Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Week 1 Start/Sit and more

Tick tock, FFers, the fantasy season starts tomorrow. Are you as psyched as I am? Yes, I can only imagine that you'll be waking up with an extra bounce in your step, too. And perhaps will spend way too much time online browsing the matchups and FF experts' suggestions. I'll probably say this a thousand times this season but when making lineup decisions, remember to listen to your gut and what you know about this fine sport more than just blindly relying on expert advice. Experts are awesome, they usually know a lot about the fantasy scene...but trust yourself, too.

Now that the first pep talk of the season is past us, let's get to Week 1 prep, which is particularly chock-full of start/sit advice tonight:

  • Need to make some tweaks to your squad before the season begins? If you're going the waiver wire route, one of the best sources you can turn to is Rotoworld's weekly Waiver Wired, which addresses players that could be available in both shallow and deep leagues. Good stuff. 
  • PPR leaguers might want to read up on's Week 1: PPR Watch to get some advice on how confident (or uncertain) you can be about starting a handful of guys ranging from Arian Foster to Pierre Garcon to Chris Cooley. 
  • We've got a few more Week 1 rankings to take a look at:
    • This one might be of particular interest for those of you in leagues with a flex spot - has a new rankings feature, Week 1 Top 150s, this year that's meant for those trying to decide how to fill their flex. Take a look, let me know what you think.
    • The Bruno Boys are rolling out their rankings for the week and for now they've got only their Running Back and Quarterback rankings up.
  • One of my favorite reads each week in past seasons has been's Ten most intriguing players series - it's a nice wrap-up of the latest word on a lot of big names on the fantasy scene and it's good to see it back.
  • And now let's wrap up with the start/sit links:


Unknown said...

Great posts, lets see the consensus start/sit list.

Everyone is saying to sit Flacco. I consider C. Henne as a decent #2 QB but I would have a hard time starting him over Flacco this week. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Are there any good sites that address dyansty leagues?

Anonymous said...

I have a question, most sites provide rankings for each week, but those are usually based mainly on how they will perform for that week. Do you know of any sites that will rank players based on how they will do for the rest of the season? That way, I can answer questions about who to pick/drop for the long haul of the season. Or, is it better to pick up Player A and keep him on my bench, just in case, or hold onto my Player B, just in case I need him. Thanks! And thanks for an awesome site!