Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pink Starburst = awesome trade

With Halloween quickly approaching, last night we made our candy purchase for trick or treaters. We went with the monster bag of Starbursts and Skittles (btw, it is impossible to find a reasonably sized bag of candy for those of us who have about 6 trick or treaters max), which involves little packages of two Starbursts at a time - perfect for the snacker needing a quick sugar hit; not so perfect for me, the Starburst eater who really just wants the pink Starburst. I'd really rather not waste my time on the yellow, orange and red Starbursts, so when I've hit the double pink package, I feel like I've won a tiny lottery. In fact, in the past my husband has been known to open up a double pink package and trade me those two gems for about 17 Starbursts of different flavors. With fantasy trade deadlines on the horizon, this of course makes me think about fantasy football. Seriously, is there anything that doesn't make me think of FF? I would implore you all to think about finding that pink Starburst in your league and to trade out a bunch of your low-level yellow Starburst-esque players to grab a gem that might have a big impact on your run for the playoffs. Hatty Waiver Wire Guru already posted a video last week on possible trades you could make and I know there are other articles of this ilk on their way. I'll keep you posted!

Onto waiver wire thoughts, injury news and other NFL updates:

  • Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - it's official. Donnie Avery shall no longer be ignored - he is a legit threat. Bulger's 69-yard pass to Avery was the longest of Bulger's career. Um, is Bulger salivating at the thought of playing with Avery or what? I can't help but wonder if this could have been a very different game if SJax was playing...
  • Check out the Goat's waiver wire advice in his weekly FF Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 9 article - the Goat shows a little love for Billy Miller and I should probably point out that Scott Engel nailed the Miller call on yesterday morning's RotoExperts radio show.
  • What kind of an awesome world do we live in when a presidential candidate knows his fantasy football stuff? The Hazean lead me to this article on Obama's participation in a week of fantasy football management with Rick Reilly. Not trying to get in a political discussion here whatsoever but this is so rad with "'Man, this is more important than politics!' he insisted. 'This is football!'" being my favorite line of the article. Exactly.
  • Check out Football Outsiders' Audibles at the Line: Week 8 for an entertaining and informational look at any games you might have missed this weekend.
  • FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders: Week 8 ponders the Ted Ginn Jr pickup and other waiver wire options.
  • FootballDocs have their Week 9 Pick-up/Drop Advice filled to the brim with helpful notes. If you're in need of a TE, check out Witten's replacement, Martellus Bennett, in case Witten misses any time with injured ribs.
I will be watching the MNF game tonight of course, but checking on the World Series as well. Did anyone happen to notice yet again how awesome Eric Bruntlett is over the weekend? I've already talked on the blog about how this distant friend of mine has played well for the Phillies but he's been solid lately with a homerun and a game winning run.

p.s. I was totally right on Matt Ryan being a solid starter this week...if he can play that well against Philly, what does that Oakland, New Orleans and Denver, which are Atlanta's next three games?

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TC said...

Yes, some of us do take note, particularly of Eric Bruntlett and Brad Lidge... as they were both former Astros (a team that had NO post season this year, and which was stupid to give up both of those guys). But HEY, our Texans do have 3 wins in a row (thank goodness for teams like Cincinnati and Detroit!)