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Resources while I'm on my bye week

Well the time has finally come and our son is here! I'm taking some time off from blogging to get acquainted with this new little dude and will have a few guest posts up over the next several days. Hope you enjoy some new perspectives - but for those of you wondering where I'm still going for my fantasy football news while I'm on a baby bye, I've put together this post to take you to some of my top FF resources. Other sites that offer an aggregated list of FF resources: Fantasy Sports Central's Daily Planner The Hazean - note that Michael offers both his own material and links to other sites's articles section If I could only visit a handful of fantasy football websites, my top sites would be: Rotoworld - check the headlines page , the various feature articles , and the Pancake Blocks blog . - you'll find waiver wire advice, IDP info, weekly projections, and more. Yahoo's Roto Arcade - humor injected into sma

Week 4 advice - rankings, start/sit, etc

It has been a long day of wandering around Manhattan heading to different doctors for the latest on the baby that seems to have lodged permanently inside of me, rather than joining us in this great, wide, football-licious world. So I'm looking for a little mid-week distraction tonight and what helps you through a Wednesday better than a bunch of FF resources? Right, nothing. So read on for some great advice on how to secure a win with this first week of byes. A few more waiver wire links for those of you whose waiver requests haven't cleared yet or are looking for some free agent acquisitions still: The Talented Mr. Roto's Pickups and a pick-me-up - some interesting did-they-make-the-playoffs? stats on teams that were 0-3 or 3-0 (and everything in between) back in 2009.'s Week 3 Waiver Wire IDP Guru's IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 4 And of course the start/sit suggestions are starting to roll out: FantasyFootballXtreme's Start and

Wandering through waivers

Well now that was an entertaining MNF game last night. I don't have Aaron Rodgers on any of my fantasy teams this year but am so used to rooting for him since he's one of two main reasons I won a trip to the Super Bowl last year (the other reason being CJ), so I was definitely pulling for the Packers last night. But most of all I was pulling for an entertaining game, which worked out quite nicely for me really. Today's focus is of course waiver wire articles so let's get right to them: Waiver wire suggestions: Waiver Wire Wonders from FFGeekBlog's The Wire - Week 4 Pick-ups's Week 4: Pickups of the Week's Fantasy Football: Advance Scout Football Jabber's Waiver Wire Watching Week Four's Waivers: Week Four Slightly different twist, Fantasy Fortunes has their weekly Free Agent Acquisition Budget article up with values for RBs like BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Peyton Hillis, and Wi

Crazy RB injuries = lots of Monday updates

I'm like the energizer librarian: I just keep on going and going, still rocking the overdue baby, which means more blog posts for you all. Mondays are quiet days on the fantasy front but there's plenty of info out there, especially for those looking to set some waiver wire requests for the week. So let's get right to it... As a treat for still being full of baby, my husband and I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to the Red Zone channel. Gotta say the host must be the ultimate ADD multitasker, but man, that channel is just plain awesomeness, especially when you're not particularly psyched about the matchup you're otherwise forced the watch (I'm talking to you, Giants). So first up today, some game recaps and player updates in case you don't have the Red Zone or missed any details from yesterday's games: Roto Arcade's 7-on-7: Updates on Jackson, Rice, Best, PT, AJ Injuries - oh and Garrett Hartley owners take note that he's possibly on the

Consensus start/sit Week 3

If you're new to the consensus start/sit list I do, just a reminder that it's basically a tally of all the start/sit votes that players get in the various start/sit articles that I link to throughout the week. The players are listed in no particular order and should always be considered in the context of your individual team and options. Good luck this week! QB Start: Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer (got almost as many sit votes though...), Brett Favre (also got quite a few sit votes) Sit: Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning RB Start: LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Pierre Thomas, Tim Hightower Sit: Brandon Jackson, Jerome Harrison, Cadillac Williams, Jamal Charles, Ronnie Brown WR Start: Santana Moss, Mark Clayton, Malcolm Floyd Sit: Steve Smith (CAR - though NYG was also not beloved this week), Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe TE Start: Chris Cooley, Visanthe Shiancoe, Dustin Keller, Mercedes Lewis Sit: Greg Olsen, Kellen Winslow,

