Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 4 advice - rankings, start/sit, etc

It has been a long day of wandering around Manhattan heading to different doctors for the latest on the baby that seems to have lodged permanently inside of me, rather than joining us in this great, wide, football-licious world. So I'm looking for a little mid-week distraction tonight and what helps you through a Wednesday better than a bunch of FF resources? Right, nothing. So read on for some great advice on how to secure a win with this first week of byes.


Ann in Texas said...

Hang in there, and best wishes! My boys were both two weeks late, so I guess due dates can be approximate! I think by the time they arrived I was more caught up on things than I have been since... but it's hard to wait. Thanks for all the great football advice. My younger son and I are each on a fantasy team and love your website. Best regards.

Michael said...

My wife and I just had a tardy one as well. She was finally induced at the 2-week mark. He was comfy in there.

I just discovered your site a few weeks ago, and it's been great. I'm in several leagues, and my wife and I each have a team in a public one. Your compilations have helped tremendously.

(We're also both librarians...)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I've really enjoyed reading your blog the last few seasons. I had my first baby last October and still managed to come in 3d in my league--hopefully you can keep up with fantasy football and more imporantly, get some sleep!

G in NJ