Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week's 3 TDs go to...Best & McCoy!

Hmm, I could get down with a fantasy football world where every week there's some outstanding young whippersnapper (as my grandpa really and truly used to say) that busts out with 3 TDs. Sadly I seem to have been on the receiving end of the Best and McCoy destruction this week as most of my opponents seemed to somehow have one of the two guys, but since I already know I beat my FF nemesis this week, nothing seems to be fazing me. (Update: thanks to a helpful twitter dude for the heads up that I completely glossed over Snelling and his 3 excuses but I blame it on my status as a Turner owner and needing to block out Snelling's awesomeness!)

For those of you facing your nemeses in Week 3 or who just really like to win all the time (that would be most of us, no?), let's get to today's advice:

  • There are a bunch of waiver wire articles popping up already:
    •'s Week Three Waiver Wire Pickups
    • does a great job with addressing a lot of popular names and letting you know if and where the player is an appropriate pickup in Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em - Week 2.
    • The Hazean's Early Week 2 Waiver Wire Thoughts
    • Having been a fairly big Jacoby Jones fan come draft day, I'm intrigued with how the Kevin Walter/Jacoby Jones situation might play out this season.'s Fantasy Ticker: Week Three has a little love for Walter this week. 
    •'s Waivering Pickups - it's interesting to see a variety of opinions on GB's James Jones out there. No one seems super psyched about him yet (except me, again, on draft day...apparently J. Jones dudes were up my alley this year!) but Razzball smartly points out that Jones saw 7 targets compared to Jennings and Driver (5 each) and advises keeping an eye on this guy. Couldn't agree more. 
    • Bruno Boys' Week 3 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire - Pick Them Up
    • FFManiaxs' Week Three Waiver Wire - as a Michael Turner owner I'm keeping an eye on the Turner/Snelling situation but be sure to check in on Turner's status (doesn't sound serious) before using a possibly precious waiver wire grab for Snelling. That said, could be great to have Snelling as insurance for the rest of the season.
    • For the IDPers in the room we've got Monk's IDP Week 3 Waiver Wire Pick Ups
  • If you're looking for some recaps of the weekends games, take a look at Yahoo's Roto Arcade's Sunday Scene, Week 2: It's a Bear market; Cutler stars in win.
  • Or MMQB's Three QBs steal spotlight in Week 2 has some interesting tidbits from around the league, a lovefest for Brady's good charity work, and a top 15 ranking of NFL teams (yes, you're seeing both the Chiefs and Bucs there...).
  • Keep an eye on the latest injury news with KFFL's Post-game Injury Report, which is divided up by position. Another spot to scope out on a daily basis is Rotoworld's Headlines section, which I think I mention here non-stop...but for good reason! 

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What a great game last night! The NFL is rocking this year already.