Tools to help with Week 3 decisions

For those of you who have thoughtfully sent e-mails congratulating me on this baby-to-be or have checked in to see how things are going, I just wanted to share my thanks in case I don't get a chance to e-mail you back. Tomorrow is my due date but this baby doesn't seem to be in a rush to join us - stunning, since I was sure he'd want to be around for the Broncos vs Colts showdown in our household on Sunday (my husband is a Colts fan, I'm a Broncos fan). I've been trying to post a lot this week since I have oh, not much else to do other than contemplate my baby status, so hopefully this week has offered you all plenty of resources. I'm pulling together a post with some of my top go-to resources that you'll want to scope out while I take a few days off post-baby...whenever that much anticipated day comes. So enough on babies, let's get to football. Lots and lots of start/sit material to start us off... Start/sit linkage - keep in mind that I'll be

Start/sit and rankings for Week 3

I can never decide if Autumn or Spring is my favorite season but I think Autumn might have a slight edge what with the whole football thing going for it. So I'm exceedingly pleased to welcome the first day of fall today. Granted, Mother Nature didn't quite get the message since it's supposed to be around 90 degrees here in NYC tomorrow, but that's fine, it's like one last hurrah before summer slides on out. This all means that Week 3 is around the corner and fortunately for all of us the start/sit suggestions are cranking and there are plenty of rankings and projections to turn to as well. Week 3 start/sit links:'s Schmidt, Schmart: Week 3 Talented Mr. Roto/Matthew Berry's Love/Hate for Week 3 Yesterday I linked to Roto Arcade's Flames so today we've got Lames: 'Hawks to turn out lights on dinged Mathews Fifth Down's Week 3 in Fantasy Football Matchups FantasyFootballXtreme's Start and Bench Advice: Week 3 Week 3 rank

Monster league update & linkage

Several of you are part of the 72-team FFLibrarian monster league , which is run by and is made up of 6 different conferences full of hard core fantasy footballers. This is the second season of the league and this year I have a grand prize for the winner: a $100 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings (full disclosure, courtesy of my participation in the BWW league ). I'll see if I can pull together some prizes for teams with the most points at midseason, or the team with the largest one-week point total, too. And speaking of which, I've been a bit lax this year in posting results of the league's teams with the most points. During Week 1 our top 3 point scorers were: Priory of the Monkey (138.15 points), Neal (134.55 points), and Pumpkin King (132.95 points). Week 2's top scorers were: Austria Hayekians (175.70 points - contender for biggest one-week point total?!), Priory of the Monkey (151.60 points), and Team Quincy (145.55 points). Congrats, monster leag

Week 3 rankings links

Happy last day of summer! I've got plenty of Week 3 material for you this morning and later today I'll be back with an update on the FFLibrarian Monster League , which is made up of 72 awesome readers. I've been promising a grand prize for the winner of the monster league, which I'll announce in my post later along with some links to help you through the afternoon. Today's big item? Rankings. Let's get to it:'s Week 3 rankings - this link (along with all the others below) will take you to QBs but you can easily navigate to the rest of the positions. This one notes whether or not that player's stock is steady, rising, or falling.'s Week 3 QB rankings's Week #3 Who to Start Rankings/Projections - includes projected fantasy points and injury notes. Onto other links for the day: For a recap on how things are looking in fantasyland, take a look at's Moving Up, Moving Down for a sen

Daily double

Yeah that's right, I've got a second post with fantasy football links for you today. I figure it's Tuesday, we have several long football-free days ahead until Week 3 games begin, so why not double up on posts? As expected, more waiver advice: Suggestions for those needing to replace/upgrade your IDPs from the IDP Guru - 2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 3 . Matthew Berry's Week 3 fantasy pickups includes Pickups of the Week as well as recommended dumpees.  Tuesday is flex ranking update day on so take a look at their Top 150s ranking that combines RBs, WRs, and TEs for those who are in a tight spot over which flex player to start this week.   Rotoworld's Week 2 Target Report Highlights post is up with a spotlight on teams like the Cowboys, Giants, and Raiders. This isn't a full report (full details available for their Season Pass members only) but does a solid review of targets and receptions that should be posted soon, so

The football calm before the baby storm

Well I've got four more days until my due date arrives and this is the first week that I am completely not working at my real job and am on maternity I'm basically just hanging out, working on the blog, walking around Brooklyn, trying to will this baby out sooner rather than later. Basically what that means is that in theory I might have more time this week to get posts up. This is probably a good time to note that while I would love to answer all of your start/sit or roster questions, I am absolutely swamped by them and can't keep up. I highly recommend heading to some of the following sites to ask questions or join in on chats throughout the week: Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has a Pay What You Want for Advice feature that you'll find atop all of their articles or right on their homepage. Every week night the Bruno Boys are doing a chat - unreal to offer this every single night so take advantage! Here's a link to last night's chat . There

This Week's 3 TDs go to...Best & McCoy!

