Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sleepers, busts, starts, sits and Portland sports bars

First of all, I'd like to publicly acknowledge how great my mom is. I know, not your classic start to an FF article but yesterday afternoon I came home from a long day of library-ing and fantasy football-ing to a care package from my mom. I'm 29, have a job, am married - basically a grown adult who can buy her own necessities and treats, but can we discuss how great it still is to receive a care package from one's mom? She rocks.

I know you're all anxiously awaiting an update on my bowling league, right? Well some of my weekly bowling exploits are up on my blog, The Librarian Goes Bowling, but I should report that I did up my average and I'm now at a 101 average, baby. I couldn't be more pleased - wait, yes I could. I would have enjoyed beating Bev, the grandmother we played against who basically schooled me all night long - that lady has skills that I may never know.

Let's link.

  • Fantasy Football Report's Sleepers and Busts for Week 5 are up - I disagree on the RB bust suggestions but am otherwise down with most of their recommendations.
  • The Mac Bros are cranking out their rankings/start or sit lists. So far we've got QB and RB lists with WR, TE and DEF coming soon.
  • A reader recently asked if I could post more projections, not just start or sit articles. As it just so happens, I was thinking the exact same thing (Kevin, we must be on the same wavelength today) and posted some of my favorite rankings/projections in my blog for, which I already linked to above but here it is again. I do encourage you all to ask for something if you don't see it on my blog but think it could be helpful.
  • ProFantasySports has their Week 5 Start 'em Bench 'em Report up - I think there might be a small error in their mention of Bobby Engram; I believe they meant to say he should be given consideration in PPR not IDP leagues.
  • Is it time to trade LT if you've got him? Read Dave Richard's thoughts in Fantasy & Reality: Time to face facts?
  • For news and updates from around the league, check out Rotoworld's Rodgers Iffy for Week 5 - and note that Rotoworld will be doing a live chat in just a few minutes (3 pm eastern).
  • FFGoat is solid is a rock - the dude moved into a new house and still has his start or sit suggestions up? Love it.
For more start or sit sites, see my blog (wow, I keep pimping it!) or come back for more tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I'm flying to Portland, Oregon - my husband is running the Portland Marathon and I will be out there cheering (and sucking down coffee) during the race which he will likely finish right around the time the early Sunday games start. So yeah think about that when you turn on the early games - a marathon has already happened that morning; that won't make you feel lazy or anything. So I will be getting a post up tomorrow morning, but be forewarned that I might not be on e-mail and able to answer lineup questions quite as frequently. However, I will have the fabulous iPhone with me though at all times for emergency lineup e-mails - so e-mail don't chat me if you have questions over the next few days. By the way, Portlanders, any great sports bars downtown that you would recommend?


Anonymous said...

Thought of you when I saw this on the marathon's website:

Starbucks will be open at their store on 3rd Ave. at SW Jefferson or 6th and SW Salmon.


Anonymous said...

WR2 dilemma for Week 5: Greg Jennings (normally not even a question, but Rodgers will be limited), Eddie Royal, Roddy White, or Lee Evans?

Matt Schauf said...

Thanks, Sara. I did mean "PPR" and not "IDP" in the Start/Bench report on PFS. Guess I didn't quite get the gears shifted all the way.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks matt - if I had a dollar for every time I wrote the wrong word on here I would, well, have beer money. :)

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

anon - how many WRs do you need to start?

Anonymous said...

Just two plus the flex, but I'm planning on playing three running backs (Addai, Graham, Slaton). My WR1 is Reggie Wayne.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Then I'd go with Wayne (of course) and Royal - I think the matchup against the TB pass D is the easiest one here - next I'd go with Lee Evans though if you're not feeling Royal.

portland bars said...

First, skip starbucks. Go to stumptown and get some real coffee. Not sure where you are staying, but downtown p-town is chock full of bars. Not sure which ones are open at 10 am... Try the rialto on 3rd or 4th. Silver dollar pizza on broadway has a ton of tv's. Be aware that portland still allows smoking in bars but a lot are smoke free by choice. Henry's on burnside is kind of upscale but should have games on. Deschutes brewing has a public house near there and they have great beer. Enjoy some of the local brew no matter where you go. Good luck! I'll check comments if you have any questions. oh yeah, wifi very available downtown.