiver wire article up later today but in the meantime, I was scoping out the news in their headlines section that Daunte Culpepper has turned down a visit with the Chiefs for a "better opportunity with another team" - I of course have been thinking about which other team this might be...will The Pep surface somewhere after all or is this all talk? The 49ers have a special QB mess, Seattle is scraping by with Seneca, Denver needs a new backup QB, Dallas has been talking of benching Johnson...where could The Pep go?! And do I care way too much about this?
  • SportingNews' Wire: Tricks or treats (I'm keeping a tally of how many FF columns this week dip into the Halloween well for their headlines and such; current count: only 1) - I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my husband started Leon Washington last week. That brilliant move gave him an ungodly amount of points and was out of complete desperation on his part. Gotta love that kind of stuff that happens once a season if you're lucky. Anyway, Washington is on the waiver list here and I am just so confused by Thomas Jones right now that I guess I might as well encourage you all to grab Washington, too, thanks to the fairly lax rush schedule for the Jets.
  • More waiver wire advice this week from Fantasy Sharks' Week Nine Waiver Wire Pickups - Kevin Walter and I have been miscommunicating all season about his fantasy abilities but with Schaub so en fuego right now I think you absolutely should be getting Walter ready to go in your lineup.
  • How many times can I say I told you so about Matt Ryan before you all start dreading reading my posts in case I mention that Ryan guy yet again? I guess I haven't been pimping him all season like smarty pants Brandon Funston from Yahoo, so that should be reason enough for you to scope out his NFL Skinny: It's now time for waiver wire advice and trade thoughts.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is back and completely hatless. Hat or no hat, the waiver wire advice here is worth your time.
  • And don't think it ends with waiver wire advice - oh no, the FF Maniaxs have their start/sit for Week 9 ready to roll. Gotta love the early prep from the Maniaxs.
Tomorrow there will be more waiver advice, more start/sit advice, more of everything. But it might be an afternoon post, my friends. I have back-to-back meetings until 1:00 mountain time and as much as I want to wake up in the pitch black to post about FF (seriously, this late time change thing is really sapping my will to get out of bed in the morning), I probably won't get your fantasy fix out until later in the day.

Happy Tuesday and enjoy the remainder of the Phillies v Rays game!


Anonymous said...

Daunte Culpepper should visit with the Detroit Lions soon.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the better Week 9 start: Marc Bulger, Matt Ryan, or Gus Frerotte?

Unknown said...

Both have good match ups this week but i think bulger gets the nod with MASSIVE scoring as something he has done, ryan at this point has been a good average quarterback. i'm starting avery this week too so i'm hoping for a great game of many touchdowns! plus i think s-jax is back so that should help the pass game too. did you notice i didn't mention gus? he's doing ok but i think he's hit or miss and bulger right now seems to be getting comfortable with his guys.

question of my own,
memo vs washington or k faulk vs the colts?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Anon - while I agree with potlicker that Bulger has more potential for massive scoring and having SJax back is a good thing, I'd actually recommend Ryan. I know, I know, I have a thing in general for Ryan, but Oakland isn't that bad of a matchup for him. Flacco had a decent showing against Oakland last week and Ryan is a better QB with more weapons, making his matchup with Oakland fairly appealing in my book. But really Bulger is a good start, too, not sure you can go wrong with either of those guys.

Potlicker, I'm digging the memo nickname for Mewelde Moore, nice. I think with reports about Willie Parker possibly coming back though and Indy's usually lax run D, I'd go with Faulk.