Hmm, I could get down with a fantasy football world where every week there's some outstanding young whippersnapper (as my grandpa really and truly used to say) that busts out with 3 TDs. Sadly I seem to have been on the receiving end of the Best and McCoy destruction this week as most of my opponents seemed to somehow have one of the two guys, but since I already know I beat my FF nemesis this week, nothing seems to be fazing me. (Update: thanks to a helpful twitter dude for the heads up that I completely glossed over Snelling and his 3 excuses but I blame it on my status as a Turner owner and needing to block out Snelling's awesomeness!) For those of you facing your nemeses in Week 3 or who just really like to win all the time (that would be most of us, no?), let's get to today's advice: There are a bunch of waiver wire articles popping up already:'s Week Three Waiver Wire Pickups does a great job with addres

2010 Week 2 consensus start/sit

Greetings and happy weekend. I've got this week's consensus start/sit for you which is a tally of all the start/sit votes that players received in the various start/sit articles that I linked to earlier in the week. So while these aren't my personal recommendations, I do think knowing what the consensus is could be of help when making lineup enjoy! Note: the players are listed in no particular order. QB Start: Michael Vick, Kyle Orton, Matt Ryan, Jason Campbell Sit: David Garrard, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, Vince Young, Carson Palmer RB Start: LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jackson Sit: Tim Hightower, C.J. Spiller, Beanie Wells, Ronnie Brown WR Start: Santana Moss, Legedu Naanee, Malcolm Floyd, Mike Williams (TB), Dez Bryant Sit: Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree TE Start: Chris Cooley, Todd Heap, John Carlson, Jermichael Finley Sit: Jermaine Gresham, Owen Daniels, Tony Scheffler, Jeremy Shockey, Bo Scaife Kicker Start: La

Be prepared: tornadic FF outcomes

Yesterday afternoon shortly after I finished my post, a massive storm came rolling through the NYC area. I live up on the 36th floor with a fair number of windows so I was watching these black clouds grow increasingly menacing and as the rain/hail mix started to hit the windows I realized this was no ordinary storm. If you've been around the blog long enough you know that I love weather stuff - crazy weather stories are right up my alley. But when I turned on the local news and heard them suggesting that Brooklyn viewers (hey that's me!) get themselves into a basement ASAP, I realized that dangerous weather is um, less exciting to actually live through. So I hung out in the bathroom with a laptop and one cat (the other cat had wisely lodged himself deep under our bed when the storm started) until the storm passed just a few minutes later. The wackiest part of this storm was that there was no warning from the weather experts that such a ferocious storm could be en route. This

Trying your hand at weekly games

Those of you who read along with this blog all year long might remember how I waxed on about a fantasy game I played during the Olympics with a site called . has rolled out their weekly game for the fantasy football season and I'm playing again. For those of you with a penchant for slot machines, you'll want to scope it out since it combines the luck of slots with the skill of fantasy football - and an extra bonus is that you can actually win weekly prizes. I had a mediocre week in Week 1 so I'm looking to step it up a bit, but one of my favorite parts is that you can play when your schedule always for it or just come back to it a few weeks later. There are several other weekly game outlets out there like Fantazzle's weekly Ray Rice game or 365 Fantasy Sports' game , which many of you played here last season. And while I have heard from some of you who are looking for these weekly game outlets, I'm guessing most of you are pro

Rolling out the Week 2 start/sit links

I had a dream last night that Jay Cutler and I were painting on easels side-by-side...go ahead and dissect that one, but I'm guessing it at least means that I'm thinking way too much about fantasy football if Cutler (with whom I've had a love-hate relationship over the years) is in my subconscious. So as if I needed any further football fodder, let's get to today's start/sit and more: Start/sit suggestions: FantasyFootballXtreme's Start and Bench Advice: Week 2's Start/Bench List 2010 Week 2's Start 'em and Sit 'em posts are both up as well as Week 2: Sleepers of the Week  FFManiaxs' Week Two Start/Sit Week 2 rankings:'s Week 2 Top 150s - remember from last week that this is a new feature designed to help you compare RBs, WRs and TEs to help inform you as you fill your flex spot.'s Week 2 rankings are up for all positions: QB , RB , WR , TE , Defense/ST. P

