Thursday, October 23, 2008

Motivational bowling speech anyone?

My bowling performance last night was an unmitigated disaster. The only way to truly describe my actions would be very un-family friendly so instead just use your imagination. Think Denver Broncos on Monday Night - it was that bad. The worst part is, I don't even have an explanation other than the freaky left spin on the ball I've developed, but I think I'd need to see a bowling technique expert to get that ironed out. I need a motivational bowling speech, I think. I've busted out the Any Given Sunday "Inch by Inch" speech but now I'm just psyched for football to start this weekend. So any motivational speeches that will inspire me to bowling greatness next Wednesday are much appreciated.

In the meantime, there are fantasy football challenges to be won, playoffs to be reached. So let's take a look at a few of my favorite articles for the week:

  • Oh the starts and sits are rolling in my friends - try on RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Eight for size and see how you feel about their suggestion of starting Peyton. It only leaves me even more flummoxed about my Peyton Manning vs Jason Campbell decision. And for the record, I'm starting Matt Ryan this week against the Eagles. Yes, I realize how crazy that might sound to some of you, and no, I won't encourage any of the rest of you to follow suit. But I think my Ryan experiment might not be as bad as we all assume...we shall see.
  • Apropos to nothing, an acoustic version of Bush's Glycerine just came on my Pandora radio station (please, for the love, go check out Pandora if you're at all a music fan; I think I have it on for about 90% of the work day) - I had forgotten how awesome this song is. And now I'm suddenly transported back to high school. If you have no interest in my trip down memory lane via Glycerine then scope out ProFootballWeekly's 10 Most Intriguing Players of Week Eight.
  • The Mac Bros are slowly posting their Week 8 rankings - they have their QBs up and should have the rest up by the weekend.
  • FFXtreme's Week 8 - On the Rise, On the Decline encourages us to hang onto Gore (or get your hands on in him in a trade) since he'll have a sweet end of the season; I wholeheartedly agree with Smitty on that. But then again, I'm a really big Frank Gore fan.
  • Football Jabber takes a look at 10 Fantasy Studs and 10 Fantasy Duds from the first half of the season. Which leads me to my Mid-Season Report Cards that I'll be putting together on the preseason fantasy football rankings from experts. I'll be basing the numbers off of performances through Week 8 and then might need a week or two to get all of the analysis complete. But keep your eyes open for it!
Lots more starts/sits to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I must be reading too much fantasy football information. I figured "Bush's glycerin" was a link to an update on Reggie's injury status.


Football Jabber said...

LMAO@ Jared

Hey, thanks for the linkage nice lady!

Pat Riot said...

need some help

M. Colston
D. Henderson
Ahman Green
Justin Fargas

Need to start two of them. (One WR, One Flex)

What do you think?

Unknown said...

as to the above comment, i would start both WR's, green is just not a big par or even necessary patrt of that offence slaton will get the valuable touches and fargas well, he was good last year... Colston could be huge with bush out and henderson could mix in with bush out...and the NE def is old and a little slow although (unfortunately for our beloved librarian) you wouldn't know it from last weeks game! ... i have a question of my own... welker vs the rams or v. jackson vs the saints?

Pat Riot said...

you scratched my back, i'll scratch yours...

Both are good plays but I'd go with Jackson vs Saints. I think the Chargers and Saints are in London to put on a show, if London folk want a low-scoring game, they'd watch European football....even if Chambers is back, I like Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I ended up with Winslow and Shockey on my roster and I am in need of a roster slot... who do you all believe will be better for the 2nd half of the season?

Gut feeling is Winslow but with the QB situation in Cleveland, I just can't say for sure.

Unknown said...

ya th brons will always suck last year wasn't a fluke, but it's not going to happen again soon, you could trade winslow but i would keep shockey, i like the saints and brees is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than anderson. plus this whole little suspension thing could go from bad to worse with winslow, if everything were normal i might go with him but that team is sinking fast, i'd jump ship if i were you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks potlicker,

The QB situation is the one of the only reasons i didn't just keep winslow in the first place.

Gunna wait till after this london game to see shockey's performance, and if he is doing decent thats when ill cut winslow.

Thanks for the advice.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Kudos for all the great answers here...I pretty much agree with everything here except that I could see good reason to play Fargas over Henderson, pat riot. The weather is ugly in London and we all saw what that game was like in mucky conditions in London last I just wonder if Fargas (yes even against Bal) might be the safer flex play.

And I agree with Potlicker that Shockey is likely to be the better play for the rest of the season, but anon you're wise to wait and see how this game goes before making changes.