Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fantasy football month is here!

Can we all get together and lobby to make September into Fantasy Football Awareness Month or what? Happy September and happy drafting - my week has been full of drafts already and the fun is really just beginning. I took MJD with the 3rd overall pick in a draft last night and am hoping that was the right move (Ray Rice was just sitting there, calling for me...). One of our links will address the MJD knee issue but I also have the results of the Buffalo Wild Wings League draft that I participated in on Monday night for you all. Adam Levitan of Rotoworld did a live chat during the draft, so check out his chat for the picks plus a bit of sage commentary. I feel only okay about my team; some picks felt money, others were a stretch or a panic pick when my guy went right before my turn. You all know how that feels I'm sure, what drafter doesn't?

So moving on to today's links:

  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy takes a look at the 2010 Top 10 Overvalued Players - remember this isn't about players you should not take, just guys who you might only want to grab when offered at a good value point. That said, if you have a fantasy crush on Ryan Mathews, I certainly won't stop you.
  • On the flip side, has some undervalued players for you, and though this is article is specific to auction drafting, it's still relevant and interesting stuff for those in standard leagues, too.
  • We've got a spotlight on specific players in a bunch of today's links...
    • As mentioned above, Rotoworld's What to do about Jones-Drew talks to an orthopedic clinical specialist to help inform us a bit about MJD's knee issues.
    • meanwhile addresses Ben Roethlisberger in Score big with Big Ben and when you could target him in drafts. 
    • I'm on board with the Arian Foster lovefest in Roto Arcade's Now do you believe in Arian Foster's greatness? My Knoxville-based in-laws will be pleased to hear my excitement for this Tennessee alum. Lots of other player notes in there as always with Roto Arcade, so definitely a recommended read.
  • A little IDP love from's Six defensive sleepers worth picking. I'm only playing in one IDP league this year and am a little sad about that - be sure to stay on me if I'm not posting enough advice for IDP leagues! 
  • The Sablich Brothers do a league wrap-up from the preseason games thus far to see what we can learn going into fantasy drafts in the Fifth Down's Fantasy Football: Preseason Analysis.
  • I've got two articles for you guys today - first up, a continuation of the draft strategy series they're doing with today's link looking at Drafting From Positions 9-12. The other article of interest is their PPR League Draft Strategy piece.
  • Sports Grumblings has given their Mighty Max supercomputer a chance to churn out names with a high probability of being a Bounce Back Candidate for the 2010 season, including a handful of IDPers.
  • turned to experts from Pro Football Weekly, Lester's Legends, and Razzball for thoughts on Preseason Studs: Which Hyped-up Guys are Worth the Premium? Which are Not? Some interesting consensus here on a few guys...

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If September can be Fall Hat Month, International Square Dancing Month, National Blueberry Popsicle Month and Better Breakfast Month, then how odd is National Fantasy Football Month really?