Early Week 2 prep

Gotta admit I didn't quite make it to the end of the Chargers v Chiefs game last night (time zone differences and my intense need to sleep - seriously, my 38-weeks-pregnant self could have fallen asleep at Arrowhead even - got in the way) so I was intrigued to see that the Chiefs pulled out a win. I love football, the uncertainties from year-to-year, heck even just week-to-week. I feel like I went super heavy with the waiver wire links yesterday so I will try to focus on some other, more specialized posts. UPDATE: Ryan Grant's season is over; he'll be placed on IR . By request here are some links to a few free trade analyzers - if you have any other favorites, feel free to share in the comments:'s Player Trade Analyzer Fantasy Sports Portal's NFL Trade Analyzer For those in dynasty leagues, check out the DynastyGuys' Trade Analyzer but read the instructions page first! Something else that a few of you have requested are links to awesome podc

Jump on it! Waiver Wire for Week 2

Happy first Monday Night Football Day! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's games - would've been a little bit better if the Broncos had pulled out a win over the Jags, but I'm willing to assume that good things come to those who wait...and maybe wait and wait and wait.... But with the conclusion of Week 1 games comes the onslaught of waiver wire suggestions. So I've got plenty of great links up with suggestions of guys to grab this week. In the words of Sir Mix-A-Lot , it's time to jump on it, my friends! Waiver Wire link: Bruno Boys' Week 2 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire - Pick Them Up has 14 guys (and hence 14 pages/clicks, which I must say BB crew is not ideal; would love to only have to click through once or twice) that you might want to target if you're already in need of lineup replacements.'s Fantasy Ticker: Week Two lists some "hot purchases" for the week.  Lester's Legends has a bunch of dudes listed in G

Consensus Start/Sit Week 1 - 2010 season

Greetings, FFers. I've been spending this September 11th basking in the greatness of football, really. Started off the day with a quick interview with the FantasyPros911 guys on their SIRIUSXM show, and have been enjoying college football since then. I've got my Week 1 consensus start/sit list for you below but first I wanted to update you on the winner of the Buffalo Wild Wings lawn chair contest. There were 85 guesses submitted for the number of combined rushing yards that Pierre Thomas and Adrian Peterson would put up on Thursday night, and the total between the two was 158 yards (87 yards for Peterson, 71 yards for Thomas). Two sage readers guessed 157 yards so I drew a name from a hat and UMGrrl won the big lawn chair prize - congrats, UMGrrl! Don't worry I sent a koozie, a small token of BWW tailgating goodness, to the runner up, Scott, as well. While I don't have any more lawn chairs to give away, I do have more koozies so keep your eyes open for more of these c

Thinking of my Boulder friends...

As many of you know, my husband and I moved to New York last summer after spending about 6 years in Boulder, Colorado. Right now I can't stop thinking about my friends back in Boulder who are dealing with the stress of a nearby forest fire that has been raging for a few days and is now threatening the city of Boulder ...and even has much of the city gearing up for evacuations. My heart goes out to you guys. It has been a bit of an odd week between staying informed of the fire in Boulder, wrapping up my last week in the office before starting maternity leave (one last week of work - working from home finally, no more subway commutes for this pregnant lady!), and the start of football season (again, finally!). Really right now I'm welcoming the distraction of fantasy football so let's get to today's links, which are again heavy on the start/sit. I'll be posting the apparently much-loved consensus start/sit list later today or tomorrow at the latest. I'll also be

Week 1 Start/Sit and more

Tick tock, FFers, the fantasy season starts tomorrow. Are you as psyched as I am? Yes, I can only imagine that you'll be waking up with an extra bounce in your step, too. And perhaps will spend way too much time online browsing the matchups and FF experts' suggestions. I'll probably say this a thousand times this season but when making lineup decisions, remember to listen to your gut and what you know about this fine sport more than just blindly relying on expert advice. Experts are awesome, they usually know a lot about the fantasy scene...but trust yourself, too. Now that the first pep talk of the season is past us, let's get to Week 1 prep, which is particularly chock-full of start/sit advice tonight: Need to make some tweaks to your squad before the season begins? If you're going the waiver wire route, one of the best sources you can turn to is Rotoworld's weekly Waiver Wired , which addresses players that could be available in both shallow and deep leagu

More giveaways!

Okay I've got more treats to give away to you all, my fine readers. First up: 2 subscriptions to FFXtreme's season-long membershi p to the first 2 people to e-mail me . Again, these have been very, very popular so I'm assuming that you need to respond within the first 5-10 minutes or so, so please check the blog to see if I've updated it to say the giveaway is closed. Update: And I've now given away the FFXtreme memberships - thanks everyone! Even bigger giveaway: A Buffalo Wild Wings Lawn Chair, which was bestowed upon me for partaking again in their BWW Fantasy Football League (which I'll just remind everyone I won last year and got an amazing, unreal trip to the Super Bowl!). It folds up pretty compactly for tailgating purposes - only catch is that you would have to be comfortable with giving me your mailing address (promise I'm not a crazy librarian who will show up on your doorstep, just need a place to send the lawn chair!). If you'd like to w

More Week 1 Prep

Must say I'm feeling a great deal of sorrow that FootballGuys had to close down their awesome repository of links for fantasy footballers, . When I think about the time and energy I put into this relatively minimalistic blog in my spare time and compare it to the monstrous task they took on with TIF, I have to say I'm not shocked that they're taking a break to get kinks worked's a loss for the fantasy info lover but know that they'll be back better than ever next spring. In the meantime I'm drowning my TIF sorrows with the reminder that the NFL season starts in less than 48 hours...and there's plenty of Week 1 material out there to link to tonight: Week 1 rankings and projections: Pigskin Addiction's Game by Game: Week 1 projections's Week 1 QB Rankings - I'm guessing other positional rankings will be posted soon.'s Week One fantasy player rankings Hatty Waiver Wire Guru&

Labor Day FF links

Happy long weekend! Here's hoping most of you are free to enjoy the 3-day weekend and the relaxation and fun that comes with it. I spent my Sunday participating in 3 fantasy football drafts scattered throughout the day and night, but I think I've finally wrapped up my drafts for the year. So like many of you I'm now turning my attention to the Week 1 games! But before we get to some player rankings and prep for Week 1, I want to make sure that all you experts out there are aware of the upcoming deadline for the annual accuracy contest that I run with the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. I compare preseason positional rankings from experts to the final outcome of the fantasy season to see which site had the most accurate preseason rankings, and this year's deadline is fast approaching: September 9th by kickoff. Check out the info on the FSTA site for more details and be sure to e-mail me your submissions. Now, onto Week 1! First up, let's get to some of this

Unexpected developments

Well I can officially report that Hurricane Earl hasn't quite panned out as expected here in Brooklyn. As in a total lack of rain (so far) and anything more than a casual breeze (so far). Along with most of the eastern seaboard, I was all set for a rather different day of weather. I'll call that a very good thing, just unexpected. Pretty sure Montario Hardesty, LenDale White, Byron Leftwich, and Kris Brown are all well aware of that I-was-expecting-something-else feeling...there's lots of news being churned out these days between injury reports and roster cuts. Stay on top of it all with sites like Rotoworld, my personal favorite for news . As you all get ready for the long weekend, hopefully these links will help out with any last minute draft prep you might need to do. In just a few days we'll be looking at start/sit recommendations for Week 1 - wow, time is flying! Rotoprofessor's final rankings are up - each of the rankings comes with some player observations

Four more draft kit giveaways

Move fast and you can be one of four to get a FFXtreme draft kit s for free. I gave out a few last week and am able to do so again (thanks FFX!), so send me an e-mail and the first 4 responders will get a draft kit (assuming you're not already an FFXtreme subscriber. I encourage you to move quickly and will post an update here on the blog as soon as I have given away all 4 draft kits. Update: Within 3-4 minutes, all 4 draft kits were taken. You guys are amazingly fast... Enjoy!

Fantasy football month is here!

Can we all get together and lobby to make September into Fantasy Football Awareness Month or what? Happy September and happy drafting - my week has been full of drafts already and the fun is really just beginning. I took MJD with the 3rd overall pick in a draft last night and am hoping that was the right move (Ray Rice was just sitting there, calling for me...). One of our links will address the MJD knee issue but I also have the results of the Buffalo Wild Wings League draft that I participated in on Monday night for you all. Adam Levitan of Rotoworld did a live chat during the draft , so check out his chat for the picks plus a bit of sage commentary. I feel only okay about my team; some picks felt money, others were a stretch or a panic pick when my guy went right before my turn. You all know how that feels I'm sure, what drafter doesn't? So moving on to today's links: Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy takes a look at the 2010 Top 10 Overvalued Players - remember thi